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spark plugs

  1. C

    2010 4.0L - Brief Squeak/chirp at startup

    140k miles. I changed my spark plugs and wires on my 4.0L 2010. It seems to have started after that. I did have to pull my alternator to get the wires routed. I tried carefully spraying wd40 on the bearing part of each pulley. Then sprayed the pulleys with carb cleaner. Replaced the belt...
  2. S

    Spark Plug job on Explorer Sport 3.5L Ecoboost

    I've got a '15 Explorer Sport with 108k miles on it. I've noticed the gas mileage has gotten pretty bad, averaging 13MPG city. Anyway, its overdue for spark plugs, so that's what brings me here. I've looked around via google and some forum searches. I've found instructions/videos on how to...
  3. C

    97 4.0 SOHC - Spark Plug Replacement

    I just bought this 97 XLT a few months back, and it's in amazing shape for the age—just about everything works, and the body is rust-free! I don't know the maintenance history, other than it's had a lot of dealership work, but I figured it's always a good idea to do plugs/wires, like I've done...
  4. R

    Transmission shudder and spark plug fix

    First, let me say that I've found the posts of others to be extremely helpful and I want to say thanks. So, I just bought a 2008 Mountaineer with the 4.6L 3v V8. (My '05 Ex was going to die.) Not long after buying it, I noticed the dreaded 45-55 mph transmission shudder. Of course, no check...
  5. 08EddieCA

    Changed plugs - oil on plug collar and threads - no coolant or oil loss

    Hello, I have a 2008 Ford Exp Eddie B 4.0L with $115K miles on the motor. I changed the plugs today (they had 30K on them) and I noticed there was oil on the collar of the plugs and some oil on the threads. The electrode and surrounding area was clean - very clean with normal wear. And...
  6. C

    Easy Tune-Up Question!

    Hello! Easy question, since I've owned my Explorer (5 years), I have yet to change the ignition coil pack. I am in the process of ordering everything for a nice OEM Motorcraft tune-up & am curious as to whether that is something that should be done or not. I don't have any issues with my...
  7. S

    new member with questions

    Hey everyone. so we have an 06 Explorer Eddie Bauer V8 4.6L with 76k and we are having random sputting/misfiring so im going to change the plugs and coils. Im using TPI ignition coils and have Denso 5325 IT16 plugs...anyone have any advice or known issues with these plugs? Working on a budget...
  8. D

    Spark Plugs

    whats up. I'm such a idiot at spark plugs but i just ordered e3 spark plugs for my 2000 explorer. the thing is i don't know what spark plug wires i should get for them. anyone have a good recommendation? plus the size of the spark plug wire to fit the spark plugs. here are the specs of the...
  9. M

    1997 4.0L Aerostar. Spark plug and ignition coil R & R.

    Greetings! I am new to the forum, but am encouraged by the appearance of friendly help. I am not a mechanic, but do some basic maintenance to save money. My Aerostar is running roughly, and according to Advance Auto's code reader, cylinders 3, 5, and 6 are misfiring. My plan is to remove...
  10. D

    Starting Problem

    I have a 1992 Ford Explorer XLT and this morning I drove down the street and back and it was running rough the last few days and after I parked it I went inside and took a shower and came back out and went to start it and it made one tick and then stopped. I then opened the hood and saw one of...
  11. J

    Spark plug issue

    I'm new to this site but need advice from fellow Ford owners since I seem to be getting 3 different answers from 3 different mechanics. I have a 2004 Explorer with the 4L V6. 145,000 km Can anyone tell me if the #4 spark plug sits more proud than the 5 & 6? Seems like a silly question...
  12. jadez03

    My spark plug change - 4.6L V8 2007 Sport Trac

    Greetings! I just bought a 2007 Sport Trac Build date 04/06 So Gen1 I guess, 102,000 miles and no idea really how the owner before treated it. After the sale I had the infamous misfire under load, original spark plugs, so I decided after reading all the horror stories on here, that it was worth...
  13. jadez03

    Help selecting plugs/coils for 07 Sport Trac 3V V8

    Greetings all, Recently bought an 07 Sport Trac 3V V8 with the 6 speed 6R60 with 100,000. She's beautiful and I love her, but I'm having a repeatable misfire that threads on the internet have led me to believe is a spark plug/coil pack issue. I have a friend who has offered to help me with...
  14. N

    Crazy Mileage drop, o2 sensor?

