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sport trac

  1. 1996EB

    Frame- cross section

    Anyone who is interested in what their frame looks like inside, this is it. I came across a 4th Gen Explorer at the junkyard a while back. The engine had been pulled, and the frame had been cut...
  2. C

    AWD driveshaft

    Carrier bearing (bracket) is completely worn out,no rubber left. Guess we have to replace the entire driveshaft since Ford didn't make it replaceable! Recommendation's or swap out's please. I'm still making payments on this sport trac, and she's my daily.
  3. G

    Stereo Issues - 2004 Sport Trac Adrenalin

    Hey everyone. Working on my 2004 Sport Trac. Today I was going to install a radio head unit. I got one free out of a 2000 Mercury Mountaineer. I opened up the plastic cover on the front of the truck and was surprised to see that the original owner of this truck hacked up the wiring harness. I...
  4. T

    Muth Signal and Heated Mirror Install 08 Sport Trac

    i used a good bit of photos so here is a one drive link. to my write up if there are any issues. Muth Mirrors.docx Video Demo – Brake/signal used. 20190415_210542.mp4 Disclaimer - I used photos from Muths instructions. Muth Mirrors – with signals H-Mod – heating kit...
  5. N

    A Couple of Mechanical and Equipment Questions

    Hi all! I purchased an '02 Sport Trac w/ Automatic Transmission (I'm uncertain of the trim level), with 250,000 miles from a family member who took extremely good care of it. It has a couple of small issues, mainly: * Driver's door lock only works using key. Electronic locks only work on the...
  6. firefly1246

    High Mileage Sport Trac 250K and counting

    Hey all, Thought I would start a thread to show what maintenance has been needed on my 2003 Explorer Sport Trac XLT 2WD, now that i have owned it over 3 years. This truck is now my primary daily driver now that my 2004 Explorer EB has been totaled by someone pulling out in front of me and my...
  7. V

    My First Car!!

    I recently turned 16 and my parents bought me a 2007 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Limited 4x4 V8. I am a car person but I do not know too much about these trucks. I'm posting this in hope's that I can get tips and just be a bit more knowledgeable on what I own. Hope you have a great day!
  8. S

    old guy, new member, lots of explorers. glad to find the site!

    Well, I've had Explorers for 20 plus years. '94, '97 XL, '02 XLT, '10 LTD Sport Trac 4x4, '13 LTD 4x4. Glad to find this site. I am a gadget guy and seems like this place is FULL of ideas. I like to tinker, and when it comes to me I am full of it. Retired, just moved back to FL. and playing...
  9. H

    Custom center console

    I can’t leave anything stock so of course I built a center console with all I wanted on it (gun lovers, pay attention). I removed my entire center console, designed the bottom frame rails to lay with the floor curves and line up to factory console mounting bolts. I decided how tall I wanted it...
  10. H


    I have been searching everywhere I could for months trying to figure out how to put a winters shifter on my 2005 Sport Trac that has the 5r55e transmission. I couldn’t find anywhere of someone adapting (or at least talking about it) a winters shifter. Since I was successful on the install, I...
  11. J

    2008 Explorer Sport Trac 4.0 V6 Stalling/rough Idle issue Mystery, Experts help needed please!

    Hey guys, so my father in law has been having bad luck recently where his truck is symptomatic of the notorious rough idle/stalling issues. Being that it is such a typical event he took it to an indy shop for diagnosing and fixing. At the shop they changed the intake manifold with a new one and...
  12. S

    Sport Trac long travel kit DIY

    Hey there, I hope I'm posting this to the right place. I have an 03 sport trac that I'm thinking about adding a long travel kit to. I work at a custom metal fabrication company up here in Canada, and I'm wondering if anybody has any access to any cad drawings or blueprints. Id like to see if...
  13. H

    Explorer Sport Trac P0320 engine stalling

    so I had an issue with my engine stalling when coming to abrupt stops or hitting hard enough road bumps. I would have to put it in neutral (because I was still rolling) and start it, it would fire right back up. My check engine light would con and it was a P0320 code. I couldn’t find MY specific...
  14. F

    Help with TS, Ford sport trac wheels locking up when I brake in drive position?

    Hey, so i looked around and found a few good information relating to this, but didn't find much about this specific problem that had hardly any replies so what happened was my gf was driving, coming to a stop and soon as she hit the brake the car abruptly stopped, tires screeching kinda stop...
  15. J

    Coil Wiring harness question

    So I've owned my 04' Sport Trac Adrenalin for 6 years now and have done all my own maintenance including plugs/wires, oil changes, transfer case swap, winterizing, etc. Today I was under the hood trying to diagnose my AC System and found something odd. I pulled on a piece of conduit that...
  16. S

    07 sport trac v8 - new board member. Some Minor issues. Need help

    Picked up an 07 sport trac a few months ago. 74000mi it was a "water damaged" vehicle. i was scared when i was told that. Friend of mine went with me to look at it that is a grease monkey gearhead. Truck outside was pristine up close after they washed it. Went to fire it up. click click, lol...
  17. L

    Low or Zero Speed Shudder in Power Steering

    I have a 2002 Sport Track 4x4 with a V6 engine. Periodically, while maneuvering in parking lots or other low speed situations, I feel a shudder in the steering wheel, and a drop in engine speed. Does anyone know what's failing here? Thanks, Lonnie
  18. B

    Body mount bushings help needed

    All, Anyone have any good ways to remove a body mount bushing that wants to rotate in place. The problem i have on my '05 Sport Trac is the front right bushing will not come off. The top nut was easily removed and i got the body lifted up to high enough that i could take it out if i could...
  19. T

    Lift Information for Sport Trac. 2 gen. 08+

    alright everyone. as someone whose been diggin around these forums, and other forums for lift information, tyre size i figured id combine everything ive found and put it all in one place. most of the threads have expired pictures but the information is there, which is what matters! right? the...
  20. S

    2002 Sport Trac in Dallas/Fort Worth Texas

    Very clean and great condition. 2002 Ford Explorer SportTrac
  21. E

    01 Sport Trac engine shaking

    I apologize if this is repetitive, but I searched and while I found similar threads they were old and didn't get resolved. Short version: engine shakes at idle/low RPMs, giving it gas makes it go away, goes away completely after driving about 15 minutes, doesn't come back unless it sits for...
  22. M

    Canister Vent Solenoid Location

    Hey guys and gals, I have a 2002 Explorer Sport Trac, with code P1451. It is an emissions thing and a little research says it is either a faulty circuit to the Canister Vent Solenoid (CVS) or a bad CVS. My Questions is: Where is this damn thing located, and how can I fix it to get rid of the...
  23. C

    Motor Swap in 2005 Sport Trac

    Hi all, I have been reading the forums looking for answer and not finding exact answer, my dad is till asking. I have read it is good to swap the 4.0 with 4.0 and not smart for swapping 4.0 with 3.0. But being stubborn as he is, I am now asking the exact question of you guys. Is it possible...
  24. T

    LED FYI 2nd gen Sport Trac

    Hi All, New member, long time lurker. Wanted tip everyone off if they did not know, i used an aftermarket 3rd brake light / high mount LED replacement on my 08 ST (2nd Gen) and the brake light function worked fine but the Cargo bay lighting did not work and poped a fuse. (ebay buy). replaced...
  25. tjtheman007

    04+ Sport Trac Fog Light Mod (Stays on W/ High Beams)

    Fog lights stay on when brights/high beams are engaged. **Do this mod at your own risk. I take no responsibility if you mess something up or violate any laws with performing this mod.** First, verify your fog light relay location. (Refer to owners manual.) The pictures used here are on my 04...