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    Transmission help!! 5r55s shift solenoid?

    Hi I've got a 2006 explorer 4.0l that I cannot figure out what to do next. So it wont shift without giving it gas or waiting like 10 seconds. It has a hard time shifting up, it will just slip and slam into gear. I ran my code scanner on it and got a p0750 and p0760 shift solenoid codes. I went...
  2. F

    Transmission help!!

    Hi I've got a 2006 explorer 4.0l that I cannot figure out what to do next. So the thing started having shifting issue and the engine light came on and the the wrench icon as well. I used my code scanner and its giving me P0750 and P0760 which is shift solenoid A and C. So I went ahead and...
  3. S

    5R55E Won't Engage In Any Shifter Position

    I have to start by saying I have read many of your transmission posts in the past and they have been very helpful with a third gear issue I had about a half year ago. I adjusted the band and solved that problem. I also must tell you that you are all much more adventurous about working on...
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    New To Forums Need Help Shift Lever Off, Slips

    I just bought a 1999 Ford Explorer XLT 2WD 4.0 SOHC in mint condition with only 118,000 miles and meticulously cared for. The only things I've done to it was aftermarket exhaust and synthetic oil. I had to replace the anti-sway arm bushings as well. The only problem I am having is with the shift...
  5. E

    High highway rpms A4LD

    Hi all, I just purchased an a 91 explorer. unfortunately it will not shift into its either 4th or OD gear. Yes, there are other threads on this just saying to replace solenoid but I believe this explorer is stuck in 4x4. Does anyone know if being in 4 wheel limits the transmission to 1-3...
  6. T

    5r55e 4th gear to 5th gear shift issue

    Hey guys, first post here, my girlfriend has a 98 4.0l explorer and its not a bad truck but the trans does have some issues. I noticed while driving it it did seem to skip, or slip a little usually while driving up a hill but sometimes youd feel in on flatland. It almost felt like an engine miss...
  7. M

    2000 v8 explorer won't stay in 1 (low) when I shift to it

    Hello all.! I'm at a but if a loss right now being how I have never seen this issue. I put my truck in 1 (low gear) and start going but without even getting on the gas a lot my tranny shifts to 2nd? Usually, as you know, it will stay in first and the rpm's will keep going higher as I get to...
  8. C

    WTB: Manual Transfer Case Shift Boot

    Hi i am looking for a first generation explorer Manual transfer case shift boot and possibly the shifter with floor plate from under the carpet. Specifically looking for manual shift boot with 1354 case and automatic transmission. I know most people may not have ever seen this I have came across...
  9. C

    Revised Starter/Backup Lamp Switch Electrical Schematic?

    I am striking out finding TSB 92-24B-52, which documents revised wiring for the starter/backup circuit. My truck starts correctly in park/neutral as it should. The problem is that 4-Lo does not work (4-Hi does work). The R/W wire which is the park/neutral input to the Shift Control Module is...
  10. B

    1995 2nd/3rd shift problems redux

    Hello to everyone! I've been lurking for a while but this has me baffled as for what to do next. I have a 1995 Eddie Bauer with what I assume is the original 4R55E transmission and 164K miles. When I put it in Drive or Reverse there is a moment of hesitation before engagement that doesn't...
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    Can it be reprogramed?

    Just got my first Explorer. It's got a lot of miles, but the body and interior is in great shape and it drives good. It's of course got a manifold leak which I've been reading about. My question is, can I get a programmer or chip to reprogram how it shifts and kicks down? I know it's typical...
  12. K

    06' Explorer won't reverse.

    So I'm really ignorant when it comes to vehicles, truly. So please understand that before I ask stupid questions! I can do the basics like change my oil etc but am lost when it comes to anything advanced. So basically my reverse went out about a month ago. I've got about 150k miles on it, and...
  13. J

    2005 Explorer. Broken shifter, part name, availability

    This image is just like the broken column shift on my daughter's 2005 Explorer. I know I can get the alloy part that links to the shift lever aftermarket, but the brass piece on the back side with the hard plastic ball is also damaged. Ford doesn't even seem to have a name for this part. My...
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    All gears forward! Don't forget the manual drive lever post!

    I was having problems with the shifting in the 1998 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer. It was revving up and not shifting and then I would have to lower the RPMs to 1500 RPMs and it would shift. Dropped the transmission pan and the filter, dropped the valve body and found I had a blown gasket. Replaced...
  15. N

    2015 Explorer bump/harsh shift

    My wife has a 2015 EX and for about 10 months we have noticed a pronounced shift (bump/harsh shift) in the transmission. It seems to happen most between 30-40 mph on acceleration from a yield/stop sign or even red lights that turn green. A few times there has been a bump/harsh shift when braking...
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    Shift cable eyelet help.

    I recently pulled my motor to replace timing components, and inadvertently caught the eyelet on the end of the shift cable as the motor and trans were on their way out. The eyelet is on the end of a small metal shaft that rides in a plastic sleeve(presumably to keep the shaft straight as you...
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    Transmission Leak 98 Explorer Sport

    I own a 1998 Explorer Sport, and Im getting a leak from the rubber gasket looking thing where the transmission meets the driveshaft. Its coming from what i think is called the weep hole? Im hoping for a solution so i can quit buying transmission fluid I realized i posted this in the wrong...
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    Megapost on Explorer Transmission Rebuild

    Hello everyone, I recently rebuilt the transmission on my 165k 2002 Ford Explorer, saving around $2000. I have taken videos on the entire process, and I have all the information needed. I will be updating this post as I edit the videos and upload them. I don't know how many people are...
  19. S

    4x4 issues

    so my 1992 Explorer XLT wont shift into 4x4. ill push the 4hi button on the dash and nothing will happen, the light wont even come on. i was thinking it could be the shift motor but i'm wondering if you guys think it could be a more serious electrical issue.
  20. M

    Need Trans help

    97 4wd explorer 4.0 sohc v6 after digging around with the search shovel, I couldn't quite find exactly what I need to know. the main thing is I don't have and codes for the issue. so here's the poop: Flashing Od light halfway from Orlando to Daytona (doing bout 60-80 mph for about 25-30...
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    Slow to engage

    I have a 2003 Sportrac 4X4 with the 5r55E. It engages into reverse fine and once it engages in drive it shifts flawlessly. It will shift all day with no problems but it is very slow to engage into drive. It can take up to 20-30 secs when cold. But once it engages it has no problems. What can I do?
  22. 2

    No 4th? Stuck shifter?

    Hey everyone, I had a problem today when I was driving to work. As always I started the truck and let it warm up until the rpms settled. I hit the road and noticed my tranny wouldn't shift into 4th gear, I was doing 2500 rpm at 40 mph. I noticed a slight delay from 4th to 5th a few months ago...
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    Transmission problems! :( help!!! 5R55W AUTO

    Okay, so I have a 2002 Ford Explorer xls 4wd; it has the 5R55W automatic transmission in it. Like many of you, my O/D light started flashing, and I was getting a hard shift from 2-3. After some research , including from this site, I learned that the problem is NOT solved by replacing the...
  24. J

    Shift to Park Warning

    Shift to Park Warning keeps coming on Out of about 12 trips daily in my 2011 Explorer Limited 19K, at least 3 or 4 times each day I started getting the message "Shift to Park" along with a warning chime after pushing the lever to the park position and turning off the key. I have to move the...
  25. G

    Intermittent hard shift

    Hi everyone, There have been hundreds, if not thousands of posts similar to my issues. I have not found one with the same issue I am having after hours and hours of searching, so I am starting this thread. I have come across people having issues with the O/D light flashing, check engine...