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  1. BluIsBlue

    Show off your 2 door Explorer sport or Sport Trac!

    I think the 2nd gen 2 door sport models and sport trac models don’t get enough love. Far too often are they overlooked for standard 4 door models old and new. Let’s show them a little love!!
  2. J


    REF 1997 FORD EXPLORER SPORT 4X4, 4.0L. It appears FORD does not sell exterior trim pieces for this model any longer. Specifically, I am looking for a source for new old stock or aftermarket replacements for the black trim pieces that run from front fenders along the mid or 'belt' line area on...
  3. BluIsBlue

    Solved 4x4 not engaging

    Hi again y’all, I’m still driving my 2001 Ford Explorer Sport 2dr. I’ve got an automatic with the electronic 4wd switch. When starting the vehicle, 4hi and 4low lights do not illuminate. I’ve tested voltage and ground on the 4x4 module’s harnesses. I’ve visually inspected the 4x4 module’s...
  4. K

    1996 4.0l OHV Can drive for maybe 10 miles till I have loss of power, wont start

    Hi I just bought this 2dr 1996 Sport 4.0 ohv. some background info, skip down if you want. it has 134k miles, has maintenance records back to when they bought it. The truck was given to his son who I think started doing IMO (but, I'm also uneducated in this) dumb modifications. He wired a stereo...
  5. BluIsBlue

    Sport 2dr vs Sport Trac Body Mount Bushings

    Hey all, I currently am driving a 2001 Ford Explorer Sport 2 door (the facelift) and I was wondering how different the body mount bushing kits were to the sport trac of the same year? For as much as I’ve seen about the 2dr vs the trac they’re basically the same vehicle just the trac is bigger...
  6. F

    Help For A Potential Buyer

    Hey everyone. Looking at purchasing a 5th generation explorer in the near future and I'm looking for some advice and feedback on a couple I have in mind. I haven't driven or seen these vehicles in person yet but wanted a list of things to look out for and check when I go test drive them...
  7. P

    Need help in choosing brakes - 2017 Sport

    Hello, I will have to change the brakes, for now only on the rear. I have a 2017 Explorer Sport (3.5 ecoboost) ADW with the towing package. Therefore, I suppose that I will have larger discs (352mm once rear 345mm.) I would like to ask for two options of discs and pads - better and...
  8. P

    Explorer 2017 Sport 3.5eb

    Hello, as I have an Explorer Sport 3.5 Ecoboost, I began to wonder if parts for this model fit from other models such as XLT, Limited, etc. I would like to know if body parts (bodywork, mounts), chassis parts (springs, stabilizers, etc.) and parts fit engine (it is known that it is ecoboost...
  9. C

    2018 Explorer Sport Sony audio

    have a 2018 Explorer Sport with the Sony audio system. The system I believe is 7 speakers with a sub. Within the past several months the system has become muddy sounding and the front door separates sound the worst. The highs are gone and the tweets barely Have sound coming from them. I’m...
  10. Avatar.jpg


    Money shot.
  11. B

    2014 Sport-no compression on 2 front cyl

    I recently bought a 2014 Explorer Sport (3.5 Ecoboost) (140k miles) notably discounted with engine problems. Actually could not get it to start and compression check shows 2/3 front cylinders have no compression. Lead suspicion is blown head gasket, but no signs of that in the oil and I don't...
  12. F

    Y-Pipe/Inlet Pipe

    So I have a 99 explorer sport, 2dr, OHV V6. Cats got stolen, left my o2 sensors and the flanges (Thankfully) Need the Y-Pipe/inlet pipe part number. I've Google it, checked several part numbers but it keeps coming up to the SOHC version and I've read it doesnt work. I have ford oem part number...
  13. C

    2016 Explorer Sport audio amp question.

    I've been looking but can't find the particular answer I'm looking for. I have a 2016 Explorer Sport with the Sony system and the bass is just lacking. Is the amp something that can just be directly replaced with a better aftermarket one? As in, can I simply unplug everything from the Sony amp...
  14. P

    Replacing blend door actuator in 2003 Explorer Sport XLT

    My 2003 Explorer Sport XLT has a failed blend door actuator, stuck on full hot. The mechanic I usually use wants to charge clsoe to $1000 because "you have to disassemble the entire dash". I do not believe this is true and will be talking to some other mechanics. I've seen videos about how to...
  15. P

