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    Rebuilt 4.0 SOHC - Bad Oil Pressure

    I recently pulled my 4.0 motor and completely redid all of the chains and guides. I even put in a new water pump and oil pump. Finally got it all together and back in the truck. Everything seems great, except I am now having an oil pressure issue…. Now I understand the gauge is largely...
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    Oz 2000 XLT in Limp Home Mode

    Issue is with a RHD Australian 12/2000 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0L SOHC On a really hot day (over 40C) truck goes into Limp Home Mode (LHM) and will not drive faster than 15Kph. It is OK on other days! When it is running normally it drives and sounds fantastic having installed new timing chains...
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    95 limited 4.0 PUSHROD swap with99 SOHC

    1st off, I apologize if this is posted previous. I am losing my vision and have hard times at times trying to read. So I have a 95 limited 4.0 PUSHROD. For almost the last year it has pretty much run like crap. I have changed many things and with vision loss also comes the frustration of not...
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    4.0 sohc swap to 4.0 ohv

    I just purchased a 98 explorer xlt sans engine, Stock it had the 4.0 sohc. I have a 98 xl with 4.0 ohv. My ohv is still running strong but the NY salt ate her body all to hell. The sohc is from South Carolina and is rust free. I want to put my ohv in it. Here is my conundrum, when it comes...
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    deep love for the expy, want another one.

    ive always loved the explorer sport, not so much the 4door model (dont want to deal with all that extra weight + fuel usage lol) i used to have a 2001 explorer sport SOHC, automatic RWD and it had 3.73 final that i swapped to 4.10 with a locker, had some all terrain tires on it and put a bit of...
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    Ford Explorer Sport Photo Shoot

    Tell me what you think... I know I didn't clean it up lol.
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    Running Like Garbage

    Alright so all of the sudden my 00 Explorer (4.0 SOHC) has been running like garbage. It started when one of my cats got plugged (it sure shined a nice cherry red). Since then, I have replaced plugs, plug wires, and coil. They didn't help so I replaced the Crank position sensor now too. The...
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    4.0L SOHC Resonator Delete

    Hey! I've been wondering if deleting the resonator on the V6 will make a big difference in sound, of course it won't have the big, mean sound of a V8, but I'd like my truck to be a bit louder than it is currently. What all would removing the resonator entail? I'd like to keep everything in front...
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    No Spark on Rebuilt 4.0

    Howdy, so I've become relatively well versed with the 4.0 SOHC, I ripped one out of my brother's sport trac (2001) and I put it in my sport trac (also 2001). Mine had the very very common timing chain issue where they simply get loose and also my transmission was barely staying into gear on the...
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    Cooling system Help!!

    I have a 99 Explorer SOHC 4.0L and I just did the unbelievably fun job of replacing head gaskets, timing cassettes, and lining up torque converter to flex plate. And now it has come time to put back together someone else's dismantling job mind you of the heater and cooling lines, so long story...
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    2003 ford explorer 4.0 ohv swap to sohc 4.0

    Hi there guys really just honestly seeing if its worth it to swap the sohc engine into my 2003 explorer with the ohv engine and what would be needed for it. Just looking for some insite i do have some experience with them and if possible il do it in the mear future! Lemme know what you guys...
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    Advanced Rattling at 3K

    All right, so coming home on the highway today I noticed something new. (I may have heard it on the way there too, I don't remember). Anyway, I've gotten used to the death rattle at around 1k, but now, when my car is at 3k (I don't want to risk anything higher) it has begun to rattle much...
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    06 SOHC V6 4.0 bank 1 misfires

    Been trying to get to the bottom of a bank 1 misfire. Actual codes are for cylinders 1, 2, 3, and random misfire. All happening at different times. Car seems to run fine until 45-50 mph and trying to accelerate, maybe somewhat of a lumpy idle, and/or odd lumpy acceleration. Doesn't feel as...
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    New Cloyes Tensioners for cold start rattle....

