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  1. L

    Flexplate spacer needed

    Pretty sure I need the m6032 flexplate spacer. I've searched the web and forums for the part and can't find anything. Anyone have an extra or know a company who sells them?
  2. J

    Camaro SS 20" rims to XLT

    Anyone done it? Below are the specs I found, wondering would i have to buy spacers or would they even fit? 02' XLT: BOLT PATTERN: 5x114.3 (5x4.5) STUD SIZE: 1/2"x20mm HUB / CENTER BORE: 70.6mm OFFSET: 25-40mm (M/H) Camaro 2010-2013 Size: 20" x 8", 5x120.7 (5x4.75) +35mm offset...
  3. G

    Upper control arms

    Looking for some BTF upper control arms that a fellow 3rd genner is selling or might sell. Help me out guys.
  4. G

    in need of btf spacers!

    if anyone is selling some i am very interested in buying them. I will look at whatever size but the 2.25/1.75 is the most popular. pm me. also I do not want some that have had the holes widened bc I dont see that working out well in my mind.
  5. G

    btf spacer lift ball joint issues

    hey guys im planning on buying a spacer kit for my ex from btf and i know btf makes extended upper control arms but i dont feel like spending the money on them right away. how many of you are running the stock ones? any issues with ball joint life?
  6. T

    Coil spring spacers question

    I have some 2 inch coil spring spacers that i want to put on my 1992 4x4 explorer today. Do i have to use a coil spring compressor tool? id like to not use one if i can
  7. DSCF0041


    old and new flexplate spacers
  8. Explorer After w Lift Side View

    Explorer After w Lift Side View

    Here is a side view of my spacer/shackle lifted Explorer.
  9. Explorer After w Lift

    Explorer After w Lift

    My Explorer after a spacer/shackle lift.
  10. '92 Explorer

    '92 Explorer

    Picture of my '92 X with spacer/shackle lift.
  11. '92 X Suspension after lift

    '92 X Suspension after lift

    Here is a picture of my '92 X after 31x10.50 tires and spacer/shackle lift.