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sport trac

  1. T

    Updated 11/13: Help! Replaced housing, but still have leak?

    02 Sport Trac Coolant Leak I need some advice on how to tackle a coolant leak in my '02 Sport Trac with about 145,000 miles. [Edit: Forgot to add, V6 4.0L SOHC] I turned on my heat last week for the first time this year and noticed it started randomly blowing cool and I also noticed the temp...
  2. B

    Black grille for 2010 Sport Trac limited

    Hello. I have just upgraded from a 2005 Sport Trac to a new 2010 Sport Trac Limited. It is black and I am not a big fan of the chrome grille. Does anyone know of any good options (Adrenalin grille, painting mine, aftermarket grilles) to get rid of the chrome look and go to something black...
  3. Y

    Ford Explorer Sport trac 4x4 Sale Or Engine Help PLease

    OK so I am a newbie on here, I have a big problem I have a Sport trac 2001. 1 1/2 ago on way to work it got hot and they say blew head gasket which is gonna cost me a arm and leg to have done. roughly 2500 after getting new parts that wear out after so many miles anyways. my truck had 172000...
  4. S

    Back Bumper??

    my back bumper has faded a lot. i tried painting it, but the bumper paint keeps coming off. it's also sagging on one side. any recommendations on painting and realignment? or should i just wait for someone to run into me?
  5. S

    Which Tonneau cover?

    all right, so i really hate the stock cover that came with my '05 Sport Trac. i hate the fact that it's 70 lbs, takes 2 people to remove/put on, and can only allow access to 1/2 the already short bed. which is why i want to get a new one. i was thinking a retractable one, but i need help about...
  6. N

    4 wheel drive rear axle noises

    I bought my trac used with about 40k miles on it. Ever since i got it, ive noticed that when I'm driving on soft dirt in 4 wheel high I hear a lot of clunking sounds coming from the back axle. It doesn't happen in 2 wheel drive at all. Any ideas on what that might be would be appreciated.
  7. J

    new member

    Hey i just bought an '05 Explorer sport trac xlt. im loving every bit of it. It has a 6" Fabtech lift with 35's on 20's not my choice but thats what the previous owner had on there. It has a Yakima roof rack with two KC daylighters attached to it and two more mounted on the front grill. im...
  8. C

    Modding a 2010 Sport Trac Adrenaline.

    Hello all, I have a question. Can I buy the 08 SVT rear valence (with the rectangular tips near plate) and exhaust pipes for an 010 truck?? Any help will be very appreciated! Russ
  9. tjtheman007

    Sport Trac with Ranger bed

    Hey guys, I'm brand new here. I currently have a ranger, but have a huge interest in the sport trac; my only downfall against them is the 4' bed. so here is my question: Is there anyone on here or anyone who has seen a ranger bed on a sport trac, but most importantly, do you have...
  10. T

    anyone interested in a "sport trac" style back on gen 1 explorer?

    I am getting up the tools and materials i will need to do this. This is the parts list I am going by. if anyone has anything to add let me know! I will do a step by step instructions of what I did. Here is the list of what I am gathering up. sawzall medium to thick metal blade jeep roll bars...
  11. S

    speedometer and odometer not working

    please help. a friend of mine was switching my battery the other day and he didnt pay attention connecting the new one. some how he switched the terminals and now my speedometer and odometer dont work. also wipers and cab lights dont either. but dash lights do. please help me. i found out that...
  12. G

    Rough Idle when my fan, A/C or Heat is on...

    I was hopeing to get an idea of what may be going on with my truck. If I have my truck in park without the fan, A/C or heat on it idels pretty good, but if I turn on any of those it makes a click sound under the hood and idles down really low almost to stalling, it then shortly after (a few...
  13. B

    I have a question about car covers for a Sport Trac.

    Im lost and cant seem to find any good car covers for this comming winter. Any suggestions on Brands and something that would fit a 2003 sport trac without damaging the paint any info is appreciated thanks
  14. L

    Dont Know which part is need for center console/armrest.

    The Armrest in my sport trac is broken, the hinge is fine.. but i was wondering if anyone could direct me to where i could find JUST the actual plastic underpeice for the armrest like the plastic frame that holds the cushion. Thank you
  15. R

    Need help identifying Rims

    Greetings Everyone, I'm new to this community and I hope to purchase a Sport Trac within the next couple weeks. I have actively researched many vehicles and have come to the conclusion that the ST is the right fit for me. That said, I've also been looking at many different ST's and I have...
  16. R

    2004 ST Paint.

    I have an 04 ST in oxford white. I love my truck and have had no problems with it so far except for the paint. 1 week after the warrenty expired I noticed the paint was peeling from the runners on the top. Of course ford said to bad so sad, so I had it painted locally and now 1 year later that...
  17. O

    Leaf Spring Swap - Sport Trac to 2nd Generation Explorers

    Has anyone tried to swap rear leaf springs from a 1st generation sport trac (2001 to 2005) on to a 2nd generation explorer (1995 - 2001)? I researched a little bit about doing this and have found out the following information: 95-01 Explorer Distance from the Front Spring Eye to Center...
  18. L

    2003 Ford explorer sport 2dr Lift!!!

    I know this has been addressed before but i cannot seem to find the specifics i need. I have a 2003 Ford Explorer sport xlt and im looking to lift it a decent amountand run either 32's or 35's. questions i have are: 1) How to lift the front and the best way to do so.?? Ive read about cranking...
  19. S

    Newbie, who me?

    Hello everyone, I am happpy to have found this site. I have been searching for a lift for my 08 Sport Trac with no luck. That is how I found you guys. I am used to being sky high. My old truck was a 02 F150 w/ a 9" Fabtech lift. Unfortunately I had to sell it when I got pregnant, but now that my...
  20. T

    no lifts for sport trac

    Since every website and company I can find has nothing specifically for Sport the suspension setup for the 4.0 4wd Rangers similar enough to the ST to use those kits? And should I do a conversion to get rid of the torsion bar? Any thoughts? Im new to lifting, but its time to start...
  21. S

    Painting My '03 Sport Trac

    Okay so I have a silver '03 sport trac and i want it black. So i guess what im trying to ask includes a few things... :scratch: 1) What is the cheapest way to do this? 2) How much is this going to cost me? 3) How long does it take? 4) And is there any other stuff i need to be aware of when...
  22. C

    2001-2003 Sport Trac transmission

    I am looking at buying a '01-'03 Sport Trac 4x4 but I've heard there are some pretty major problems with the tramsmission and 4x4 systems. Does anyone have any info, advice, recommendations, etc..?
  23. D

    Rear diff on a 05 Sport Trac XLT

    I've been wanting to suprise my pop with a locking rear diff since his truck at work (2006 Dodge Dakota 4x4) has one. I've been doing a lot of research and needing 4WD for much of the things he does is overrated, he does off roading, just not anything that you'd need full blown 4WD. I have...