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    2010 Ford Explorer Sync upgrade from 3.01 to 4.6 -- Worth it?

    My main concern is sometimes these things create more problems than they fix. Is it worth it/safe to update to 4.6 from 3.01? It's the 4.0L V6 model too if that matters. I have the basic Sync package without the touchscreen.
  2. V

    SYNC 3 latest version

    Hi All What's the latest version of SYNC 3...? the available version on my XLT 2017 is 2.0 but it doesn't support external navigation applications like Sygic which requires higher version
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    Laptop code Reader

    Hello All Gene here in little town America (very little access to big city toys) Looking to turn my laptop into obd II reader, what software do I need? Also, where can I get a 'pre-made' USB TO OBD II connector? Is it possible to swap out the PCM to one that is tunable using my laptop? If...