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sport trac 05

  1. C

    2005 sport trac adrenalin

    Hey there. I am looking for a shell for my 2005 ford explorer sport trac adrenalin. Located in boise idaho. Thanks much.
  2. T

    05 Sport Trac - Cant get PCV grommet in the hole. Any Suggestions?

    Im trying to replace a PCV Valve grommet on my 05 Sport Trac but I can't get it to fit in the hole. Ive ordered 4 different ones and although all were different in design they all had the same diameter and thickness. And I haven't been able to get any of them seated. They all seem to be too...
  3. tlambing

    Suspension Lift Kit for 2005 Sport Trac

    Ok. I have had my Sport Trac for 12 years and am finally wanting to lift it. I've thought about this in the past and now it seems to be harder to find the kit that I will need. Well, I called several truck shops, and they couldn't find anything still made for the Sport Trac. Granted they...
  4. F

    05 Sport Trac XLT

    I just purchased a 2005 Explorer Sport Trac XLT. I owned a F150 before and I am looking forward to getting back into a Ford. The Sport Trac seems like a nice combination vehicle that gives me a truck-bed option. It is my first 4x4 which will be great for the snow here in Canada. I'm a...
  5. C

    Oil leak coming from upper Pan gasket.

    Recently changed the timing chain assembly on my 2005 ford ford explorer sport trac and after putting it together I suspect I have an oil leak coming from the upper oil pan, it leaks out from between the engine and transmission. I believe it's because I forgot to add sealant to the gasket when I...
  6. B

    Body mount bushings help needed

    All, Anyone have any good ways to remove a body mount bushing that wants to rotate in place. The problem i have on my '05 Sport Trac is the front right bushing will not come off. The top nut was easily removed and i got the body lifted up to high enough that i could take it out if i could...
  7. R

    different trans.... no reverse!!

    I have a 05 sport trac and I had the transmission changed and now I dont have reverse. I'm looking to see if I could get any feedback from this forum. The trans that was put in the trac had all gears plus reverse before it was put in the 05 sport trac.
  8. M

    brake system sabotage!

    2005 Ford explorer sport trac.....continuously having brake problems after replacing part after part... took it to a shop who told me someone has put oil in my brake fluid reservoir. so now im told i need to replace the entire brake system due to contamination.. it has failed all my new parts...
  9. W

    Hi from Belize

    I just bought a 2005 Sport Trac. I've wanted one for a long time, and finally got my mits on one. Hoping to learn how to fix some problems that it has - back window, skylight, cruise control buttons, nothing major, just small things that need fixing. Sport Tracs are becoming popular down...
  10. O

    Hot sauce!

    Hey everyone Joe DiVito here new to this board , I have a 05 Sport Trac with 185K been driving Fords since 1969 I love my Fords. Been getting great service from my Sport Trac nothing major at all but lately been having some coolant problemsd. I replaced my thermostat housing and for 1 year no...