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stalling and sluggish

  1. K

    2000 Explorer XLT 4.0 SOHC

    Hello, Recently my 2000 xlt with the 4.0 SOHC has been stalling when idling. It will start fine, drives seemingly fine for the most part (maybe a little sluggish when accelerating). But whenever I just park it and leave it to idle for more than 10 minutes or so it will stall itself out. It...
  2. 1

    2000,xls, wanting to stall,sluggish

    Hello, So I am having an issue with my truck. It is wanting to stall out when I start it. cold out or not. And when i rev it up a lot a finally just put it in gear and go it is ok but will wanna stall out when stopped. it lasts for a bit and then goes away. i did have same issue before i had a...
  3. B

    2003 explorer 4.0 lost power and stalled out.

    Hey everyone, I was on my way to work this morning and I pressed the gas a little harder to make it through a yellow light and I lost power and stalled out after about a half mile. When I lost power I was petal to the floor and it couldn't make it over a hump to get into a parking lot. I tried...
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    Stalling 2008 Explorer

    Hi you all, I am in Muscat, Oman. And I just bought a 2008 Explorer with 215+k kms on it. Not the first car, but the first explorer I ever had. Oman is a place where everyone thinks that expats are filthy rich. So a simple job could cost 2-3-4 times what it normally should be (or what it costs...
  5. K

    Issue with keeping truck running 97 explorer

    Hi, im kendrell sort of new well about two weeks in with this forum and its been very helpful so far with the things i been addressing with my 97 explorer, i had a problem with my truck stalling, and did a smoke test before and after i change the hoses, lines, and other parts (iac,egr...
  6. C

    Strange whining noise from Transmission

    I own an Explorer 2006 4.0L with around 200k miles on it. Since almost 3 weeks i have been facing issues with transmission. Initially, when I will start car in the morning and put the car in D and try to move the car straight away, it won't move easily and will be too much sluggish as if...