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  1. D

    Back Window Exp 2016

    I need to buy a Ford Explorer 2016 back window cause somebody smashed it last night. Where can I buy a used one or a new one? It also needs to be shipped to Europe (Poland)...
  2. D

    OEM or used body parts - where?

    I have just imported a Ford Explorer 2016 to Poland. Left doors together with a central pillar are damaged. Where is the best place to get OEM or used parts? I bet the shipping costs might be a bit pricey- am I right? Any advices?
  3. E

    Delivery Times!!!!

    I ordered a 2011 Ford Explorer XLT with the 202A rapid spec package two months ago. The vehicle is built, I got a vin, but no vehicle yet. My dealer had led me to believe that the ETA was the week of the 14th along with some other vehicles ordered around the same time. Well, the week of the 14th...
  4. CDX6 Radio Bracket

    CDX6 Radio Bracket

    This is the factory "Shipping Bracket" for a Ford CDX6 radio. Don't ship one without it (or BUY one that was shipped without it). The mechanism is very delicate, and will likely be damaged in shipping if the bracket is not used.