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  1. S

    Speed sensor fault - Speedometer works

    I just purchased a 1996 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer ABS and check engine light are on with the O/D flashing from time to time. I have all gears, and it seems to shift smoothly through all the gears. The check engine is faulting the code P0715, and I don't have a laptop to see if the ABS is...
  2. M

    Blower Air Flow Speed Measurement / Test

    So I had a mechanic replace my recycle flap, and since then, it just seems the air coming out of the vents isn't as much as it was. So I got a air speed monitor and tested it. Does anyone out there have one and can do the same tests? I put it on max air, recycle, and closed all vents except...
  3. K

    Loud beeeeeep when accelerating hard

    I have a 2015 Explorer XLT and when I accelerate rapidly a loud single long beep sounds. I have cleared all of the My key settings, and I don't have some of the extra features such as parking assist/collision alert/or even blind spot sensors or whatever it's called. For the life of me I cannot...
  4. K

    Loud beeeeeep when accelerating hard

    I have a 2015 Explorer XLT and when I accelerate rapidly a loud single long beep sounds. I have cleared all of the My key settings, and I don't have some of the extra features such as parking assist/collision alert/or even blind spot sensors or whatever it's called. For the life of me I cannot...
  5. J

    Speedometer issues

    a short time ago my speedometer stopped working properly. It isn't dead but it's not accurate. It reads over and will jump all the way up randomly. It will say I'm doing 70/80 when I'm doing about 35/40. I'm not sure what to look at or replace and I'm pretty uneasy driving in a cop thick area...
  6. P

    Front noise at high speed/pulling right

    Ok so I’ve been having issues with a combination of pulling to the right, shaking at higher speeds, and a whum whum sound that has a regular rhythm. Been chasing this gremlin for a little while but am getting tired of throwing money at it (more specifically the wife is getting tired of it) and...
  7. J

    Help with spedo after trans swap

    Hello, I just completed an auto to manual trans swap on an 02 explorer sport. It works great now... mostly. The speedometer and odometer does not work anymore (it did before). I was under the impression it derived the signal from the transfer case or rear axle, not the transmission? Any one...
  8. A

    2014 ford explorer limited chargers!

    Hello, I have a question. I have a 2014 ford explorer limited edition with the 3.5 engine (not twin turbo). I was wondering do you know if they sell supercharger kits or turbocharger kits? Or can I add the twin turbos on my car that the sport has???? Help please!
  9. D

    BANG, Tranny Fluid Everywhere

    Quite an experience I just had. Driving up the highway, going about 65 mph, got a huge bang, then nothing but rattling vibration sounds. Starts slowing down fast. Nice burning smell of tranny fluid too. Manage to limp it off the highway just to be safe, pulled off on a road just off the...
  10. 9

    Motor mount spacers

    Hey y'all so I got my headers today for doing my 302 swap in my 93 ex - my issue is my the header lays against the frame on passenger side and doesn't clear the steering shaft on driver - If I've measured correctly I can make them clear if I lift my motor about 3inchs What are the cons of...
  11. B

    Speedo cable for a Ford Transit wanted

    Hello, I am looking for a speedo cable for a Ford Transit (built Jan 1997) 2,5 l TD (Platform/camper) Type EHBXML Serial # WF0AXXGBVAVU20282 Power 85 HP automatic gearbox A4LD The part number for the speedo cable is 1013119 Anybody who might have one new or in safe good condition...
  12. D

    ABS code c1102

    This is a 2001 postal vehicle built on an australian explorer chassis 4.0 2wd vehicle had problems with rear speed sensor codes and the c1102 code which is for an acceleration sensor on 4WD vehicles had to rebuild rear diff and replace tone ring and sensor , rear sensor codes gone but...
  13. D

    Horsepower Gains 2003 Ford Explorer 4.6L

    What are the best mods for HP gain in 4.6l 2003 ford explorer? And are all 4.6 motors compatible with stock transmission?
  14. T

    How stupid have you been? (speed)

    Okay, we all have to admit it, occasionally we need to let the speed demon in us out... What is the fastest you have ever driven? What is the fastest you have driven in your explorer?
  15. M

    Intermittent Speedo! How fast am I going?!

    Newbie - so be gentle - been following this site since I acquired my truck, back in November - looks great, full of wise heads. Few niggles already solved, but one 'major' one is doing my head in, so I need to fix! On start-up , speedo needle moves gently (~1sec) from zero up to 52mph, then...
  16. T

    Gear ratio question

    So, I was wondering how streetable a 91 X would be if it was geared with 4:88s. Spool in the front, locker in the rear. Full width axle from a 79 bronco, hp 44 in front. I know its more off road set up, but wanting to street it too. (I'm thinking about buying this X fyi) Thanks for any help.
  17. 2

    Engine worse after cleaning MAF?

    So a few days ago I decided to finally clean my MAF which as far as I remember had never been cleaned. So I removed it and of course, it was completely covered in grime. Cleaned it with some CRC MAF cleaner and the check engine light went away. It came back that same night so I removed it and...
  18. G

    For those with Nav ....

    We picked up our Explorer last Friday. From previous test drives and the initial drive at pickup, the little speed limit sign was displayed in the right LCD under the Nav menu (right LCD of main instrument cluster). My wife indicated later in the afternoon there was an automatic MFT update and...
  19. 1992 Aerostar vehicle speed sensor.

    1992 Aerostar vehicle speed sensor.

  20. L

    ABS Traction Control Problem

    I have an 06, 4.6L less than 18,000 miles on it. Was stored in a garage. Bought it used with a known problem with the ABS/traction control. The ABS, traction control and power train lamps all come on once the car get above 30 or so MPH. They may go back off and come back on at random...
  21. A

    pump up the power, please!

    hi guys. im looking to amp up some horsepower on my explorer. its a 99 v6 sohc. any bolt ons/add ons that i could install to add some quick power to it? anything at all.. thanks guys!!
  22. C

    Vibration is driving me nuts! I need some feedback.

    Guys and Gals, I have been living with a vibration for some time. It was getting worst. Would feel the vibration on the floor (not on the steering wheel) starting around 50KM (30mph) and would become loud. Would still vibrate if placed in neutral regardless of RPM. Assumed it was coming from...
  23. D

    in Perth Amboy NJ lookin for a truck club

    I'm a Perth Amboy, NJ local with a 4 speed manual 98 ranger xlt w/ flare sides a rear end lift kit - fall bar- LS rear differential- a diamond computer chip - and in the process of customizing a turbo charger to fit the tight eng. compartment---- AND I'm lookin for a truck club to be a part...
  24. parad1mg

    '97 Mounty Cruise Control Problem

    ok, i'm going to need my cruise control really soon and i have not found the cause of the problem yet as to why it wont work properly.. here's the stats: vehicle: 1997 mountaineer v8 AWD tests done: > cruise control self test via switches (press off then turn key to "on" position...
  25. R

    95 explorer speedometer problem

    My 95 explorers speedometer jumps all around and some times doesnt work at all, overdrive lights flashes but not all the time, jumps in and out of overdrive and sometimes doesnt shift right, Ammco had a free tranny chck and said the codes came back speed sensor, I replced it myself, not hard at...