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seat heater

  1. K

    2016 Passenger Seat Heater Module

    Seat heater/cooling on 2016 sport passenger seat not working. Button lights turn on, but fan doesn’t turn on. Replaced blower already, still not working. Ordered part 9U5Z-14C724-A (module) on Tasca, but online schematic only shows back seat. Anyone have a schematic for front seat and where...
  2. M

    Heated Seat Driver side not warm any more

    One of the things I really like about the 2014 Explorer is the Seat Warmers that are hot on high and hit my lumbar just right. Lately the driver side seat warmer doesn't get Hot like it used to. Passenger side works fine, gets toasty warm on high.. Driver side works but it's very low. Can't...
  3. K

    Rearview Camera Problems

    Was running errands, and everything was fine. Except at one point, my backup camera stopped coming on. The sensors still beep, but instead of the camera shot, I get my home screen. And, the Ford logo that normally appears when I start the car, is gone. Anyone else run into this problem...