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  1. Suspension - Insulated spring keeper added to spring perch

    Suspension - Insulated spring keeper added to spring perch

    Cut this from a Jeep Cherokee and welded a nut to bolt to upper spring mount
  2. 9


    1996 Ford Explorer with those God awful squeaky springs. I plan on replacing all 4 shock absorbers here pretty soon but man those springs squeak when I drive and when I turn. They don't feel like they're bad so I don't want to replace them if I don't have to. Is there something I can spray to...
  3. B

    2002 Sport Lowering Springs

    I'm looking to possibly lower the front of end of my '02 sport about 2" and also hopefully soften the ride. All other suspension is 100% new including rear leaf springs.
  4. B

    2002 Sport 2WD Front lowering springs

    I'm looking to possibly lower the front of end of my '02 sport about 2" and also hopefully soften the ride.All other suspension is 100% new.
  5. A

    new member in need of help with suspension ?

    ello my name is Nathan from schenectady ny im a owner of a 2002 explorer xlt 4wd im in search of where i could purchase a lowering kit or a set of lowering springs for my exporer im looking for a 2"-2.5" drop any information would be much appreciated
  6. L

    For Sale OEM Sport Springs

    I have a set of practically new stock 5th Gen (2014) Explorer Sport springs for sale. These only have 5,000 miles on them, and have never been under heavy load (never used for towing, offroad, etc). Springs usually outlast a vehicle anyways, so these may as well be new. They should fit any 5th...
  7. 1

    Wanted - Flex Rear Coil Springs

    I'm looking for the rear stock coil springs off a 2014 Ford Flex AWD/Ecoboost. Both should be part # DA8Z5560C
  8. E

    lowering my 04 xlt

    so i've been going to these JDM and Slammed Society events lately and i got the idea of doing something that i THINK is original: blacked out LED tail lights, black wheels, black trim panels, black grille, and blacked out the center raised portion of the hood. The issue is, i want to lower my...
  9. E

    Lowering the Explorer

    Just thought I'd let you guys know... The lowering kit from Eibach (#35121.540) fits the Explorer 4x4... It was designed for the Ford Flex, but they both have the same springs (even though different Ford part #s)... At the SEMA show you may remember seeing the lowered Explorer with 22"...
  10. 2

    LMC Truck question.

    I've been searching for new leaf springs for a while now, I'm thinking about ordering new leaf springs from LMC because they're only $99 each unlike the $200+ price in most other places but wanted to know if you guys have any experience with them. Customer service told me they were brand new and...
  11. 2

    Just Replaced Stock Shocks. 158,000 Miles.

    I just got the rear shocks on my 2000 XLT changed and replaced with Monroe Load Adjusting Shocks. I recommend these for anyone's truck that has the "gangster lean" problem. Where the rear left side leans lower than the right and the back is lower than it should be. The new Monroe's actually...
  12. A

    4R55E servo springs.

    Good afternoon, i just finished rebuilding a 4R55E transmission on my girlfriend's explorer, everything worked fine except not picking up reverse, with the tranny in the car i disaasembled the the valve body and the reverse servo cover and piston. After thourghly checking the band i noticed it...
  13. W

    lowring springs

    hey im new to this site!! im wondering if any one has installed canuckmotorsports lowering springs?? if so what do you think of them? any pics?
  14. P

    99 Explorer Sport AWD Leaf Springs???

    So I have a problem with my leaf springs. They are sagging bad. The questions I have are A.) Can they be bought from a pull-a-part/junk yard? B.) Are there any other years or models I can gank them from? C.) Can I add a lift by taking one from another explorer or another truck? Thanks for...
  15. MonsterTruck460

    Superlift 4" Lift Leaf Springs?

    I'm looking to get some lift without spending all my tax money. So instead of warrior shackles hanging down, i found Superlift Superide Lift Leaf Springs that give 4" lift in the rear. Is anyone else runnin these? I was going to do this with the TT lift for the front and of course no more than...
  16. A

    Ride Control Helpers

    I haven't found much through search about this question, so I'm going to see if anyone around has any clues: I'm modifying my suspension setup on my 1996 Eddie Bauer Explorer. I am putting softer springs in the rear, lowering the front end using the torsion bar adjusters, replacing all of the...
  17. S

    Loose Spring Leaf "bands"- Need assistance on tightening them

    About four weeks ago, I completed an add-a-leaf to raise the back end of my 97 for explorer XLT. I have a new issue that has cropped up after the install. I noticed a ratling noise coming from under the truck and finally got under there to see what might be causing it. The metal bands that are...
  18. A

    4 Door Leaf Springs on sport

    I was thinking about putting the leaf springs from a 4 door explorer on my sport and wasn't sure if all i needed to get was the leaf springs, or if i needed to buy anything else to put them on. thanks, austin