    Replacing blend door actuator in 2003 Explorer Sport XLT

    My 2003 Explorer Sport XLT has a failed blend door actuator, stuck on full hot. The mechanic I usually use wants to charge clsoe to $1000 because "you have to disassemble the entire dash". I do not believe this is true and will be talking to some other mechanics. I've seen videos about how to...
  16. T

    2003 Ford Explorer Sport XLT Stereo Wiring Harness Color code

    Power wiring Black+Black Yellow+Green/purple Red+White/Purple Speaker Wiring Gray+White/Green White+Green/orange White/Black+LightBlue/white Grey/Black+Turquoise/Orange Purple/Black+Black/Pink Purple+Orange/Red Green/Black+Tan/Yellow Green+LightBlue/Grey
  17. T

    2019 Explorer Sport Water Pump Advice

    Hi, My wife and I currently own a Honda CRV . We have not owned it long but just found out we have another child on the way and have out grown the CR V . I’ll admit I’ve never found it comfortable for long drives and neither has my wife, so I’m not upset about selling it. we found a Ford dealer...
  18. I

    Hands Free Liftgate

    So I recently purchased a 2016 Ford Explorer Sport. Everything I’m reading says that I should have the kick activated rear hatch but I can’t for the life of me get it to work. I’ve looked underneath the rear bumper and I don’t see anything? (Don’t quite know what I’m looking for anyways). I have...
  19. N

    First post - let's talk PTU

    Guys, need some help here. Bought a 2015 3.5L Sport and the PTU is leaking a little. So, off to search for info on what to do. I live in The Netherlands so no Ford dealership to be found who has seen an Explorer in the first place, no help at all. So one question remains, what revision PTU to...
  20. C

    Unhappy with black trim on sport?

    I guess I'm honestly kinda just wanting to see opinions on the black trim color for the Sport models. I have a 2016 sport that's bronze fire metallic and I'm just not a fan of the black grille and such. If it were a perfect world where I had loads of money, I'd probably switch everything over to...
  21. D

    New member..My 01 Sport 4x4 hunting rig

    I'm glad I found this place..I am just finishing my 01 Sport 4x4 for hunting..I have about 90% done so far..Needs new shocks and some cosmetic stuff,,I'm also looking to get some more hp out of the 4.0 sohc..I've put a new performance exhaust and filter, but It's still not where I want it to...
  22. A

    What are the best first steps to take?

    Hi all, I recently purchased a 2001 Explorer Sport 4WD. I used to have a Mustang so the difference in space and handling is immense! I've already purchased new rims, tires, and a front grill guard. But what else (besides a lift) would you guys recommend for offroad/convenience for a first-time...
  23. T

    2014 Sport Seat comfort Fix

    Hello everyone, looking for anyone who has a link to information or has experience taking apart the front driver seat with leather trim, the heat and cooling feature along with 10way adjustment. This seat is awful for me, feel like I'm sitting on the back rest, not the bottom cushion due to...
  24. T

    Joined the Explorer Club 12/31/19

    Hello everyone, just purchased my first Explorer Sport the end of last year. Love the suv, only complaint is the drivers seat. Having serious comfort issues and looking to find write-ups or videos on how to rake apart my 2014 sport leather seat. Cant really find instructions anywhere. I'v worked...
  25. R

    Dreaded P0174. I've checked everything...what could it be?

    I had posted earlier about lean codes on my '00 Explorer Sport, and fixed it easily by replacing an evap hose. Well, now P0174 (bank 2 lean) is back and I can't figure out why. It appears intermittently and only on this bank. I have done the following: -I smoke tested again, and there's no...
  26. H

    2002 ex sport 2 door rocker panel help.

    I cant not find rocker panels for the out side because mine have rusted out and the bottom plastic trim piece is barley being held up. I have a 2002 ford explorer sport 2 door. Any help should I just buy slip ons and cut them to fit since it will be hidden anyway. Has anyone worked on this car...
  27. E

    2016, 2017, 2018 Explorer Sport Trim- Why?

