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    Finally Got Some 32’s

    We’ll 31.6” technically. I’ve wanted some since I got the truck in 2011 and I finally did it. I like how it came out. I had to do some trimming in the front but nothing too bad. So far the 3.55 gears are ok. I’m driving it for a while before I decide if I want to spend more on 4.10’s.
  2. D

    Upper starter mounting bolt missing 93 Explorer

    Did my front brakes yesterday. It should have been a moment of relief, but after driving it maybe 50 feet, turning it off, and trying to start it again, I could hear the starter spinning, but no contact with the engine. I initially assumed my starter was bad. After getting a push start, then...
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    20" wheels and 33's

    I'm looking for a little input on wheel/tire size here and I've found a few threads but none exactly what I'm looking for. I have an 06 Limited and I plan on installing a 3" front 2" rear spacer lift and the BT upper control arms but I want to run a 20x10 wheel with a 33" tire. I haven't seen...
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    Remove Running Boards

    Hi, just got a 2003 XLT and I'm excited to make it look more like a truck than a mini van like it currently does. I'm going to be putting some bigger LT tires on it and I'm in the process of removing the bulky mini van running boards. I have removed the plastic pieces and the flat metal boards...
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    Battery cable size?

    Hi, does anyone know what the battery cable size is on second gens? I'm trying to add compression lugs and I see they fit 2/0 gauge cable. I've looked everywhere but can't find this info. Thanks for any help. For anyone who has this question in the future. I went ahead and purchased the 2/0...
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    tire size help!

    Im have 235-70-r16 wheels on my 2006 ford explorer, i want to know if i can put some BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 245-70-r16 wheels with a stock suspension & a 0 offset rims, if so will the tires rub when i turn?
  7. C

    Prospective buyer Help! Twin mattress fit in explorer?

    Hi, I'm a big ford guy and have been trying to convince my dad to pick up a new explorer. He loves the explorer sport power and looks but he currently has an older GMC yukon and he loves his cargo capacity. I have siblings in college and as such being able to transport a twin mattress is a...
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    Tire & Wheel Input for 05 explorer *Updated*

    Hi guys, I currently have the 17" OEM rims (245/65/17) on my 05 Explorer XLT W/Advance Track. I have a set of winter tires for the stock rims and now want to get another set for the rest of the year, my questions are A) With Advance track will the larger rim / different tire size effect the...
  9. Shirt size chart.

    Shirt size chart.

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    Wheel size help???

    my 1993 ford explorer currently sits on the stock rims at 15X7 I have an opportunity to buy some other rims that are from a 92 explorer and are at 15X6.5. Both are 5 lug pattern. My question is, will this be an issue for me? Will the wheels even fit my car?
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    Spare tire use

    I have my spare tire on right now and it feels like the auto 4x4 is kicking in when I start to coast from 65 to 60 and 45 to 40MPH. Its on the drivers side rear wheel. I have heard it would be better to have it on the front? I am trying to milk this tire out because I am getting married next...
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    Can anybody guess the Tire/Wheel Size?

    I'm wondering if anybody can figure out the Tire/Wheel size on the ST below. I know the wheels at V-Tec Raptors on Nittos. I'm saving to get these wheels and a similar tire. Thanks.
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    Tire And Wheel Sizes

    Hey everybody, Just a quick Hola and how do you do, just joined the site about a month ago and have been Reading all of this stuff almost everyday. I had no idea people did so much for their ex's, or even that so much is possible... gonna be doing a LOT of work on mine lol. ANYWAYS, now to the...
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    Bigger Tires + MPGs

    What size did you upgrade to and what's your MPG? Me: Stock tire for 16" I got 16 city/22.5 hwy. Currently with 255/70R16 I get 14.5 city/20.3 hwy.
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    U Bolt Question.

    I'm getting my leaf springs rearched this Thursday and had a question about the U bolts, I've seen people say they've re-used theirs as much as five times, others say that they should only be used once. I was wondering what the right size bolts are for my truck. I wouldn't want to re-use my...
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    FYI: yakima rack fit guide is wrong!

    If you're purchasing a rack from Yakima, their online fit guide is wrong. It says you need 48" crossbars, when you actually need 58" bars. As you were.
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    Full Size RC car -Check this out

    Hey, this is a project i did as a summer project between my 2nd and third year in highschool. its a Full Size RC Mercury Sable I hope to someday adapt this system to my Explorer lol
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    Max tire size for a 1996 ford ranger 2x4?

    im looking to make my 3.0 ranger look a lot better with the black bumpers and grill i just put in and now im looking for bigger tires than the 185/60(idk if 60 is right)/r14. those tires are tiny! its a stock lift with a leveling block in the rear so the back is a little higher and ext bed and 2x4
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    Cragar 342 Rim Size on 98 XLT

    Greetings all, I'm looking to buy new rims/tires for my 98 XLT 4X4. Been scoping the Cragar 342s, black with the red stripe. Look like a good deal for the money and very classy...looking to pair these with BFG ATs or a pair of Mickey Thompsons. I've got Bilstein Super Heavy Duty shocks...
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    Info on audio for 02 Sport Trac

    I just want to know what size of speakers can fit in the doors (front and back) and what kind of head unit fits in the dash
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    What size tires for 3" Lift?

    Alright, I have a 2 Door 1994 Explorer sport. All stock. And I'm thinking a 3" Lift, so my question is.. What size tires should I get for a 3" Lift? Also, where is the best place to buy tires/rims and where would I find a good price on a lift kit?
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    Wheel Fitment

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    Rear diff on a 05 Sport Trac XLT

    I've been wanting to suprise my pop with a locking rear diff since his truck at work (2006 Dodge Dakota 4x4) has one. I've been doing a lot of research and needing 4WD for much of the things he does is overrated, he does off roading, just not anything that you'd need full blown 4WD. I have...
  24. stripped Housing

    stripped Housing

    Stripped housing.