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    Smelling gas

    So I now actually noticed after a while that I smell raw gas outside the car and I can hear the fuel pump also. NOTHING LEAKING SO DONT JUMP ON ME. But does anyone know what that could be?
  2. G

    2015 Sport - PTU problems

    I took my Explorer in about 1 year ago with a noise underneath when in reverse. Dealership determined PTU issue and fixed. It was still under warranty/ess than 60k. This past week, the vehicle started the same noise, again (now at 89K). Plus, a really bad odor and leaking a fluid (which I forgot...
  3. C

    Acts like choke stuck, but what choke???

    Hey All! What would act like a stuck carb choke on a 94 Explorer? Bad Behavior is more common after the truck has run a while normally, shutoff and soon restarted --that's when the fun begins; idle increases, some stutter and power drop outs occur, and there is a funky exhaust smell. Any...
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    Engine Tick or exhaust system?

    Hey there! First off, let me start by saying that I am so proud of where ExplorerForum has come! The website looks great, and the community is bigger, better, and more active than ever! Let's begin... For a long time now, I have had an oil leak. I would put 2 quarts of 5W-30 in, and about 3...
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    Suggestions for AC Diagnostics

    This morning while I was getting on the freeway to work I noticed a strong burning smell that died down slowly. There was road construction in the area so I kept driving thinking nothing of it. As i kept driving i noticed that the Air Conditioning had stopped blowing cold air. The temperature...
  6. B

    2013 burning brake smell

    Hello, I'm a first-timer here. I just got a new 2013 explorer (2 miles on the odometer). My wife drove it home and I followed close behind in my 2011 ranger. I smelled an intense burning break type smell. I called her on the phone and asked if she had the e-brake on. She said no and she could...
  7. C

    Can't find the evap leak.

    Alright, so I have and OBD code for an evap leak AND the check fuel cap light on. I started out by replacing the fuel cap twice and reseting the codes, but they pop back up the next day. Whenever I gas up the car, I get a strong smell of gas inside the cabin. I can't seem to locate the actual...
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    A/C works, but heater doesn't.... HELP

    I just got a 1998 Ford Ranger XLT 4.0L V6 and my A/C blows ice cold air when on, but when it's cold out and I turn my heat on, it blows cool/cold air, but not as cold as the A/C. I can also smell radiator fluid when I get out of my truck but never see any leaking. Any ideas? I could use a fix...