    Well, I've sold my previous vehicle and I am now a soon to be explorer owner. Finding exactly what I'm looking for has proven to be a challenge so far. I'm hoping I can get some input from actual owners on here, maybe pointing out aspects I have overlooked. Dealerships tend to be extremely bias...
  28. B

    New To Me 94 Sport RWD Manual - First Things First

    Hi All. Was gifted a high mileage (210k) but garage kept 94 Sport RWD w. Manual Trans. Looking for some advice on maintaining and improving such a beautiful high mileage machine. I'm partial to the stock look of it so lift kits etc aren't my thing. Mostly for city driving and occasional...
  29. D

    Engine stalls at low rpm

    Hi, everyone. I'm new here. I've got a 2011 V6, Ford explorer that has being giving me issues since last week. I bought the car used from a cousin of mine. Car was driven down to my destination working perfectly, only some few weeks after, to start here some knocking sound from the engine...
  30. T

    14’ Sport driving issues.

    I bought a used 14’ Sport in January with 86k. Love the power of my car, I added a K&N cai and Diablo Sport tune. At 90k I had my passenger front wheel bearing changed. 99k a/c compressor, dryer, orifice tube, and front strut mounts. Thank God for extended warranties! I’ve only paid $100 for...
  31. T

    14 Sport Newbie to Fourm

    I bought a used 14’ Sport fully loaded in January with 86k. Love the power of my car, I added a K&N cai and Diablo Sport programmer. I love how people don’t expect them to be fast vehicles. I have had her in the shop about 8 times now due to air bag lights(rear seatbelt) a/c issues, suspension...
  32. Joel Cady

    For Sale 2017 Ford Explorer Sport 19k miles

    Low mileage, adult owned and tastefully modified 2017 Explorer Sport. Modifications include: H&R lowering springs on Bilstein shocks and struts, Livernois 91 octane 3 bar tune includes tuner box to change tunes (approx. 465hp/465ft/lb), 20”x10.5” Velgen Wheels wrapped w/ 295/45R20 Hankook ST-06...
  33. S

    Spark Plug job on Explorer Sport 3.5L Ecoboost

    I've got a '15 Explorer Sport with 108k miles on it. I've noticed the gas mileage has gotten pretty bad, averaging 13MPG city. Anyway, its overdue for spark plugs, so that's what brings me here. I've looked around via google and some forum searches. I've found instructions/videos on how to...
  34. J

    2019 Explorer Horn Sound

    Hi all, new to this forum and new to the world of Explorers. I just picked up my first Sport this past weekend and so far I truly love it. My only, albeit odd, complaint is this really strange, low pitch, almost whiney sound of the horn. It sounds like one you'd find in a car in the 1970's. I...
  35. E

    Largest tire on a sport 4x4 with a 2.5” lift

    I currently have Goodyear AT 265/70/16’s on my 1998 Sport 4x4. I wanted to hesr from anyone who has run larger tires with a similar set up. I’d like to run some larger KO2’s Current set up - new 4 door rear leaf springs - rear Add a leaf - rear shackles - Front torsion keys - KYB monomax shocks...
  36. M

    PATS nightmare!

    So, some wonderful member of society tried yanking my 99 explorer sport and only anaged to damage the PATS module clip that snaps into ring. After replacing it (just the clip was broken-used exact same module and have both og keys), nada. 2 locksmiths, nothing. Took it to Ford and they (after a...
  37. M

    2017 Explorer Sport Turbo - For Sale

    2017 Ford Explorer Sport 4WD - 3.5 V6 twin turbo, silver with black leather, sitting on brand new Bridgestone Dueler Alenza tires. Excellent condition inside and out. Freshly installed Borla Performance exhaust adds a nice but subtle tone to the engine. Clear Carfax and title. Call with any...
  38. C

    Mounting LED pods to Explorer/Sport Trac fog light hole.

    I’ve seen numerous posts on here asking how to do it. I’ve even asked myself. I scoured Instagram hashtags relating to “SportTrac” and messaging anyone with led pods to replace their factory fog lamps. There weren’t many. Imgur: The magic of the Internet One person kind enough to go out of...
  39. D

    Navajo to Explorer grille and headlight information?

    Picking up a 1992 Mazda Navajo on Saturday. She's no looker. Aside from already being a Navajo front end, the grille is in multiple pieces. Well, that and the peeling paint. I want to pull off the Navajo grille and lights, then replace them with an Explorer's lights and grille. I have a few...
  40. B

    How’s it going?

    My wife and I bought our 2017 Explorer sport in magnetic gray (beautiful color) about 5 months ago and I’ve just started working on changing up a few things. Wanted to introduce myself and familiarize myself with the forum since I’ll be here often enough for more information and write-ups on...