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  1. R

    How to: 2nd Row Bucket Seat Install

    Morning Chaps! I finally got around to making a video on the install of bucket seats with inflatable belts. Let me know if I missed something or have questions. :) Sorry that I did not take more pictures, I got caught up while working on the install. Hopefully, this will be helpful to...
  2. J

    Driver's Seat

    I'm looking to replace my driver's seat with one from a salvage yard. I've heard that they made three different types of seat for my '98 Explorer Sport, but I don't know how to tell them apart. Does anybody know how to spot the differences in the different seat types?
  3. F

    Flex seats fit in Explorer

    Just an FYI. I just finished fitting 10 way adjustable, heated leather seats from a 2010 Flex in my PIU. Final results: <blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="aKibk9x"><a href="//"></a></blockquote><script async src="//"...
  4. C

    seating advice

    Hey guys, I recently had the drivers seat in my ranger collapse. It no longer stays locked in position. When I pull the lever it reclines instead of coming back up. And when I pull it up and then lean back against it it just leans back down flat making it quite difficult to see where I am...
  5. D

    newish member first post / question

    Hi everyone a few years back I gave my niece my 95 XLT to go to college. Im getting back today and it needs new seats. Are all second gen seats interchangeable ? 95-2001 all fit in one another ? Thanks for looking at my post have a great day. D
  6. J

    2nd-Row Heated Seats

    Does anyone with the 2nd row bucket seats on the limited, sport, or platinum have any idea where the button is to activate the second row heated seats? The dealer says they only come on the platinum, but per my 2017 explorer brochure: Base: No bucket seat option XLT: Rear - 2nd-Bucket Seats...
  7. H

    Tan Leather seats out of a 2007 Ford Explorer Sport Trac with 10 way drivers seat

    For Sale Tan Leather seats out of a 2007 Ford Explorer Sport Trac with 10 way drivers seat. Good condition, front and rear seats. Will ship on your dime. $400
  8. C

    Good News About the '94 X and a Question

    It's been a while since I checked-in. I went down to SC around Thanksgiving to visit family. While I was down there I did some maintenance on both Explorers. I got the AC fixed in the 2004 Explorer and did some other things. Back in January, I bought the '94 for $400 from a guy who said...
  9. T

    Replacing bench with 2nd row bucket seats

    I am considering buying the 2011 Explorer. I would really want to get the 2 bucket seats in the second row, but as far as packages go - this is only available in Limited with Rapid Spec 301A with Luxury Seating Package. That forces me to buy a lot of features I am not interested in. My...
  10. S

    1999 Replace seats with 02 Explorer Seats

    Hi all. I recently picked up an old 1999 xlt explorer. The seats are kinda junky and we wanted to replace them. We found a set at our local junkyard but they are from an 02 Explorer. Has anyone ever swapped seats between those two years? Will they just bolt in with the existing holes, or will we...
  11. C

    Can I use parts from my 1991 E-4WD Aerostar in my custom Ranger?

    Hi guys, I have a 91 awd aerostar (in Washington if anyone interested) and am curious if the steering shaft can swap into my on ranger? My ranger has two U joints in its shaft one about half way up and another just inside the firewall that kicks to the left to steering wheel. (It has a custom...
  12. O

    2008 Explorer XLT Cloth to Leather seat swap out

    I purchased an 08 Explorer XLT with damaged rear 40/60 2nd row seat missing 40 2nd row seat and damaged drivers side seat. I was able to find leather full set of seats. The fronts seem easy enough to swap out and I was able to loosen the bolts without snapping off the heads. The 2nd row leather...
  13. B

    1998 Cloth Seats to 1995 Heated seats help

    Hey guys! The other day I was wandering on craigslist and found a set of heated leather seats for $40 in great condition, and I want to put them in my car. Both front seats are powered, and I think the drivers is the only one heated from a 1995 Explorer. I have a 1998 xlt, and my drivers side is...
  14. P

    Need a replacement drivers seat

    Well - After 22 years, the driver's seat in my 93' XL has given up the ghost. It's got a permanent gangsta lean due to a broken seat frame. The sheet metal there is so thin that re-welding it didn't help or hold, so I need to replace it. Anyone know where I can buy one online? Not having...
  15. E

    seats 2000 explorer

    I was jus wondering if you could swaps seats from a 2000 to a 99. My 00 has tha heated leather seats in pretty good condition. I'm buying a 99 with leather seats but they are ripped apart both of them are power jus not the heated. So I was jus wondering if I could swap them and the heated seats...
  16. J

    Leather Seams Issue

    I have a new 2015 Ford Explorer LTD. Just over 1 month old and 1000 miles. I noticed the passenger seat leather is starting to separate at the seams...the thread seems to be fraying and sticking up. I made an appointment with my dealer to take a look at this (the driver's side is fine)...has...
  17. S

    2003 Explorer Sport seats

    Can anyone tell me what year seats are interchangeable in a 03 Sport? Also would Ranger seats work and if so what years. Thanks
  18. X

    2007 Ford Explorer XLT 2ND ROW SEATS

    Hello all, The 2nd row seats of my 2007 explorer xlt were damaged and I had to remove them. However, am finding it very difficult to find replacement seats. I've tried a few junk yards in my area with no luck. Any idea where I can get them? Don't need anything fancy, just regular working...
  19. J

    xlt rear seat can fit in a 94 sport..??

    good day!, I have contemplated changing my explorer sport seats, I found a 99 xlt, in very good condition, but that's the problem, I wonder if it is possible to adapt the rear side of the explorer xlt in my 94 sport.
  20. 0

    How to clean Eddie Bauer seats?

    I was going to put this in the detailing section but I figure I would try here first because some seats from other models may be different fabric. I just purchased an 06 Explorer Eddie Bauer with the cloth/suede inserts where you sit. The seats are in pretty good shape but I wanted to know how...
  21. welle417

    97' Mountaineer with '01 Excursion seats?

    Howdy gents, I am up here in Anchorage about to buy some front 01 Excursion Limited seats for my 97 Mountaineer. I know they're a little big, but not having a tape measuring device or the tools to take out my passenger side to test it out - does anybody know if they will fit? (possibly minus...
  22. F

    Need help finding a power seat to fit

    07 Explorer Eddie Bauer I have a power 10 way driver's seat but need a 10 way passenger seat. I am disabled and do a little driving locally but when we travel(8-10) I become the passenger because of a broken back. The manual seat functions are not adequate enough to get comfortable like I can...
  23. E

    Canvasback cargo/seat covers - power fold problem

    I recently insatalled Canvasback cargo and seat back covers in my 2013 Exp with power fold seats. First off the Canvasback cover is awesome, with a very nice fit. My problem is with the power fold third row seats. With the covers installed, the power fold will not operate properly. I tried...
  24. R

    2011 2012 ford explorer interior

    Im in need of a interior for a 2011 2012 explorer if anybody knows where i can start looking i'd appreciate it. i need it to be black or i can start off with just black door panels. pls if you have any ideas pls share them with me...George
  25. R

    2nd row bucket seats HELP!!!

    OMG i have a 2nd row 60/40 seat in my 2011 explorer but i badly need bucket seats instead my wife is driving me crazy cause the kids cant get through to back seat only if i fold seat down.I WILL PAY HANDSOMLY FOR THESE SEATS NO MATTER THE COLOR!!! please email me at [email protected] asap it will...