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    Spark Plug Boot Question

    Hey everyone. I recently got the code P0304 which indicates a misfire in cylinder 4, and I can feel the truck misfiring at start up. It goes away after about 30 seconds when the engine warms up. I had the plugs and wires replaced about 2 years ago and I just noticed that the boot on plug #4...
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    Water In Spark Plug Well Solution

    I have been meaning to post my experience with this but keep forgetting. Got on here tonight and the top post was about this same issue. So I made a quick video. The only ignition coil I have had go bad was the number 8 cylinder coil. Which is the one that used to get water in it. The water...
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    No Spark on Rebuilt 4.0

    Howdy, so I've become relatively well versed with the 4.0 SOHC, I ripped one out of my brother's sport trac (2001) and I put it in my sport trac (also 2001). Mine had the very very common timing chain issue where they simply get loose and also my transmission was barely staying into gear on the...
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    Spark Plugs

    I want to change my spark plugs on my Explorer. Took them out and they were black. What kind of spark plugs should I get?
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    Why does my ignition relay keep blowing?

    Truck info. 91 Stock with the older wiring schematic that has the BAP. The Haynes book shows 91 but not the 91 I have. Must of been from the first half. This morning I had my 91 explorer idling to hookup a trailer. As I was walking to the back of the truck, it shuts off. So I went back to...
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    2001 B3000 / Ranger Spark Plug Wire Replacement Video

    Hey guys, This is my newest video that will show you how to change the plug wires on our trucks! The worst part are those loom wire holders! Let me know what you think! **Also, if the video was helpful, give it a “thumbs up” on YouTube (it helps me out, thanks)***
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    Starts, then chugs, loses power, Check Engine Light; only 2 cyl firing

    Still trying to get my 1992 Ford Explorer 4.0L 4dr Auto 4WD VIN X to run properly. Here's the current situation: It starts fine, runs about 30 seconds, then chugs, loses power, and Check Engine Light comes on. What we've discovered: It is running on only 2 cylinders now. When I pull...
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    Changing Spark Plug wires on 1994 Explorer

    I have a 1994 Ford explorer in France which has recently picked up a small misfire. I have had the plugs changed and it made no difference at all so I guess it is the spark plug leads next and then a new coil. The thing is the local garage apparently has no way of sourcing these parts so I am...
  9. Spark plug material resistance chart.

    Spark plug material resistance chart.

    Spark plug material resistance chart.
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    06 Explorer 4.6L sputter and hesitates in OD

    All...I'm new to this forum, but hoping someone can help out or may have had a similar issue and can share their experience. I have a 2006 Explorer 4.6L with 84K miles. At around 74K miles it began stuttering when I was in over-drive going anywhere from 45 - 65 mph and usually up a slite...
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    1996 Ford Explorer Multiple issues

    1996 Ford Explorer 2 Door, 2WD with switch for 4WD high/low 4.0L engine I have had a long term issue with this explorer that I need to mention prior to bringing up the current issues. This is that the check engine light has been on for awhile, and it throws a code indicating a bad oxygen...
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    The recent drama: head gasket, plugs, dpfe sensor, ignition coil?

    Okay so I'm new here but I reference this forum a lot as a guest. Thought I would sign up and ask this particular question. I'm going to be very detailed in hopes that I provide enough information so excuse me if this post is a little lengthy. =) Thank you in advance for anyone who can assist me...
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    Help! Rounded spark plug!

    Hi Serious Exploration People. Please help. I have commited a sin, serious mistake, or bone-headed move. In an attempt to change a spark plug I have totally rounded the the thing. I didn't realize how rusted-on and siezed the thing was when I first gave it a try and now I'm in this...
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    Coil Issues

    I have a 1996 Explorer Sport with the 4.0, and it keeps giving me an error code about a misfire in cylinder3. I pulled off the wire from that plug and inserted a new plug in the wife holding it to metal to see how strong the spark was...weak. I tried the same thing to cylinder 1 and it seemed...
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    Ignition Systems: COP vs. Wastespark vs. DIS

    It's been a while since I've posted anything good on here and after thumbing through a few recent questions about ignition and what parts to use and why I thought I'd take a step back and truly explain ignition. After understanding it you can be able to choose for yourself what parts will work...
  16. 2005 f-150 spark plugs

    2005 f-150 spark plugs

    pulled the spark plugs at 72k miles and 7 out of 8 broke off in the cylinder head. An extraction kit made by Lisle tool, got all 7 broken plugs out.
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    98 Explorer V6 OHV stalls after wires/plugs changed

    Greetings all, I have 98 XLT V6 pushrod 4x4, 115K miles. I just changed my plugs/wires (had cylinder misfire on #3). JBA cables/NGK iridiums. Had to gunk engine before changing plugs due to build up of oil and grime (I inherited truck). After changing plugs and wires, truck turns over...
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    Spark Plug Fouling

    I have a 93 explorer 4.0 My spark plugs fouled up on me, so i cleaned them and put them back in. I drove about 15 miles and they were fouled up again. When they foul they have a dry black residue on them and they smell like gas. When i clean them up and put them back in, the car runs great...
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    2.3 L 202,000 miles No spark to #3 Inlet side

    Do I need a whole new coil pack or is there more diagnosis needed before I start replacing parts? Whoops! Make that *Exhaust* side. Thanks!
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    1989 Ford Aerostar 3.0L EFI Weak Spark

    1989 Ford Aerostar, 3.0L, V6, EFI, has a distributor and one coil. Started just fine. Was backing out of my space, went 15 ft roughly, slowed down, preparing to shift into drive, engine died. Will crank, fuel pump working. Starting fluid no help. Pulled random spark plug wire, used old plug...
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    few issues...Any help appreciated

    I have the ohv and ive had this issue for a while now. when i apply anymore than 3/4 throttle the floor/pedal/shifter vibrates. not too too bad but very noticeable driving. Could it be the tranny?? its a the 5 speed manual. Ive never changed the fluid....spark plugs have also never been changed...
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    Stuck Spark Plug boots

    Went to change the spark plugs on my 96 E.B. 5.0 took the drivers side wheel off to get easier access (horrible freakin design by the way). There they were in front of me... start with the easy one on the far right... grab the boot... Nothing. tried the others also. same thing...
  23. Spark plug diagnostic chart.

    Spark plug diagnostic chart.

  24. Pass side plug access

    Pass side plug access

    Passenger side plug access with fender splash guard removed