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sport trac 04

  1. B

    Compatible motors for ‘04 Sport Trac

    Does anyone now if a 2004 Sport Trac automatic 4 WD 4.0 vin k can take a 2009 Ranger V6 2wd 4.0 s/n 9J1P9701 manufacture date 14 SEP 09 on the back rear it also has SOHC on it. I ask about this specific motor as I have a friend who has one and is willing to part with it for a very reasonable price
  2. J

    Looking for a canopy for a 2001-2005 sport Trac

    Hi there. Been looking forever for a canopy. Anyone have one for sale. I’m in WA. Will to drive a while to get one. Don’t really care what color it is. Thank you. 360 201 five zero two two
  3. X

    04 Sport Trac, replaced engine once already

    Hello, A little backstory to start, we bought the Sport Trac new from the dealership (12 miles on it). We did the normal tuneups/oil changes and basic maintenance. At around 100k the engine decided to die on the way back from a vacation with no warning, the check engine light came on and 5 secs...
  4. L

    WTB '04 Sport Trac OEM Tonneau

    Hey guys - I'm sure I'm not the only one looking, but I know they pop up from time to time. WTB a hard tonneau + hardware if available. Thanks!
  5. C

    Transmission Fluid Fill Tube Part # ?

    Hey guys, I have a 2004 Sport Trac, and the transmission fluid fill tube is rusted so severely that it is coming apart in large flakes of rust. Due to this, it's developed a slow leak. I've been searching and having trouble finding a part number for this. Does anyone know the Ford part number...
  6. C

    PCV Valve replacement on 04 Sport Trac

    Hey I was wondering if anyone could show me what a PCV valve on a 04 4.0L sport Trac looks like. The one that is in it right now is completely hollow (not sure if that's how it's supposed to be) and the replacement one I purchased from napa isn't hollow and has a small aluminum pipe wrapped...
  7. J

    2004 Auto lights not working

    Recently, the auto light feature isn't working on my Sport Trac. Manual lights works and running lights etc come on with auto feature. I tried a new switch and that didn't correct it. is there a relay that needs replaced? thanks!
  8. J

    Transfer Case

    I have a 2004 Sport Trac that has a bad transfer case and I have found some but I am not sure if one of them will work. It is a Borg Warner 1354. The Ford model number is 4L24-7A195-CA. I know someone that is willing to sell me a Transfer case off of a 2001 Sport Trac for $75 and it's model...
  9. L

    WTB 2004 Sport Trac OEM Tonneau

    I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume a tonneau listed anywhere here is going to go quickly, but I'll ask. Anyone know of a good, stock tonneau cover for sale? I'm in the DC/MD/VA/PA area.