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sport trac

  1. I

    Need Radiator Valiance Cover

    Hey, I have a Valiance panel on top of my radiator that has a crack and I wanted to replace it but I dont know what it is called or what the part number is. I have searched and I cant seem to find anything. Can anyone help please. Thanks Here is a pic of what I need:
  2. R

    2001 sport trac winshield wiper, washer, interior lights not working

    good day serious explorers, i am a newbie here and i would just like to ask helps from you. i have a 2001 sport trac. windshield wipers and washers, interior lights(reading lamps) do not work and the one touch function of the driver's mirror do not also work. all fuses and relays are working and...
  3. B

    07 V8 Transmission Line Leak at Radiator

    I have a 2007 V8 with about 80k on it and i noticed some red fluid under it the other day - maybe a tablespoon worth. I started to dive in and noticed that BOTH the lines going into the radiator had drops of red fluid. I researched some and some people say just to replace the lines, some...
  4. C

    water dripping

    I noticed water dripping from beneath the engine of my 2001 ford explorer sport trac this morning. I have other issues, with now 109K miles, and I know my "relationship" with my truck is about to change from being a great truck with not much happening , to what do I need to fix today or this...
  5. B

    02 sport trac starter

    Currently working on R&Ring the starter in a 2002 Ford Explorer Sport Trac, Manual 5 spd., 4.0L, 4x4 Seems to be not enough room to remove the starter through the bottom or the top. I removed the drive shaft from the pinion flange in the front and still seems to be not enough room to remove...
  6. H

    Wanted Water Pump

    My name is Paul and I'm new to the site. Hoping to get information on how to change water pump with clutch .:us:
  7. T

    Where to put a Subwoofer?

    I drive a 2003 Ford Explorer Sport Trac XLT. I've invested in both new speakers and a new head unit. I've delayed the purchase of a sub woofer because I feel as if there is no where to put the darn thing where it wont be a huge inconvenience. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.
  8. S

    Sport Trac tonneau cover help

    I am finally a member to this forum. I needed help with a tonneau part. I have a century fiberglass cover and the part that pivots on the bed is bent, does anyone know what it's called or where I could get a replacement?
  9. B

    07 Sport Trac Lift/Leveling

    Hey guys. I am new to this forum and also am a proud new owner of a 2007 Sport Trac. It is really sweet and have been doing what I can to make it even more awesome. Now here's the thing: I'm new to all this and this is my first truck so bear with me- I want to lift my Trac about two inches or...
  10. D

    2010 Sport Trac Adrenalin mods

    Hello all, After many visits to the forum looking for information, I thought I would give my impressions of the mods I've made as a result. As I'm sure most of you would agree, this forum is great place to learn, sometimes far better than from the customer service departments of the products...
  11. M

    added nerf bars and tonneau cover

    Howdy ya'll, Dad came over with his new(to him) 07 Sport trac with a few goodies in the back for me to install. Nerf bars from ebay - $89+50 shipping=2 hrs install including 1 trip to hardware store for larger rings for the bolts. $900 BakFlip cover=5min install. Definitly add 'some...
  12. M

    2003 Sport Track Timing Chain Question

    I have a 2003 ford sport trac, the front drivers side timing chair cassette/tensioner is damaged, and the chain is making noise. does the engine need to be pulled for that cassette/tensioner ? also if anyone has a step by step or a guide on doing this repair Id really appreciate it...
  13. D

    Fuel Pump Problems

    the other day my 2004 Sport Trac died while i was driving down the road. i towed it to the house, and determined the fuel pump was bad by: 1) listening to the tank (no buzzing when key is turned to run) 2) checked the fuel pump fuse, still good 3) checked the relay connections for power, got...
  14. M

    Warped rear lights

    I got my lights (front and rear) tinted about 3 months ago and this past month I've noticed they've warped at the top... I have no idea how this happened and I was wondering if anyone can give me a clue as to what happened :( Here's how the lights looked about a month ago...
  15. psycareyo

    Paint to Match OEM Interior: Supercharger Gauge Pod Painting!

    So I'm supercharging my Sport Trac Adrenalin. I have some gauges and gauge pods coming. The pods are ABS plastic. They are coming in light gray. They are Vumaxx Apillar-Kup. My A-Pillar is tan. I had debated painting my A-Pillars black and buying the black pods but I think painting...
  16. LONO100

    new sport trac pics!

    i originally posted these pics in the california explorers section, but for anyone who loves checking out cool sport trac pics in action like i do, here's the link:
  17. S

    sport trac seats??

    i have seen on craigslist front driver and passenger seats from an '01 sport trac. my question is will these fit in my exploder? i hav a 97 sport, same gen so you would think so right? problem i see is that will the seat be able to move forward as it does in the sport? (push down lever throws...
  18. LONO100

    finished CB radio install w/new roof rack on 03 ST, project: clean (pics!)

    hey all, after squeezing in a few minutes here and a few minutes there in a busy work week, here are pictures of my CB radio install on my 2003 ST with my new roof rack that ive been dying to get. my goal was to make it as clean an install as possible without having to drill any holes or alter...
  19. LONO100

    my 03 ST XLT, we call her DORA THE EXPLORA! (lots of pics)

    since i have to get up really damn early for a memorial weekend hike (upcoming snowstorm in tahoe nixed our original plans), i decided to stay in house this friday night and take it easy, so naturally im on the forum just trolling around until the alcohol kicks in and i doze off. thanks to the...
  20. LONO100

    questions on tire size

    hey all, i wanted to get new wheels/tires for my 2003 ST XLT, (4x2). i dont do any serious off-roading, but i wanted to get some beefier AT tires and a set of black wheels. the stock wheels are 16", and i want to keep the ride of the vehicle stock, and not lift it being that its just a 4x2, but...
  21. M

    dream truck turned disaster

    little history, I buy a car with around 100000 miles for cash and run it till it dies. my caravan that had 220000 + miles just went on me, so not cost effective to repair. After 7 years of the same car I bought my dream truck, a 2001 Ford sport trac. looks awsome...or so I thought, the guy I...
  22. G

    Sport Trac, imma newbie

    New here, and i just want to say that its a great site here. i have an 02' Sport Trac and I just want some ideas on what to do next, I'll have pictures up later but so far I have a brushgaurd, Flowmaster super44, and planning on getting a 6inch lift on it. :p:
  23. K

    ControlTrac on ST

    so i was wondering if a controltrac transfer case would be feasable on a 1st gen st? i know alot of you enjoy the 2wd setting but i really liked the auto setting for day to day use, especially in a city that gets only 2 seasons(hot and freezing). i imagine its as simple as pulling the T/C and...
  24. M

    sport trac not starting or cranking after minor crash

    i was in an accident with this vehicle, minor accident although both airbags deployed...and now it wont even crank, the engine is good, the battery is good, I reset the fuel pump with the red button, still nothing....the car was even running after the wreck and i turned it off....I can't come up...
  25. W

    2001 Ford Sport Trac Seat Belt

    :cool: Hi, Unable to latch seat belt in rear seat. Can it be repaired?