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starter 91 93 explorer

  1. Flashflood

    Grinding still happening

    My brand new starter that I just installed still grinds at the beginning when I run the starter sometimes I run the starter in short bursts so it doesn't and it sometimes doesn't grind at all any ideas
  2. Flashflood

    Where the is the third bolt

    I've been trying to replace my starter that finally went out on my 91 monday night it's getting cold here and I would just like to know where the location of the 3 bolts are. And make sure there 13mm and 15mm for tomorrow or Sunday
  3. X

    starting system no crank no start 91 explorer

    hello my 91 4wd Automatic transmission explorer isnt starting has good battery connections, starter works when tested, and fender side mount starter relay activates and clicks when hooked up directly to batter, and no blown fuses. please help
  4. R

    1991/93 explorer starter wiring

    Hi I am a 38 woman who has a starter problem with my 1991 explorer. I ended up buying a 93 explorer as a parts vehicle because it was the same price as the starter, and this 93 starter is new as well as brakes and hubs ect... So I wasnt there when my buddy took the starter out or the 93, he did...