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  1. B

    Pressure? Temperature? Which one?

    2000 Explorer XLT 2WD 4.0L SOHC JOB1 5-Speed Automatic 5R55E. Can someone confirm the following? Thanks. The EGR system uses a EGR Pressure Sensor... not a EGR Temperature Sensor, right?
  2. 2

    4WD 5R55E Transmission Pan On 2WD 5R55E?

    Does the 4WD 5R55E deep pan bolt on to the 2WD 5R55E? I want to add a transmission fluid temperature sensor the next time I change my fluid. Any issues if I switch over to the deeper pan? I know I’ll have to use a longer filter too. I plan to use a pan with a drain bolt like this: Then...
  3. S

    Rear differential housing ABS sensor replacement

    I am looking to replace a bad ABS sensor in my rear differential housing, I did a resistance test on the sensor and it proved to be open. The problem is the bolt head is completely rounded. I tried to cut a groove into the middle of it for a flat head screwdriver, but it ended up breaking half...
  4. 2

    Replacing A TPS With Damaged Screws, How To

    A couple of years ago I got the idea of replacing my throttle position sensor since it was the stock part. I gave up after rounding the philips screws. I then tired to use a dremel to cut a slot into the screw heads but that didn’t work out too well. Recently, my absolute throttle position...
  5. J

    Tire Sensor Woes

    Hello Everybody. New member here. Texas, USA. *2007 XLT 2WD* So a nail went in my tire and damaged the tire pressure sensor and they are expensive to have replaced. Can i just pull the module that controls this or what? Thanks in advance for money saving suggestions.
  6. S

    P013a - Downstream o2 sensor

    Hi guys, My check engine light is on and it says I have a problem with the O2 sensor. Does anyone know where the sensor is? Specifically the downstream one. Or any other things to look at? Thanks! P013A O2 Sensor Slow Response - Rich to Lean (Bank 1 Sensor 2)
  7. J

    Hub ABS Ring Teeth Greasy

    I recently had my ABS sensor go out on my '98 4WD, front left wheel. No ABS light but it exhibited the typical activation of ABS when slowing down to a stop around 5 MPH. I put a new ABS sensor in and haven't had the ABS activate since, but while doing that I noticed something. Looking down...
  8. 2

    4.0 OHV Absolute Throttle Position

    I’ve read threads on this site about the tps and it seems that 19.6% is the normal position for the TPS at idle. Mine has recently started dropping to 19.2% at times and I’m getting erratic rpms lately, like a 30-50 rpm change every second. The truck runs really smooth and the rpms stay steady...
  9. 2

    Mixed Up Sensors?

    I replaced my coolant sensors almost a year ago and I’m worried I have them backwards. I’m using the dy-1144 sensor to control the gauge on the drivers side one wire connector, and the SW5174 fan switch for the computer sensor on the passenger side two wire connector. Any experts here that can...
  10. 2

    O2 Sensor Voltages

    Anyone here familiar with “normal” voltages for O2 sensors? Two of my sensors appear to be functioning correctly and are on opposite voltages. I’ve read before that it should be that way. However, the third sensor on bank 2/3 stays steady around .790 volts. Any idea if that’s bad? I appreciate...
  11. S

    brake pedal input sensor????

    so i was driving the other day to use my buddies code reader and plugged it in and it read "1483 brake petal input circuit fault" didnt think any thing of it until last night i went to hit the break and the pedal would not move, like locked up firm which also made the brakes basically...
  12. S

    New Member... 08 Mountaineer Driving me NUTS

    Hey yall... so I have a 2008 Mercury Mountaineer with 180k miles on it. She runs GREAT! But this "Check fuel inlet" message that keeps showing up on my dash board every time it rains, is driving me insane. Does anyone know how to make it stop? Ive tried cleaning it out and all but it still does...
  13. T

    Resistance values

    I will be checking my coolant sender and gauge sensor soon and I'm trying to find the resistance values for them but am having no luck. Anyone know the values for these? It's for a 03 ST
  14. M