    Hey, Im new to the forum, but I have been having some issues with my X. Just got her about 3 weeks ago, 4.6 V8 '05. 150kms. I drove down to my hometown (about 1200km roundtrip) and parked for the night, took my parents truck to Detroit, when I returned the next day, and got in it and headed...
  15. A

    spark plug replacement

    i'm curious about spark plug replacement - and how often it should be done for older vehicles. Specifically my Explorer is 22 with almost all original parts. I'm only the 2nd owner and it's been in good care since 2006. in general spark plug replace is at 20K. i'm only at 17k and i've got a...
  16. V

    1999 Ford Explorer Tune-Up: 4.0 V6 SOHV

    I found out firsthand today why tune-ups are so expensive. On the 1999 Explorer with the 4.0L V6 SOHV, the plugs are a bit of a pain to get to, especially on the passenger's side of the engine. I have a Haynes manual for my vehicle; I found it was vague on what would be involved to change the...
  17. S

    1998 EB Explorer vibrating

    Hi, I drove my Explorer Sunday and it was fine but Tuesday when I started driving to work it started vibrating. No noises, maybe a little louder which led me to believe it was an exhaust issue but it's not. My co-worked checked the spark plugs and wires and said they seem to be ok. I'm a female...
  18. G

    Spark Plug Recommendations for 92 EB?

    I have a 1992 EB Explorer and was wondering what spark plugs youd recommend for it? Thank you
  19. 0

    02 explorer wants to shut off when switching from reverse to drive

    I have a 2002 ford explorer that wants to turn off when switching from reverse to drive or vice versa. I have changed the fuel filter, plugs, wires, and air filter. My next thought is the fuel pump, but before I get into that I wanted to know if there should be something else to check first...
  20. E

    Change Your Plugs!

    I recently bought a 1995 ford explorer eddie bauer and it has been a good vehicle so far. It hasnt ever run real smooth though, it didnt seem to have a lot of power and it didnt get good gas mileage (18mpg avg for half and half city/highway). Well I decided to change my plugs and wires just for...
  21. 2

    Seafoam. Yes or no?

    I'm thinking about adding Seafoam to my 2000 4.0 OHV and was wondering how safe it is. Also what's the best way to add it? I've read that you shouldn't add it to the oil, others say to add it to the oil but to change it afterward. The manufacturer says this is the best way...
  22. W

    Spark plug wiring diagram needed (firing order).

    Hi everyone. Just came across this awesome site! I am in need of a diagram or picture of the spark plugs for my 1998 Explorer (want to make sure I hooked up the wires correctly, etc.) . Can anyone direct me to the right forum or link on this site....or even better if you have the answer...
  23. B

    Low oil pressure and will not turn over after spark plug change

    2002 Explorer v8 4.6L, had rough idle, "check engine light" came on. Took it to dealer, diagnosed as "#7 misfire", suggested tune-up, #7 coil, 130k miles. Changed out my own plugs, and #7 coil, started up fine, drove it around for 10 mins. Restarted, it was rough. Tried a couple of more...
  24. M

    Are Autolite better? I installed Bosch spark plugs. Now my MPG is definately down. :(

    I did a tune up and installed Bosch Platinum+2 spark plugs in the fall. Since then my MPG has decreased by at least 10% I used to get over 20 MPG on the highway, now if I'm lucky, I get 17-18. What is your opinion on these dual ground plugs?? Has anyone else had a similar experience...
  25. T

    e3 spark plugs

    anyone tried those new(ish) E3 spark plugs?? If so please tell us of your pros/cons, or tell us how they work for you in your exploder. I had sum in my civic and it didnt agree with them at ALL lol.