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    Removing bad smells from A/C unit

    Hey guys, Found out today that the 2009 Ford Explorer apparently doesn't have a cabin air filter. I've gone through sterilizing it with lysol, but hasn't made too big of a dent. I checked the drain pipe and it is draining clear. Normally I'd replace the filter, but since there isn't one I'm...
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    Horrible smell from vents !

    2008 Explorer XLT 4.0 There is a nasty smell coming from my vents (seems like a chemically smell to me). It’s not an anti-freeze smell. I can smell it all of the time even if the fan is not running, but it is so much worse when I turn the heat on. I have no idea what the smell could be, It...
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    Starts, spudders, stalls & smells bad

    I have a 98 Explorer Eddie Bauer 5.0 AWD aftermarket alarm w/ remote start. I have had it about a year. Every now & then after driving for a bit I shut the car off come back a little while later (within 15 min) & when it starts it runs rough, smells funny & stalls. If I give it gas it seems like...