    TPMS Fault - Very Low Pressure

    When I first got my used '05 Explorer this weekend, there was a message that said "Check tire pressure" or something like that. I stopped at the gas station on my way home and pumped up all of the tires to 36PSI. Instantly after doing this, the message changed to "Tire Pressure Sensor Fault"...
  15. bronchole

    2005 Mounty 4.0 persistant P0193 code

    The car: 2005 2WD 4.0 automatic with about 110K miles on it. The symptoms: Check Engine light comes back on within 20-40 miles of being reset P0193 code (fuel pressure sensor high) Poor gas millage, around 12 MPG (was about 18 MPG a year ago) Occasionally runs slightly rough, mainly at idle We...
  16. E

    Auto>Manual Swap. OSS 24-hole>VSS 12-hole. Speed Limit Issue

    I have performed a swap from a 5R55W Auto Transmission (Stock 2006 Ford Explorer Auto) to a M05D-R1HD Manual (From Ford Ranger). The new manual transmission has a VSS in the tail housing has 12-holes. The stock OSS from my auto had 24-holes. I've adjusted the "number of holes in OSS" in my SCT...
  17. 2

    Back up sensor bumper?

    I didn't even know the second gens had this option. I'm guessing it isn't just plug and play. Has anyone swapped one of these into their X? I personally wouldn't pay this much for a used bumper. But my local junkyard usually has 10-15 explorers, so I'm sure I'll find one of these eventually. I'm...
  18. M

    Thought I was getting 5R55E, WTF is this? (Pics) (911! Swap tomorrow!!!)

    Vehicle info; 1997 (Production Date 02/97) Ford Explorer Sport 2dr, 4.0l SOHC. 4WD 5R55E Trans with auto transfer case Ok, So thought I got the same thing as was in my truck, but upon close inspection today when went to swap my 2 speed sensors over to my replacement trans (original ones...
  19. J

    Windshield Washer fluid resevoir question

    Was changing my tie rod ends today and looked up while doing so. Noticed that my windshield washer fluid resevoir has a sensor plugged into the bottom. However my 2004 Ford Explorer XLS, doesn't have the message center, what's the purpose of the sensor. Thanks in advance for once again answering...
  20. F

    Reverse Parking Sensor

    2006 Ford Explorer LTD Trying to get to a bad sensor in the back bumper. I get the "Check Parking Aid" on the console and one of the sensors isn't making a clicking sound. The question is - how to replace that sensor. In the videos I've seen most Expeditions or F150's have vacant access...
  21. M

    ford explorer parts and sensors

    hello people, i need to know a good alternate brand of parts for my explorer 2004, i mean not motorcraft or original ford, some good american brand. thank you manu
  22. 2

    Any tips for changing the TPS?

    Is it just as simple as removing the bolts and putting the new one on? Or is there a trick to it? I've heard about the bolts breaking but that's all the info I can find on this site.
  23. M

    High MAF Reference Voltage

    I've got a 5.9V on the MAF harness (unplugged and KOEO) where it should be my 5V Reference. Do I have a problem here? If so, does anyone have any tips for tracking this sucker down? Let me know. :) I'm having serious drivability issues, so I'm trying to narrow down the issue. Shoutout to...
  24. J

    Wiring Problem - 94/96 Engine Swap

    Hello, I am working on installing a 96 Ranger engine (2.3L, 4-cyl) in a 94 Ranger. Most everything has gone pretty smoothly. The problem I have now is with the crankshaft position sensor. I posted this question on CarGurus and SuperScout1 said that I should look here for advice from...
  25. R

    Cam pos sens. Wiring conversion PROBLEM! 3 wire to 2 wire!

    Ok, i'm sure many of you are familiar with what I am talking about, Does anybody know how to do this, is it even possible! I put a 2000 4.0 (OHV) motor which has a 2 wire cam positioning sensor into a 97 ranger that had a three wire cam positioning sensor, snipped my old plug, have new plug...