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  1. S

    Speaker Specs For 2016 Base Model

    Fellow Exploreans, Planning to replace the stock speakers (Rear Door) + an sub woofer too need to know where can i get the specs of the current stock speakers on board so i can start ordering too Also need suggestions and also share the upgrades the to get an good one running (love to...
  2. S

    Ready for the Road Package

    Hi guys, My PIU came with the ready for the road package (evident from all the Whelen Ions, vertex and Whelen speaker in the front). The cencom sapphire was removed but the wiring is still there behind the 2nd-row seats. While I don't need the lights, I was wondering how I could get the PA...
  3. S

    Convert Basic stereo to Mach audio

    i have read through the threads and can’t find EXACTLY what I’m looking to have have answered. Most threads are how to fix things that are broken. I have a 2001 XLT with standard audio system. I have at my disposal a 2001 Eddie Bauer donor truck which has the premium audio system with fully...
  4. I

    Able to Use Factory Sub Wiring?

    Hey! So my Ford Explorer 1996 came with the JBL Sound System option, and I was looking to replace the head unit and install a subwoofer in the back of my car. I already have the subwoofer, amp, head unit and mounting kit for all of it but I was curious if I could use the already existing wires...
  5. 2

    Speaker wiring question

    Hey guys new to the forum. I just had a question and hopefully can advise me to success. I just got a little sound system for my explorer and wanted to put it in myself as something to keep me busy on my off day. I want to install my subs and amp without removing my head unit by using a line out...
  6. B


    I have a 2000 Ford Explorer Limited edition and the rear speaker in the cargo area recently went. Every place that I look to replace that speaker, says that can't find anything to replace that speaker. I was wondering if anyone has had to replace that speaker and if so where did you find it. Thanks.
  7. Mr_Fruffles

    Speaker noise

    How in the world do I fix the noise coming from the speakers that is directly affected by the acceleration of the engine? It appears to only be one speaker and it is driving me nuts. 2004 ford explorer xlt upgraded the sound system but I believe I had the problem even with the...
  8. Mr_Fruffles

    Stock Radio/Speakers (for sale) Gen 3 Explorer OEM

    I have the stock sound system (complete including all 4 OEM speakers) available. I upgraded everything so dont need any of it. Everything works 100% Came from a 2004 explorer xlt
  9. M

    2016 500 watt amp

    My wife is very disappointed in the volume output of the radio in her 2015 explorer sport. It has the sony premium package with 12 speakers. For 2016 ford and sony upgraded the sound system with a 500 watt amplifier. I think it's a couple hundred watts more than what's in the 2015. (Don't quote...
  10. S

    Issues with speakers 2011 Exp

    Anyone have issues such as a vibration sound coming from front speakers (seems to only be driver side) when radio (any channel FM or Sirus)? This isn't all of the time, sporadically. I've tried adjusting bass etc. doesn't help. Thanks!
  11. J

    Where to put (4) 10" midranges?!

    Plan on buying 4 10" midrange speakers in the next week. Would the C Pillars hold up 2 speakers each? Maybe fiberglass it? What would it take for these pillars to hold? What are your thoughts/suggestions? Arrows pointing to the pillars in the rear, closest to the liftgate TIA PPLES!
  12. A

    Is this speaker okay?

    Hello All I'm simply trying to replace the subwoofer speaker in my stock JBL system in a 1992 Ford Explorer. The problem is that no one seems to know what the ohm rating is for the stcok amp (it's not even clear from the vehicle shop manual). Crutchfield identified a 4 ohm speaker that...
  13. W

    New to speakers

    I am new to speakers and also to building anything like a speaker box with an amp or anything like that. I know the products here are cheap and probably not best quality, but this is purely an experimental build, and I want to know if it would work. The amp I am looking at is the Kicker 100W...
  14. D

    I need help with 94 Explorer XLT speaker wiring.

    I've looked everywhere for a wiring diagram for my Explorer, but all the diagrams for the speaker wires don't match up to my speaker wires. My stock speaker wires are: brown, lite green, white with orange stripe, white with red stripe, lite blue with black stripe, lite blue, yellow, and...
  15. S

    Wanted Help With Rear Seats

    I want to upgrade my stock speaker system in my 2005 Explorer Sport Trac, but there is very little room to do so. I want to take the bench seat out and make it a mini-couch. I then would like to replace it with a bucket seat similar to that on the driver's side, and put some bass in between. Is...
  16. M

    Installing 8" subs in doors as per Mustang Saker 500

    I'm consider buying some kicker 8" subs to mount in the doors, just below the arm rest. So directly next to your kidneys!!!! :D My idea is to create a system a little (but better) like the Shaker on the GT and utilising the Mustang sub grilles they'll match the tan interior trim I have...
  17. 0

    Where do i put subs????

    i have the 3rd row seating in my 06 explorer and want to throw subs inside but it will eliminate my 3rd row seating(i dont use them anyways , but dont want to block them off completely) any ideas on where to put a box?
  18. S

    96 speaker install

    ok i just bought some memphis speakers to put in all the doors and i was going to use the wires all the way from the speaker to the head unit that came with the speakers... but i wanted to hide the speakers so it all still looks stock... well after finding out that i was unable to do this i...
  19. L

    Speaker removal help.

    Hi all, I have a 1998 Ford Explorer Sprt 4X4. I am trying to find info on removing the rear speaker panel. I have had no luck on finding this. Any help would be much appreaciated Thanks luckyinva
  20. F

    Info on audio for 02 Sport Trac

    I just want to know what size of speakers can fit in the doors (front and back) and what kind of head unit fits in the dash
  21. A

    Speaker Problem

    hi. my speaker in the way back of the truck went out. i have the eddie bauer trim, so i believe the speakers are little better than regular stock. any idea how to fix the rear speaker? i think it is a sub or some sort of bass speaker. any and all help is really appreciated!!
  22. S

    Another 2002 Explorer XLS Speaker Install HOWTO

    I used these instructions to get started, but there is a little bit more smooth approach regarding the order of panel section removal, and I wanted to include a little more detail. Thanks, GregV8 for your fine example! This is an expansion on your work. :) These instructions are for replacing...
  23. solo x 18 II

    solo x 18 II

    view of the box from the backseat, kicker kx1200.1 amp on top with 1/0 awt gauge power and ground wires.
  24. Main Speaker

    Main Speaker

    Main speaker, JBL GTO series in all doors. Soon to be replaced
  25. passenger side kickpanel

    passenger side kickpanel

    Close-Up of passenger side Q-Form kickpanel