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  1. M

    18" wheels on a Sport?

    I just want to confirm that an 18" wheel off of a 2014 Explorer we'll fit my 2017 Sport. These wheels are only going to be for a winter tire install. I know the bolt pattern is the same I just want to make sure that there will not be any brake interference issues.
  2. Mr_Fruffles

    For Sale 2004 Ford Explorer XLT V6 4WD 130k miles 2nd owner (Denver)

    For sale in Denver Colorado. Clean and Clear Title 2nd Owner 130K Miles Comes with a digital repair manual. New all terrain tires put on at 116K miles and are warrantied for 50k miles. Does not come with the snowboard rack/lightbar 2 Keys, remote entry, door code entry, third row seats...
  3. C

    Avalanche Crushed My Explorer

    Ok, that was a slightly dramatic title. We had a massive snow storm in NY about a week ago. It was pretty awesome. They didn't give us the day off from school, so I was runnin' HAM all day. I didn't get any free time until my truck was buried in the snow. I spent 2-3 days digging the 1994...
  4. B

    Need winter/snow advice and potentially tires

    So we just purchased a 2017 Sport Explorer. We live in the SF bay area and have also just bought a place in Kirkwood to go skiing. We plan on going up probably 10-15 times in the winter, sometimes almost every weekend. I know that the route we travel, 88, often has snow and is even closed...
  5. P

    Multiple questions about 4WD, Window/Doors, and Fog Lights

    So, I'll go in order of the title! As you guys might know, winter is finally descending onto maryland, and the road I live on might as well never be plowed for the good it does. (It's an old road and the damn plow only gets the center.) Obviously I'll be using the 4wd on there, haha. So, I...
  6. C

    Tires for a 2006 ford explorer limited

    My current vehicle has 235/65r18 tires on it. Is it possible to put on a 265/60r18? Or 255/70r18? I'm looking for all terrain tires. I work in residential construction and live in Vancouver bc.
  7. D

    Stay Safe This Winter!

    Everyone, please take your time and stay safe this winter. I don't care if you have 4x4 and the best winter tires available, slow down and drive carefully. This happened to me today, I have All Terrain Winter Tires, that didn't make a difference...
  8. M

    manually powering the T-case?

    afternoon, i have failed to get to the bottom of my transfer case not engaging the front drive. my abs light is on and is throwing all sorts of codes about the wheel sensors and whatnot and it is just too cold to really work on it. so my question is that would it be possible to provide power...
  9. M

    boss snow plow?

    hey everyone, before i get started i would first off like to point out that i am aware that our 3rd gens aren't meant to plow. now with that said i did see one in my area sporting a BOSS snowplow chassis mount. boss does not list having a plow for our vehicles and was wondering if anyone else...
  10. M

    Anyone running lockers or posi/ ls in front and rear?

    Is there anyone running posi/LSD in front and rear or lockers in front and rear? And how do they handle on the road and in snow? I'm leaning toward posi units in front and rear seeing as how I use the truck for snow and sand and heard lockers will cause sliding out in the snow. Let me know what...
  11. T

    Fresh snow, Fresh rubber

    So today it snowed enough for the snow to stick here in Jacknasty, The Mitten (Jackson, Michigan) It is nice and slick, great for some donuts, whips, and sliding too much for your brakes to handle, beside the point... Last night some fresh rubber came in for the explorer My explorer as you may...
  12. 1

    borg warner 4404 strength?

    im putting stuff together to rebuild my 1997 5.0 AWD expy im gonna build up the 5.0 to maybe 350-375 horse at least hopefully, im gonna beef up the 4r70w and rebuild my axles front and rear (which leads to other questions..another time) but how strong is the 4404? if i pushed 370 lb-ft at the...
  13. J

    Help getting into 4WD!

    hey i recently got my first explorer, '96 XL. we just got some snow here in tacoma wa (beleive it or not haha) and i need help getting into 4wd, cuz we bought it without the owners manual. its a 5 speed standard transmission. can you help me put it in 4wd? Thanks, Joe
  14. P

    You can't beat some good snow...and a 4x4!

    Took the Exploder up into the nearby Clocaenog Forest today. In excess of 8 inches of fresh snow and it was terrific. I've previously had a 1976 Landrover 110 2.25 petrol and a 1998 3.5 Range Rover and this was the equal of them as far as I'm concerned. I stayed on the public road and in the...
  15. K

    2002 AWD Mountaineer Question

    I have noticed an odd noise, perhaps described as a clunk, when driving fairly fast on partially snowpacked highways. It doesn't do it on totally snowpacked lanes, or on clear lanes, just when its patchy. It feels like the AWD sensors are confused and trying to make all the wheels get...
  16. Hotness in the snow

    Hotness in the snow

  17. snow


  18. snow wheelin

    snow wheelin

    getting used to driven in snow, 1st time...
  19. Jeffs Yota#2

    Jeffs Yota#2

    Not stuck!!! Just workin it!
  20. Jeffs Yota

    Jeffs Yota

    Finally got some snow wheelin in this year.
  21. Ahhhhh...snow


  22. Yonek's rig in snow

    Yonek's rig in snow

    More pictures from Poland...
  23. muddy


  24. Raush Creek Pine Grove PA

    Raush Creek Pine Grove PA

    We explorers just love the snow!
  25. Justin 2

    Justin 2

    i pulled him out after i took this one. He was stuck gooood