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seat belts

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    PIU seat belts don’t fit new middle seat

    Replaced my PIU middle seat with a normal explorer seat and my side middle seat belts are too small for the seat belt receptacles!!! Why can’t these be universal how dumb is this. Anyone dealt with this? Are there any adapters? Replace the seat belt receptacles in the seats or replace the seat...
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    How to Replace Front & Rear Seat Belts (Pictures)

    I started on replacing my filthy seat belts, and wanted to give a "how-to". Difficulty scale from 1-10: 2. This is a VERY easy and simple project that makes a huge difference to you and your passenger as you put the seat belts on for each drive you take. Here are two of the belts side by...
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    Replacing Seat belts (Pictures)

    Hello once again. I am going to be replacing my seat belts, and I need some advice. How do you replace the belts and mechanisms? Is there a way to snake them out of the hole(s) of the plastic trim, or is the trim supposed to be replaced with the belt and mechanism as a whole? I have...