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stalled engine

  1. M

    Fuel Leak and Stalling

    Overnight I got a fuel leak up front. Have a puddle on the driveway after I started. I wasn’t aware of all that until I drove. Didn’t even get out of the neighborhood and the engine began sputtering then died. I could restart and went back home. I don’t even know where to begin diagnosis
  2. D

    Engine shut off while AC running

    I have a 2011 Explorer XLT and have had numerous problems with this vehicle. Recently a couple weeks ago I just had the throttle body replaced since my engine was stalling when coming to a stop. It is starting to occur again and now when I use the AC and I am idle it will shut the engine off. I...
  3. M

    1999 Explorer- stalls in reverse

    I have a 99 Explorer with 160k on it. (V6, 4L) About 8 months ago it started to rev hard starting up, jumping to about 3 to 4 RPM. Which was concerning, then slowly it started to rev up when I had my foot on the break at stop lights, fast food, traffic. That slowly turned into revving up and...
  4. S

    2001 sport trac--stalls---no gas

    got a 2001 explorer that stalls (no gas) when it's warm. starts fine cold and runs smooth until warmup. what's wrong that senses warm running and tells the gas to cut off. it's some sensor--right?
  5. L

    loss of oil pressure light!

    I wanted to share my story in hopes of saving someone else the trouble we had. While driving to the beach (200 miles from home) my gas meter showed 12 miles. This car has always been extremely accurate. I was pulling off the exit to get gas and I lost the gas pedal and began to lose speed...