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    1999 Explorer Grinds When Turning Left & Shakes

    Hey guys, so I have a 1999 Ford Explorer, and it makes a really loud grinding noise when I turn left, and shakes when I reach higher speeds over 55 MPH. I've been doing a little research, and thinking it may be the CV Joint/Axle. Think that might be the right diagnosis? If so, how would I know...
  2. M

    98 horrific shaking

    My 98 started shaking on the driver side violently out of the blue and it does it at any speed over 15. I've changed it the hub assemblies on both sides and nothing. The ball joints on visual inspection look relatively new as well the CV boot. It's getting cold outside (no garage) and I need to...
  3. J

    shaking when idol and over 60mph

    Hi I'm Jennifer and I am the only owner of my 2007 Ford Explorer. It's my fourth Explorer and the only one I purchased after a lease. The last two years I've replaced quite a bit yet it still has original motor and transmission. I know I'm living on borrowed time with the trans because it...
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    2003 sport trac started shaking softly about a month ago

    So the truck started shaking about a month ago, idk where this came from, the car did start feeling funny as i accelerated, but that went away to my knowledge after i changed the oil, I have no warning lights or anything, I changed the oil, im thinking maybe its tune up time? Any help would be...
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    Car Idle Problems -HELP-

    Hey Guys... So I do not know much about cars BUT I have been learning. This car is literally older than I am.. So I am trying my best to get this car running to its optimum efficiency. So CURRENT on going problem. STARTING the car is a bit*h. It takes me at least 2-4 turns to get this car to...
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    Brand new 17 Explorer shakes so bad makes us sick,

    Hi all. Just traded in our wonderful 2014 fx4 f150 for a new 2017 Ford explorer sport. We test drove one brand new at one dealership and it drove wonderfully. Smooth, nimble and quick. We purchased the same exact vehicle down to the msrp at a different dealer. We picked up the explorer with 12...
  7. M

    98 Explorer 5.0 shakes in park, neutral, drive, reverse

    Ok, so this is what I got. It is a 98 ford explorer with the 5.0 liter v8. I started noticing this problem yesterday while driving on the way back from the store. I started the vehicle to head home and I noticed that the vehicle had a greater than normal shake to it. I revved the engine and it...
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    Death shake????

    okay so i have noticed that when i get on the freeway or highway my explorer gets a bad wobble at about 60 MPH every time. The faster go, the worse it gets. im supposed to be taking a trip from idaho to texas and need this problem solved!
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    New Engine Mounts. Truck still shakes?

    Hey everyone. I just got the Engine Mounts replaced in my X. I've had some vibration at idle which didn't surprise me as the old mounts were stock. Well I got new mounts put in a couple days ago and the shaking has gone down a bit, but it's still there :mad: The only other things I can think of...
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    Serious Shaking Between 6-75mph

    So, my truck shakes pretty good between 60 and 75mph. Over 75mph it doesn't shake so bad, just a little. Under 60, it doesn't really shake at all. I figured it is the alignment, but what else might it be?
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    PLZ HELP: Overheating and now hell has broken loose!

    Right... I dont even know where to start but I definitely know I need some help and advice. Mine is a 2005 Mercury Mountaineer, which I know is the same as a Ford Explorer (more and less)... have had it fro day 1; the car has done just over 160km and has never had any major problems. On a...
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    Bad wheel Bearing? Or something else?

    Hello everyone! I need some help on this one! I think it is a bad wheel bearing but I have no clue! When I am driving down the road, going straight, I can hear a rumbling sound, goes in and out, and sometimes it is constant. There is a particular road I travel, it has a pretty sharp curve...
  13. D

    Shaking Above 70mph

    Hey I've done my fair share of mods to my X. I used to have 20's on it but I upgraded to 22's a bit ago, and every since it's been shaking above 70mph. My mechanic says it just comes with having 22's on it. But I just feel like there has to be something aftermarket I can do to alleviate some of...
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    Help: Explorer Shakes when I start

    Just recently my explorer has started to shake when I start it...It will start to shake then the engine revs up comes down and it stops soon as I put it into drive and start to move it will shake again but stops as I speed up and can maintain a speed but...once I stop and then have to...
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    The old Studder and shudder Ford Problem

    ok so where do i start. lets see its a 1998 4 door 4x4 v6 4.0 ohv motor. has only 108,000 kilometeres and runs like shit. was studder and shuddering a few months back. replaced all plugs with bosch platniums and everyhting was good. few days ago before a 2000 kilometre trip it starts to act up...
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    brakes at high speed

    hello I have a 1994 Ford explorer xlt its a 4.0 ltr automatic any who, when I am traveling at speeds at over 45 mph and I go tu use to the brakes the car starts to kick or wobble almost and the steerong wheel "jolts" around any ideas? New calipers, rotors, and pads up front
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    stalled out at corner engine shakes and now it wont start

    I am really a complete novice when it comes to vehicles...i try my best, but never really have been very good. anyways I was driving my vehicle and then pulled up to a red light...while idle there at the light the engine started shaking vigorously and then shut off. After pushing it into a...
  18. L

    Brake Problems

    I have a 93 x and whenever you press the brake there is a loud clank that is audible inside the cab. And whenever you have to brake the wheel will shake and try to pull to right. I think I just need new brakes but any other suggestions would be appreciated.