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  1. J

    Moonroof noise - seal

    Good morning everyone, So I purchased the 2020 ford explorer ST last year. I used to drive a coupe and then a sedan but when I drove the explorer I swear I could hear wind noise above what is to be expected especially at highway speeds. I took it to the dealer and told them the noise sounds...
  2. C

    Rear differental seal leaking after fluid change?

    I just changed my rear differental fluid I took it for a spin and when I got home the differental cover wasn't leaking neither was the fill plug but it was actually the pinion seal or what looks to be. My first thought was the breather tube was clogged so I took it off and tried to put some...
  3. C

    Rear main seal leak additive?

    I noticed by rear main seal was leaking is there a additive you guys can recommend? It's not leaking like crazy but it's noticeable no drops on the driveway yet so hopefully still fixable. Something that will really work I know I should replace the rear main that's the only true way to fix it...
  4. C

    Replaced transfer case output shaft seal still leaking?

    I replaced my transfer case output shaft seal about 3 weeks ago and no leaks got under there today and it's back and even worse it doesn't leak on the ground very much it is just all over the undercarriage like it only happens when driving any thoughts on what it is? I'm tempted to just let it...
  5. T

    Never seen a rear main like this one before...

    So while putting timing chains in my 4.0 SOHC I got to the point of every 4.0 when you install a new rear main because it seems like these things go every 100k miles. But when I did I ran into this seal and it looks nothing like the others I've seen. It's got the metal thing around the crank...
  6. B

    how to remove fuel injector pintle, cap or seal?

    It's a 02 Explorer 4.0L and I am replacing a fuel injector. I purchased a new injector and pintle cap but how do I remove the old pintle cap? The old injector has been removed. Here is a post that talks about pintle caps but doesn't tell how to remove the old ones...
  7. P

    2002 Explorer Coolant Leak

    There is a coolant leak that mainly seems to be spouting from what looks like some sort of distributor right above the water pump. It isn't a steady leak though. There are times when the vehicle is idling and there may be a drip here and there but after just a little bit of driving the coolant...
  8. V

    Window hatch leaking!

    Howdy, everybody. This is my first post so I hope it'll be as helpful as everything else has been that I've read on this site. I have a '97 5.0 XLT Explorer. I've recently come to find that my rear hatch window is leaking from the top around the rubber seal. Living where I do, rain is a certain...
  9. astaroth

    pitman arm shaft seal leaks

    Hi all! my steering gear pitman arm shaft seal leaks. Got a Edelmann (Power Steering Repair Kit) part #8778 . It does not include any washers, so can i reuse the old washers? Marek
  10. 2

    Rear Main Seal Needs To Be Changed

    Hi everyone, as always thanks for taking the time to read this and for any advice. I'm getting the rear main seal on my truck changed this week and I'm wondering if there's anything else I should get done in that area while its at the shop. Is it possible to see the flex plate when doing...
  11. S

    98 Explorer Transmission problem + more

    My wife's 98 Explorer XLT has been giving us some warning signs on the transmission. 98 Explorer, XLT, 6 cylinder, Automatic Transmission, 4wd. Around 215K miles. All original, not wrecked and only regular service. Some of the signs - After sitting all night, when she puts it into reverse...
  12. I

    Differential Identification?

    Hello, My name is Ilyushin Yakovlev, I'm 17 years old and I live in Valparaiso, Indiana. This is my first post on the explorer forum (or any online forum for that matter), so please forgive me if I've missed this information elsewhere in a previous post. First let me say that I am...
  13. Lubricate the seal.

    Lubricate the seal.

  14. bulbs_002


  15. 4 inch PVC plug converted into a 3.0L rear main seal installation tool.

    4 inch PVC plug converted into a 3.0L rear main seal installation tool.

  16. T

    a few problems/ questions

    My gas gauge is off. it is showing at the quarter tank mark and it ran dry sitting in my driveway. Also I have an oil leak and tranny leak. I was looking the oil leak over and i think its the rear main seal. how hard is it to replace and what is the price of the seal? The tranny. I want to...
  17. DSCF0043


    rear main seal
  18. Door about to be sealed

    Door about to be sealed

    Door panel just beofre completely covering with Dynamat Extreme.
  19. Moab Rehab 2002

    Moab Rehab 2002

    Moab Rehab 2002. Replacing rear axle seals. IV for my X. Refilling gear oil.
  20. Working on X

    Working on X

    Moab Rehab 2002. Replacing leaky axle seals.
  21. Replacing axle seal

    Replacing axle seal

    Moab Rehab 2002. Replacing leaky rear axle seals.