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slave cylinder

  1. 1

    1998 Ford Explorer Manual Trans: Bleeding Master & Slave

    Hello, This Explorer will not shift into gear while the engine is on. The clutch is less than three years old. I visually checked the slave cylinder through the rubber plug in the bellhousing and it is dry, therefore I'm assuming it's okay. The master cylinder fluid reservoir was empty. I...
  2. M

    About to drop trans

    So after seeing a leaking slave cylinder and having my shifting being rough, I realized my slave cylinder is going out. I'm about to replace the slave this weekend and wanted to stop in and see if you guys have any tips/advice for me. This is the largest repair I will have done so far, but I...
  3. C

    Clutch Slave Cylinder Only Lasting A Couple Years

    '93 Ranger, 4.0L-OHV, 5spd, 4X4 Well, pretty much what the title says. I bought the truck, about 4 years ago, with a bad slave cylinder, amongst other things. It had sat at a shop for a couple of years, due to the prior owner not paying the repair bills. So, anyway, I had a "professional"...
  4. F

    help need advice clutch wont disengage

    Hi there people... i have a 94 explo which the clutch wont disengage.. if i try to shift it with the clutch depressed i wont hear any grinding... and if i let go of the clutch the explo wont move but if i accelerate it between 7krpm for 40sec or more the explo would move and it will continue...
  5. S

    1998 explorer shifting issue

    Hi all, I just purchased my second explorer and this one has a problem that im not sure what to do with. Its a 1998 Explorer sport with a manual tranny 4.0L. After the purchase I went to look it over and start it. It hasnt ran for a month and the lady selling it said it had a shifting issue. It...
  6. D

    Lost 5th Gear After New Clutch & Slave Cylinder

    Had some work done on my 1997 Ford Explorer 5 Speed Manual 4WD, slave cylinder had been going bad and went! New clutch kit, new slave cylinder, flywheel resurfaced, they had problems bleeding the system, but they said it was "fixed" The clutch felt a lot different!! Hard to push...
  7. J

    Brake pedal assembly write up??

    Love this site, its saved my butt so many times. Never posted before. I have a '98 explorer sport with a manual transmission with 108k miles and from what i've read the slave cylinder goes right around there. It seems like thats happened. Can't shift into 1st or reverse from neutral and is...
  8. dta74

    97 with clutch, pilot bearing or slave cylinder issues

    Apologies in advance if this ends up long and rambling... So, I just picked up a 97 Exp. 2-door with a 4.0 OHV, 5-spd manual (M5OD-R1??), brand new Uniroyal TirePaws and 91k miles on it. Free, I might add. Was originally a southern California car. I'm the 4th owner. The clutch and slave...
  9. C

    2002 ranger clutch

    I've got a 2002 Ranger FX4 with a 5 speed manual and 4.0 SOHC. Recently, the it's been making a squeaking sound when I let the clutch out in reverse and 1st. Then, I went to drive it the other day and it went into reverse and 1st just fine then wouldn't go into 2nd, and now it won't go into gear...
  10. R

    Clutch Hose Fitting Leaking.

    I had my clutch and all changed and everything was working great. Then all of a sudden my pedal went to the floor. Tried bleeding it and noticed the fitting leaking where it goes into the slave cylinder. Disconnected that and even with the fitting not plugged in fluid was still coming out. My...