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sound system

  1. H

    Do I have enough power for my amp and sub

    Just installed a 10in sub with a 1100w amp (850 rms) the sub is 400w Max and I'm on my stock alternator, also have an aftermarket headunit which I believe pulls 180w max. Can my alternator handle it? Or should I look into getting a high amperage one.
  2. A

    Upgrading head unit in my explorer

    so I have a 99 explorer limited with the 5.0 and I am upgrading the head unit but trying to figure out if I have the Mach or something else. It has the stereo with the rds and cd and cassette plus a 6 disc cd changer with the factory sub woofer. It's a 4 door also. So idk if it's the Mach or...
  3. Mr_Fruffles

    Stock Radio/Speakers (for sale) Gen 3 Explorer OEM

    I have the stock sound system (complete including all 4 OEM speakers) available. I upgraded everything so dont need any of it. Everything works 100% Came from a 2004 explorer xlt
  4. P

    Sound System Quesiton

    Hey guys, need a little help on a project. I recently got a double din pioneer head unit that I want to put in my 01 Sport Trac. Does anyone know if this Sport Trac comes with a factory amp? I just have the four door speakers and the standard stock radio. I don't know if there is an amp...
  5. T

    Subwoofer issue

    Hello All I am glad I found this site. I am having an issue with my subwoofer in my 2010 Explorer Sport Trac there is a hum when the truck is in park with the engine on. The hum gets much loaded when dropped into gear and at times during driving the hum is so bad that it puts the subwoofer...
  6. E

    Intermittent Speakers

    Hey, guys, been a while since I've been on here, but in the past month or so, my 1996 Explorer Sport has developed some odd issues with the speakers. While going on rough roads/terrain, I've noticed that the front driver's side and rear passenger side speaker have intermittently become softer...
  7. S

    My current setup

    Hi guys, I've just turned fifteen and gotten my first car (99' Explorer XLT) and put in an aftermarket audio system. Currently I have the interior stripped down to sheet metal minus dashboard and headliner to install sound deadening material (fatmat). Anyways, I was making this thread to work as...
  8. H

    How do I know if I have a JBL sound system or not?

    I know, dumb question- and the answer is probably pretty obvious, but I can't seem to figure it out. I'm new to car audio systems, and I'm trying to figure out how to install an aftermarket head unit in my '96 Explorer. From what I can tell I need to know if my system is JBL or not, and I'm not...
  9. B

    Ford Explorer Stock Radio Replacement

    Hey everyone, I've been the proud owner of a '99 Eddie Bauer Explorer for almost half a year now and I have been loving it. But, like most Explorers around this model year, the display on my radio is out. To get around this, I just put in a clock held on by some velcro pieces and it has worked...
  10. O

    Many problems/some answers?

    Here is the layout. 91 Ford Explorer Sport 4X4 auto w/4.0 V-6. Mods are as follows; home made and aftermarket suspension lift totaling 10 3/4" front/10 1/2" rear, 3" body lift, 33X12.50X15 tires on 12X15 rims, headers (Pacesetters-suck-bad fitment), free flow exhaust, kind of catalytic converter...