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    2011 explorer please help won't start.

    So, I have been working on my explorer the past week. Repairing things in the rear end. I finished went to go take it on a test run. Tried to start it and it just barely turns over. I disconnected the battery fully charged it it's a new battery. Went to go start it again and same very...
  2. C

    lack of power - fuel pump going bad?

    I am stumped. I have an 05 explorer xlt, 4.0 SOHC V6 with 191K miles. With about 8K in repairs In the past 6 months I have replaced, the front wheel hub assemblies, rear tie rods, upper and lower ball joints, TRANSMISSION, replaced the fuel filter, oil change/air filter, had the throttle body...
  3. C

    Strange whining noise from Transmission

    I own an Explorer 2006 4.0L with around 200k miles on it. Since almost 3 weeks i have been facing issues with transmission. Initially, when I will start car in the morning and put the car in D and try to move the car straight away, it won't move easily and will be too much sluggish as if...
  4. J

    2017 Explorer Platinum - Sluggish

    Hello Explorer forum, I have some great articles here that sound somewhat related to my issue. I am new to Ford, so I don't have any previous experience with any of their EcoBoost motors. I have a 2017 Explorer Platinum with about 2k miles on it. At about 1500 it kind of just lost it's "kick"...
  5. D

    4.0 No CEL No Power - Need a Pro - Help Please

    02 4.0 171k miles No Power Had misfires so I went down the list and Replaced Plugs Replaced Plug Wires Replaced Coil Replaced Air Filter Replaced Fuel Filter Cleared CEL It's a little better but still has rough idle, VERY sluggish especially up hill, no CEL even after 100 mile trip...
  6. M

    '92 Sluggish to Start

    Battery recently tested by AAA and said charge was good and when turning over the battery is putting out sufficient amps. However, what is happening is intermittent. Sometimes when I turn the key over the starter seems like the truck just came off the assembly line. Other times when I turn the...
  7. D

    5.0L 3000 rpm power loss.

    I'm working on a 2000 awd explorer xlt w/ the 5.0 and 240K miles under its belt. I've noticed that around 3000rpm the engine becomes week and seems sluggish to get to the higher rpms. After 3000 rpm power returns a bit but not what it used to be. I recently replaced the Mass Air Flow...
  8. S

    Insane cold sluggish issue

    I'll be the first to tell you what I dont know about fuel injection, and that's a lot. Here's what I have though - 1993 Explorer, v6, auto tranny, no cel. When you first start it (cold) it runs like its missing. If you IMMEDIATLY put it under load at high rpm, it seems to "catch" and may run...