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  1. E

    2016, 2017, 2018 Explorer Sport Trim- Why?

    Well, I've sold my previous vehicle and I am now a soon to be explorer owner. Finding exactly what I'm looking for has proven to be a challenge so far. I'm hoping I can get some input from actual owners on here, maybe pointing out aspects I have overlooked. Dealerships tend to be extremely bias...
  2. G

    2008 Explorer -- Worried About Transmission. Any advice?

    Hey folks. I have an '08 Explorer that I purchased new. It has 140,000 miles at present. I am admittedly not a "car guy" but I have had the oil changed every 3,000 miles and tried to be diligent about getting things fixed as needed. As a result, the truck has been good to me thus far. Here's the...
  3. A

    what is that? pics included

    what is that? it is connected to the throttle some how , so what does it do?! and what is evap service port ? and what it is used for? thank you for your time... http://postimage.org/image/bk7eepox3/ http://postimage.org/image/4j7ovrfhh/ http://postimage.org/image/9yptxxmmj/
  4. rewind1

    Service Engine? What do these codes mean?

    Service Engine? What do these codes mean? - FIXED! My Service Engine Light just came on out of nowhere. Ran a scanner and I've got two codes... C1342 - General Module / Timing Control Module Defective P0174 - Bank 2 System too Lean 2003 Explorer Eddie Bauer 4WD What is going on? I...
  5. B

    Oil Change interval

    Like clock-work, the oil change monitor in my 2007 Eddie Bauer has me changing oil every 5,000 miles (I used full synthetic). This has worked out great after 120,000 miles of reliable use. Should I expect the same 5,000 mile interval from the 2011?? Thanks.
  6. E

    Sharing the Credit

    Hey all, I am a new member and just got this email the other day from Firestone Complete Auto Care. Just thought i would share this deal with you all. Just have to go to the site to print out the coupon and you can get 15% off all Firestone brand tires and 15% off service. Only lasts till March...