    Hey everyone I have a 1999 sport 4.0 SOHC with 140k. I picked it up in decent shape and fixed up just about everything and drove her another 1,000 miles or more to make sure it was tip top. New BFG AT KO2s, new recliner, sear track, wiper motor, trim bits, tstat, fluids etc I decided to replace...
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    urgent help needed 2000 ford explorer 4.0sohc starting

    just finished a engine swap on my explorer all in all back together starter will not turn over I have voltage to it and it will turn over when I jump the solenoid the key will not turn it over did I trip out the theft system it is the only thing I can think of if I did any way to...
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    How do I clean the air vents/Should I replace blend door? (also rough idle/possible battery issues?)

    Okay, so this is a simple question, since my explorer is a 98 the plastic is obviously kinda old. However, the vents are hard to mess with because the close/open knobs like to stick, and moving it up/down and left/right is also hard, cause the plastic just wants to stick together so I feel like...
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    2000 Ford Explorer 4.0sohc engine swap

    My 2000 Ford explorer. Recently had a setback after 275,000 miles the timing chains finally went out instead of scrapping the vehicle I decided new engine so I need you guys input on what all I should do I am replacing it with the stock 4.0 sohc. any problems you may have encountered
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    98 eddie bauer

    ok so i recently posted how I purchased a 98 explorer eddie bauer for $580. only to find out that it needed a transfer case, front dif and a freeze plug. Amongst other minor things like brakes and rotors. So I found a mechanic to do all the work for about $600 if I purchase the parts. The engine...
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    Replacing Cam Timing Chain Tensioner on 2000 Explorer 4.0 SOHC

    I am in doing my thermostat housing and figured its a good time to replace the timing chain spring tensioner on the left bank front since I have access to it. My question here now is that the is a pinhole in the tensioner and a 1/4" hole in the thread area for it in the head. I do take it that...
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    4.0L SOHC Running Rough

    I am trying to figure out why my 2000 Explorer has been feeling rough at speed for the past few weeks. I don't have much here to go off of but here it goes anyways... -Idles smooth -There is a steady gravel-like feel/vibration that I can feel through the gas pedal and steering wheel most...
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    So I bought a Sport Trac

    Hey guys, long time no see! I stopped posting but I still come around a lot to see what's new and what crazy engine swaps you all do, however, I have news! I bought a Ford Explorer Sport Trac Adrenalin! It's a 2004 model year, and cost me $1200. It had basically every option available for these...
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    V8 Swapped Eddie Bauer Build Log

    So, I've been an Explorer owner for a year and a half now, since I got my beginners permit last year. I had a 99 V8, had a mechanical failure in the steering or brakes, rolled it, lived through it with just bruises, been hunting 2 1/2 weeks now, and I came across a 01 Eddie Bauer with the SOHC...
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    Rattle noise at startup, 2000-3000rpm acceleration on '06 4.0L SOHC Explorer

    2006 Ford Explorer 4.0L V6 SOHC with 165,000 miles. Have had a rattle occurring during startup over the last few months. More noticeable at 2000-3000 RPM. Stops when engine is warmed up. No other noises. Have read about SOHC timing chains. It isn't continuous like some have suggested with broken...
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    Which Oil filter do I need?

    I just bought a 99 Explorer Sport with 4.0 SOHC and am wanting to change the oil, but when I looked at the parts store the book showed 2 different ones. One has 22mm thread and the other is 3/4in thread. How do I know which one I need without taking the old one off first?
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    99 SOHC Auto to OHV Manual Swap?

    Hey guys! Hope I'm posting this in the right spot. I've looked around and I may very well be blind but I couldn't find a specific answer to my question so I thought I'd just ask. I have 2 99' Explorers: 09/99 SOHC XLT UQ Automatic (5 speed I believe?). VIN number has the "E". 04/99 OHV...