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    2005 Ford Explorer - story of my breakdown

    Hi there! Everything was great. Then this happened: Drove to work for the 50th time this month. Finished work. Hopped in the truck after a long day. Started it up just fine. noticeably rough idle, huh, that's new! popped it into reverse to back out of my spot, definitely bumpy and rough, had...
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    96 Explorer rough idle

    Help! My sister has a ‘96 Explorer that originally wouldn’t start, when we did get it to start the idle was very rough. Changed the air filter, cleaned the throttle body, replaced the fuel filter. The idle got better, but now when accelerating if you’re giving the truck gas and immediately let...
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    Intermittent Starting - 2003 Ford Ranger XLT Fx4 4.0

    I'll start here. I replaced the fuel pump today, 7/3/19. Now and then my truck would not start for no apparent reason. I would start it and it would die only to not start again. Sometimes in gear sometimes not. It acted like it was flooded then would sound like no gas at all. I'd check all the...
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    98 Sport Manual Stalls Out on Start

    Hey All, So I've got a 1998 Explorer Sport 5 speed manual 106k miles. It's got an X in the vin so I believe it's the OHV v6. I purchased it at 104k and its ran fine since then. Recently it has started stalling out on start. It'll rev high and then drop to a stall. If I wait a few seconds and...
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    93 Explorer dies and won't start again for minutes after a hard stop or turn

    I have a 1993 Ford Explorer Sport. In the last month I've replaced the ignition coil pack, spark plugs, plug wires, and battery. Both before and after all of those parts being installed, my truck will stall and die when panic stopping or taking a hard turn. Not only will it die, but it won't...
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    2001 Isuzu Rodeo Stalling at idle without codes.

    so im having a stall at idle usually when coming to a stop. it was a rare occurence but last week someone who had the car ran it until it had no gas. Since then I replaced the fuel filter, and seafoamed the intake hoping it might fix any potential issue with the IAC if it had one. Im not...
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    Explorer shut off at 50mph!!

    My 2000 explorer 5.0l v-8 shut off while going 50mph today. I recently replaced the fuel pump/sending unit assembly and when finished the check engine light came on, I pulled the code and it said Camshaft positioning sensor problem but 2 mechanics said if the chk eng light came on right after...
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    Engine shut off while AC running

    I have a 2011 Explorer XLT and have had numerous problems with this vehicle. Recently a couple weeks ago I just had the throttle body replaced since my engine was stalling when coming to a stop. It is starting to occur again and now when I use the AC and I am idle it will shut the engine off. I...
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    Engine stall while stopping

    I have a 2011 Explorer XLT and the past few days when I come to a stop my engine stalls and I have to start it up again. This is happening randomly and I would say has happened about 5 times in the past 3 days. Whe it does stall my oil pressure low warning comes up. Any answer to this?
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    Intake leak please help running out of options

    Hi i have a intake leak, well thats what the code reader says, i made a home made smoke machine and only notice smoke from the break booster hose and out of the back of the iac sensor where the lil filter on the back is. I change the hose to the break booster, and cleaned the iac sense i have...
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    2007 Ford Explorer blowing fuse #43 (coil) when accelerating

    Hi everybody! My 2007 Ford Explorer XLT (6 cyl, 114k miles) often blows fuse #43 when I accelerate hard or medium-hard from a stop -- causing the coil to lose power and the vehicle to stall, often in a busy intersection, which is fun. I can go a few days without blowing a fuse if I accelerate...
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    Stalling issue at idle

    2003 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition 4.6L V8 4x4. The stalling issue is most common at stop signs, when the vehicle is in drive and idling at operating temperature. It has occurred in park while cold, however. I immediately thought IACV since Fords have that issue, and it was shuddering a...
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    Check charging system??

    Well the last few days my explorer has been doing some wierd things. When I start it this annoying beep goes on for about a minute and today when I turned the truck on and put it in drive it jerked forward then beeped then shut off with the message check charging system. At this point I'm...
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    1997 explorer loses all power while driving

    Hello, So my 97 ford explorer began stalling when driving the other day. when it stalls all electrical components die. I found that if I opened the hood and moved the positive battery cable around a little that it would eventually be able to start up. I live in houston so its cold enough...
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    Problem, about to stall and battery guage.

    Hello guys. I have remote start on my 2000 Explorer XLT 5.0. I remote started it today and when i got in. The rpms were running lower then normal, almost like she was going to stall. When i stop at a light or shes idling, The RPM would go up and down between 500-1000 RPM and it sounded like she...
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    Ugh... 92 Explorer Hell..

    I don't know what I'd do without you all are so great. I want to give the community an update on the biggest problem I've had recently with my 92 Explorer Sport I bought a month ago. I want to make this as easy to read as possible, so try to bare with me. Thank you...
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    Quick question about stalling!

    I can do things to make my car stall at demand! For example, if I turn on the engine, switch into gear, and then press on the knob to deactivate AC (with climate control all the way on HOT), the car will stall almost always. I also noticed it stalled a few times pressing on the brakes...
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    '02 Explorer 4.6 idle issues. Where to start? Techies pls chime in

    2002 (10/06) Explorer 4.6, 4x4 First off there are no DTC's in the ECU Issues are: sporadic idle, stalling, idle after throttle sticks around 2000rpm, drops to 450-500rpm, delayed throttle response. Engine load at 21% at idle also TPS at 16.4%. This vehicle is giving me the run around. It...
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    Engine Code P0354 and Weird symptoms

    2 weeks ago, my engine would start trying to stall when I took my foot off the accelerator when pulling up to traffic stop, or quickly taking foot off of peddle ( when revs are low ) The RPM needle would dip to about 400rpm, buzzer come on, Engine would either stall or nearly stall. Last...
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    engine stalling and sputtering, lack of power

    Hi guys, just wanna say that this site has helped me get my explorer back on the road\offroad more then once, so thanks for all the great walkthroughs and posts. So here's my latest problem, for the last year or so, when the truck is started right after being shut off it kinda runs crappy for...
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    Major concern/issue with 2014 ford explorer sport

    All, So first off I finally got our 2014 Ford Explorer Sport on Jan. 26, 2014 after ordering it on Black Friday. It's been one of the best cars as far as ride quality, comfort/amenities that I've owned in a long time....oh and did I mention it's a BLAST to drive. All this from a guy who is...
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    Idling issues - 2nd Gen

    Hey Guys, 99 EXPLORER XLS Will barely hold an idle and stall out. Rough acceleration. Just changed the fuel pump cleaned the maf sensor. Changed the fuel filter as well. CEL - too lean on driver side. bank 1 and 2. I have changed the IAC about 3 years ago. Any ideas? Any help would be...
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    1996 Ford Explorer Multiple issues

    1996 Ford Explorer 2 Door, 2WD with switch for 4WD high/low 4.0L engine I have had a long term issue with this explorer that I need to mention prior to bringing up the current issues. This is that the check engine light has been on for awhile, and it throws a code indicating a bad oxygen...
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    Stalling during idle and very low speeds.

    '99 explorer 4.0 SOHC automatic 4x4 almost 200,000 miles. I just bought it and love it so far...drives great...squeaks a decent amount on the front when i drive but great ride and pretty good power. It will idle at about...maybe 750-850 rpms for maybe 30 seconds right after i start it but any...