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spare tire

  1. Bobs2018Explorer


    I have a brand-new, never-used OEM Ford Explorer Police Interceptor wheel that is equipped with a high-end Michelin SUV tire that I no longer need, so I am offering it up for sale here on the forum. I had originally put this together to use as a full-size spare tire, but am now running different...
  2. Bobs2018Explorer

    For Sale Set of (5) Like-New Ford Explorer PIU or Sedan Steel Wheels with Tires - SOLD!

  3. timber22

    93 Ex Brush Guard

    What it do everyone I was hoping someone might have a suggestion for a brush guard that would fit a 93 ex that helps make the front not look so boxy. I'm also interested in the idea of finding a brush guard that I can mount a spare tire on. Does anyone know if anything like that exists...
  4. W

    Spare Tire Removal Kit Size

    Hi all, I have been going over my project car and realised there isn't a spare tire removal kit so I can't lower the spare tire. Any one know what size/length is specifically needed for 1996 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer edition? In need of changing the spare tire to one with tread! Thanks
  5. FirstExplorer

    Spare Tire and Hoist Winch maintenance

    I suggest inspection on the condition of the spare tire, the winch, and the winch cable. Once a year, I drop my spare and unfurl the winch cable to the stop. The tire is always extremely grimy and under inflated, so I wash and scrub it good at the DIY car wash, then treat it with a tire...
  6. D

    02 Sport - Difficulty accessing winch to lower spare

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to drop the spare since I will be working on the body mount bushings and a few other things in the vicinity. I noticed the access hole does not line up all the way to the winch to be able to engage and lower the spare. What can I do regarding that? I'm trying to...
  7. C

    Need a spare tire & Jack

    Hello, I'm a new member here in the forum, it's awesome. Need some help guys. I just bought a used 2001 Sport trac, it's great and really fun to drive, I'm ready to take it for a ride, but I don't have a spare tire and the original jack. I knew about the missing spare tire and wheel but...
  8. C

    Spare tire situation

    I currently have my spare tire on he roof rack i have on my explorer but i wanted to put a bracket on the back to pull off the bronco style best i could how would i go about doing this and what kind of car should i get the bracket off of. and would anyone even recommend doing this?
  9. M

    Spare tire-What would you do?

    Ok. So I was cleaning dirt and sand out from under the rear bumper and noticed the spare tire was the original made 3202. (32nd week of 2002) I've have 2 options to replace this in fear of it completly shedding in half if I ever need it. I currently am running NEW 255/70R/16's. Option 1-I have a...
  10. R

    junkyard find :) tire swingout!

    today in the junkyard i found this beauty... its a tire swingout that bolts to the frame where the hitch bolts on and also to the back bumper in two places. thing seems extremely well built and is heavy guage steel. i know its off a GM, but this weekend im going to do some fabricating and see if...
  11. LONO100

    spare tire questions now that im up to 33"s

    hey all, now that im running bigger tires, i was worried about my spare tire. since its a smaller tire i wanted to find an old 33" tire on craigslist and mount it on my spare. my question is about putting it under the truck bed. does anyone know if a 33" tire on a 15" wheel will fit under...
  12. O

    Water Leak

    I purchase a 2011 Limited 4WD Explorer in July. I was recently on vacation this past weekend and encountered a lot of rain. When my 8 year old sat in the 3rd row and buckled the seatbelt, water started streaming down the webbing and I also noticed water on the speaker grill. This has happened...
  13. BBQ Bandit

    EVAP problem solved (check underside spare).

    Subject: 97 Explorer 5.0 AWD Problem: Check engine light on Ran codes.. "Gross EVAP leak" Another mechanic looked but could not find. Cleared the code to see if it would re-appear. Later that day... jacked up rear end preparing to install Reese hitch (Class III/IV) 1. Crawled under...