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  1. H

    2002 Sport Trac Spindles

    Hey everyone, would anyone have any recommendations for decent lift spindles? Can't seem to find any, and I am guessing that they are not made anymore. If anyone has any used ones laying around by chance I would be very interested in buying them off you, will also pay to ship. Thanks
  2. B

    Lost key for spindle keyway

    Hi, I recently started replacing my wheel bearings on my 93 Ford Explorer . And dumb me, I lost the key for the keyway in the spindel. I've looked all over for them with no luck.So I called the local ford dealership, and they have one for automatic locking hubs, mine is manual locking does...
  3. D

    Starting Sport Trac Lift

    Hey Everybody New Member long time fan of this site especially the kind of old lifted sport trac thread maybe some years ago and I was wondering if a ranger and ranger edge lift kit 01-11, would work for my 05 sport trac 2wd or should I just get the one for the 01-05 Sport Trac P.S Already...
  4. P

    Bad Bearing/ Hub Situation, Need advice- Will Disconnecting Driveshaft help for now?

    My first post here but I have been reading this forum for years and am very happy and grateful to see the Ford Explorer community is in fact so large and resourceful. I am in a bad situation and could use some advice from anyone who might have experienced what I am. My front hubs/CV joints...
  5. N

    Lift Help

    I have a 2002 4x4 explorer sport trac, i already have the 1.5" torsion twist and i am doing the SOA in a couple of days. I understand that this will lift the rear significantly and i have no problem with it but my friends bashed the idea. Their idea was longer torsion keys, which with my...
  6. 9

    Need some info on Spindles

    So my Ex is badly in need of new Ball joints. So before I embark on this fun job I have a question. I have always wanted to change the way the brake calipers mount to the truck. I really do not like the slide pin set up that stock Explorers have. I would like to change them over to a simple...
  7. 6

    Sorry but, 44 outers on 35 inner

    I hate to beat a dead horse, but has anyone actually installed 44 outers on the 35 inner? I have read plenty of 5 year old posts but am really looking for a simple anwser. I want to install the chevy 44 dust shield with 44 TTB spindle and rotor and I assume chevy axle stub. I cut the brake ears...
  8. 0

    what the hell is that vibration?

    hey all last year i had a fagtech lift installed i bought a used lift spindle off of craigslist and one was new.. i off roaded my truck many times and accidently jumped it once.... stoopid whoops haha, anyways i didnt get aligned in the next few weeks like the guy told me cuz i was spent on...
  9. M

    Explorer to Ranger 4WD spindle interchange?

    Hi All - Is the spindle for a 94 4WD Explorer interchangeable to a 94 Ranger 4WD? This would be on a D35 front assembly. Ranger spindles seem to be hard to come by, but my local JY has about 30 Explorers...Thanks for any help with this.
  10. C

    Pro Comp 3" spindles needed for 1996 ford explorer 2wd

    I have had the Pro comp 3" spindle lift system since 2001, since then they have discontinued it and i have just shattered one of my spindles. I am trying to find a replacement set for my Exploder...please email me if you have any or know where i can get some.
  11. Blender converted into an oscillating spindle sander.

    Blender converted into an oscillating spindle sander.

  12. F

    help me identify these lift spindles!!

    I stumbeled accross these intersting spindles. The guy claims they are for 95-2001 explorer from a 4 inch lift kit. He doesn't have the rest of the kit, just the spindles. They're aluminum, and they apear to be different than the Superlift ones. Any ideas who built these???? Are they any...
  13. kyleq805

    locking hub help

    well i am a tard today. i took apart my manual locking hub on my 92 explorer. i am wondering if anyone knows of a link that has any pictures on how it all goes back together
  14. Steering_knuckle_labels_WEB


  15. Before III

    Before III

    After spindle lift and SOA
  16. Before II

    Before II

    After spindle lift and SOA
  17. Before I

    Before I

    After spindle lift and SOA
  18. Me and Explorer

    Me and Explorer

    After spindle lift and SOA
  19. After III

    After III

    After spindle lift and SOA
  20. Adter II

    Adter II

    After spindle lift and SOA
  21. After I

    After I

    After spindle lift and SOA
  22. Removing 1st gen Spindle

    Removing 1st gen Spindle

    Walking screwdriver wedges around the spindle to remove it.
  23. Spindle Lift

    Spindle Lift