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sport trac

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    brake flush & bleed

    03 sport trac xlt 4wd i replaced two calipers and had some nasty contaminated brake fluid so i flushed all the lines at the same time by leaving the lines unattached and pumping the pedal. installed the two new rear calipers, fronts are still ok, and bled all four, one at a time, a few times...
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    Happy New Sport Trac Owner

    Hey guys, just bought a 2004 Sport Trac 4WD XLS w/ 87k miles - pretty happy about it! Already had one "project" on it under my belt - serpentine belt broke after buying, left us stranded on the top of a hill in no shade on a 100 degree day. Luckily, my wife is awesome :thumbsup:, brought me a...
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    different trans.... no reverse!!

    I have a 05 sport trac and I had the transmission changed and now I dont have reverse. I'm looking to see if I could get any feedback from this forum. The trans that was put in the trac had all gears plus reverse before it was put in the 05 sport trac.
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    So I bought a Sport Trac

    Hey guys, long time no see! I stopped posting but I still come around a lot to see what's new and what crazy engine swaps you all do, however, I have news! I bought a Ford Explorer Sport Trac Adrenalin! It's a 2004 model year, and cost me $1200. It had basically every option available for these...
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    Aftermarket Console

    Hey guys, im looking to replace my current console with an aftermarket console in my 05 Sport Trac. Has anyone here done this before or can anyone recommend one to me? Thanks! Would love to see pictures of the console!
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    Hi there! Im New! And have a console question!

    So I am acquiring a 05 Sport Trac. It is in really good condition with low miles. The only problem is that it is the model that has the bag, and the bag, is gone, and I rather have a different console anyways! I was wondering if you guys knew if the 03 Ranger Floor Console would be a good...
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    2005 Sport Trac Cranking but won't start

    Hi everyone I'm newly registered, but have been sifting through the threads for help, and couldn't find my exact issue. I was driving my Sport Trac home the other day, turned onto my road, and then the check gauges, check engine, and ABS lights all came on and the engine died. Coasted to side...
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    2005 Explorer Sport Trac for sale in Scotland.

    Hello everybody, Due to personal circumstances I have to sell my Explorer. is a 2005 Sport Trac XLT automatic with AutoGas conversion. Original US import (probably the only one of its kind in the UK), 1st reg. in UK in 2013. Well serviced and maintained. runs very well and has low mileage...
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    Anyone Here Ever This Steel Connector For Fuel Filter Connection Before?

    With searching for a complete replacement fuel line for my 2002, from the filter to the engine, being virtually impossible I'm looking for an alternative. Has anyone here ever used this type of connector on a fuel line? Am I understanding this correctly that I only need to cut the old/damaged...
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    Need exhaust help!

    Does anyone know if someone makes a 3" mandrel exhaust kit for our trucks? I need at least 3" for my '02 Sport Trac 4x4 due to running 9lbs boost from my supercharger. Thanks in advance
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    NEEDED: Camper shell & lift kit

    Hi new member here, I have a 2001 ford sport trac and I'm looking for a camper shell to use for the winter since I get a lot of snow where I live. also looking for a cheap, maybe slightly used lift kit (any size) please let me know if anyone can help out. Thanks!:thumbsup::exp:
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    My 2004 Sport Trac know as #sporttracproject

    Can never figure out how to use this site haha..:thumbsup::thumbsup:
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    Shift cable eyelet help.

    I recently pulled my motor to replace timing components, and inadvertently caught the eyelet on the end of the shift cable as the motor and trans were on their way out. The eyelet is on the end of a small metal shaft that rides in a plastic sleeve(presumably to keep the shaft straight as you...
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    Sport Trac Spindle Lift Help

    I installed new lift spindles on my 05 sport trac over the weekend. I have been doing a lot of research on this to make sure I got everything right. I put on smaller rotors and extended my brake line. I dropped it off to get aligned this morning and they called back saying they couldn't fix it...
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    Overheating...but not really

    Hey guys, So I'm new around here but am coming in with a problem that has me completely stumped. I have an 07 Sport Trac Limited V8 that has recently begun throwing warnings of overheating while running at highway speeds with either the AC or Cabin Vent on. Once the temperature rises...
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    Tune up for 4.0l Adrenalin

    I am wanting to tune up my 2010 4.0 Adrenalin before I hit the rode in a month or so. It just turned 70k and i was wanting to change the spark plugs and maybe get a screamin demon coil while i am at it. What spark plugs does everyone recommend? :)
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    stronger control arms for 01 Sport trac

    Hello, I just bought some 33x12.5 Mickey Thompson's for my sport trac, and since i put them on my front tires have been cambered so the top of the tire is pushed inward. The tires sit like this / \. I had it realigned and i checked my ball joints and everything is in order, ive heard this is...
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    My STA Build List

    So I have owned my 2010 STA for a month now and love it. It was hard trading in the mustang but now I can actually carry my 12ft kayak lol Anyway being a mustang guy I like to mod. My 4l adrenalin is all stock. I did purchase a Spectre Air Filter and I am getting 14 mpg according to the computer...
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    Superchips Programmer-4.0 V6

    I am thinking about getting a SuperChips Programmer for my 4L V6 Sport Trac. Has anyone used a programmer for their explorer? This is the Superchips programmer i am thinking about :burnout: Features: Performance Tests Speedometer...
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    Help with radio

    I recently pulled my VHF radio off of my family's boat, and was hoping to use in in my Sport Trac. I heard that you need a license to run a VHF and if this is true I was wondering what course is required. Also if I can run a CB frequency or just stay with standard VHF, I have no experience with...
  21. S

    A lift question you'd think Id be able to get an answer for.

    Traxda 102020. Will it work on my 2004 Sport Trac 4wd? Ive seen threads saying it will work, and others saying it won't. The sticky thread doesn't even mention it which seemed odd to me. I want to lift the truck a little and put new tires on it for a subtle look. Also, how do I upload...
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    Exhaust for 4L V6 Adrenalin

    I just purchased the 2010 Adrenalin below that has a 4L V6. I love this ST! I traded in my 2007 Mustang GT that had borla exhaust and sounded great! I was wondering if there were any good mufflers for the 4L v6. I want something that sounds good and doesnt pop! :rangerred:
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    K&N Filter or Performance Intake

    I just bought a 2010 Sport Trac and i was wondering if anyone knew of any performance intakes on the market. I found one from KKM but couldnt find much for my 4L V6. I just traded my Mustang GT for my 2010 Adrenalin so i am use to there being a different...
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    2003 sport trac rear center widnow - mayday!!

    Hello all, I KNOW some of this has been covered in old threads in this forum but I cannot find specific answers to my problem in those threads. I bought my son a 2003 Sport Trac a few weeks ago... overall great condition however, three days after purchase, the rear CENTER window motor failed...
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    Louder Exhaust

    I have 2003 Ford Explorer Sport Trac XLT and I've been wanting to make my truck louder. I want to do dual straight pipes but people keep telling me that my truck will sound like a weed eater or like an old Honda unless I get my cats removed, so could i get some advise on this it would really help.