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sport trac 01

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    02 sensors

    I’ve got a check engine light and the scanner says it’s running lean. The person that helped me said it’s probably an 02 sensor, I’ve never fixed that and I was told that you can clean them sometimes? Does anyone know if that’s a possibility or if you have to replace them? And if you have to...
  2. S

    I feel like this is a really dumb idea for a 01' v6

    So I'm pretty sure some people here have seen the Freevalve miata if not here it is so I was thinking, my parents 01' v6 rwd has had its front timing chain replaced and the rear one hasn't. It's coming up to 243k mi and I was thinking as a experiment what about implementing something similar to...
  3. B

    Hello from Oregon-

    What are the tune up specs for my 2001 Explorer Sports Trac?
  4. R

    Body lift help

    I want top get a 3 inch body lift for my 01 sport trac (4x4) but i don't know if I would need suspension upgrades like new shocks or new struts. Thanks! Body lift kit found here: Performance Accessories® - 3" x 3" Front and Rear Body Lift Kit
  5. E

    01 Sport Trac engine shaking

    I apologize if this is repetitive, but I searched and while I found similar threads they were old and didn't get resolved. Short version: engine shakes at idle/low RPMs, giving it gas makes it go away, goes away completely after driving about 15 minutes, doesn't come back unless it sits for...
  6. S

    No headlights, only high beams?

    No clue what is causing this issue, Only the brights burn, no low beams. On occasion the low beams will stay on for a moment if you turn the brights off. Burning brights all the time isn't ideal. Currently my high beams are not that bright (could be the bulb or whatever is causing the low beams...
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    Sport Trac Fan

    Really enjoy my Sport Trac 243,000 miles and running well
  8. D

    Ford Sport Trac timing problems

    Hello, So I have a Ford Sport Trac 2001. It started doing a loud rattle and my driver side valve cover cracked. I had some mechanics look at it and after opening it up they found some broken plastic rail pieces and said the timing had jump. They said they couldn't do the job and that it would be...
  9. N

    Quick Question about Timing Chain Tensioners

    Hello All, This may be a dumb question but I need to drain the oil before replacing the rear passenger side timing chain tensioner and the front driver side timing chain tensioner, correct?
  10. H

    First Truck

    So a couple weeks ago I bought my first vehicle, a 2001 V6 5-Speed Manual Transmission Sport Trac. Needless to say, I'm in love. While it wasn't 4wd, I went ahead and bought it because it was a pretty great deal, so for $2500 cash in hand, I bought my very own truck. 188,000 miles with no...
  11. J

    01 Sport Trac- Coolant Leak

    I recently noticed that my coolant reservoir was completely empty so I took a trip to Autozone and got a jug of coolant and filled the reservoir to the cold fill line. About a week later I popped the hood to discover again that my coolant reservoir was empty. Upon further investigation with a...
  12. T

    4 wheel drive thump

    I have a 2001 sport trac, and when I switch it to or from 4 wheel sometimes it takes a while. I drive a bit and then it kicks in with a loud THUD. it works fine after that. Should i be concerned? and is there a way i could fix this? i am pretty mechanically inclined so i just need a bit of...