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    5R55E slipping out of first gear when warm

    I have a 5R55E transmission that has been slipping out of first gear, almost into neutral it seems, and I have to remove my foot from the gas, and let it clunk back into gear, then it's fine. It only will do this when the transmission fluid is warm, only once, then drive with no symptoms. Or if...
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    Trans Slip turning left

    Hi everyone, First time posting, had a bit of an issue with my 96 explorer today. I went to take a relatively sharp left hand corner, not slow but not too fast either wasn't hooning around or anything, and I heard a sharp squealing noise, went to accelerate and the transmission had slipped...
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    Torsion twist dropping?

    It could just be me making a big deal out of nothing but it seems like my torsion bars have been slipping lower and lower slowly since I first performed the TT. and my front end seems quite a bit lower than where it was in the beginning. Unfortunately I didn't take any measurements so i can't go...
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    Possible transmission slip?

    ok, basic info, 98 4.0 sohc v6, automatic trans. 252k miles, original engine and transmission. no previous transmission work needed other than flushing. this morning i was on my way to work driving down the freeway and everything was normal. once i got on the freeway and i needed to drop a few...
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    Intermittent hard shift

    Hi everyone, There have been hundreds, if not thousands of posts similar to my issues. I have not found one with the same issue I am having after hours and hours of searching, so I am starting this thread. I have come across people having issues with the O/D light flashing, check engine...
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    Front Bumper Bolts will not budge.

    So I'm taking off my old brush guard to sell to a buddy of mine. The whole thing came off easier than it went on except for the very last nut that holds the bracket on. This is one of the nuts on the back side of the front bumper (more specifically the one furthest to the passenger side.)...
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    A DEAD 4R70W??? Its slipping!!! Do i get a new tranny??

    Hello, I have a 1997 Explorer with the 5.0L and 4R70W tranny. Just lately, my 2nd gear started to slip at top end acceleration, like when i go to pass a car i floor it and it shifts to 2nd and it does nothing but slip around 3600RPM and up. Are my cluth packets worn out and its time for a...