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  1. A

    Need help diagnosing 2014 explorer (video)

    Hi all. I am new here. Around a month ago my moms 2014 ford explorer stopped starting up. It's cranks slowly and doesn't start as you can see in the video here: To make things more confusing, it is accompanied by a p0457 code which according to my research, means that there is a large EVAP...
  2. T

    Starter and manual transmission issue

    Hi! I’m new to the forum, I wish I had found you last spring. I the original owner of an 02 4 door Explorer with a manual transmission (yes, factory installed 5 speed) with 306k miles. It was at the dealership for a new starter in May, when they told me it also needed a new flywheel. Fast...
  3. M

    2011 explorer please help won't start.

    So, I have been working on my explorer the past week. Repairing things in the rear end. I finished went to go take it on a test run. Tried to start it and it just barely turns over. I disconnected the battery fully charged it it's a new battery. Went to go start it again and same very...
  4. K

    Electrical issues in Winter?

    I own a 2012 Ford Explorer XLT 4WD that has around 160k miles.. The vehicle has trouble starting in 30 degree weather, the radio will randomly black out and not come on for days, and the tire pressure sensor starts to go off.. The battery has been tested and wasn’t bad, the alternator was...
  5. A

    My 1993 Aerostar will not start.

    I have several questions. Today My Aerostar would not start I still had battery juice and it didn't even try to crank. My brother told me to touch metal to the starter while cranking well I put metal on the alternator instead it started right up. 1. Could touching metal to top of alternator...
  6. J

    Intermitant starting problems

    HI All. I have a 2001 Sport Trac. It occasionally will not start.. Turn the key and nothing happens. All the accessories come on... new battery and cables. It seems like no power is getting to the starter. Let it sit for a while and try it later and it will start (so far). I figure the...
  7. J

    '96 Exp Starter Lockout bypass?

    Hey all, Well, I'm kind of at my wits end on this one. I've posted about this one in the past without much luck so here's the last shot. Long story... long: I lost the original FOB for the Exp. Now, this one has the factory security, which I thought was an immobilizer, but it's actually just...
  8. J

    No start no crank.

    Pin 3 is getting over 12v. When I jump 3 to 5 the engine cranks and starts. I've tried 5 relays and I've tested this last one on the wipers and it works. When the key is in the cranking position pins 1 to 2 only get 10vs as where the 1 to 2 pins on the wipers and fog light relays get 12v. I...
  9. A

    2008 Explorer - Car starts, drives but then won't start later but then starts again magically

    I'm hoping you can help me since I'm not finding anything with my google searching or even a way to best say the problem. Car: 2008 Explorer XLT 4x4 with about 135K miles. Major work: rebuilt transmission in Jan 2020 Minor work: new interstate battery April 2020 TL;DR problem: Car has begun a...
  10. Flashflood

    91 starting really noisy

    My 91 explorer whenever cold and after sitting starts really noisily she sounds like she's grinding stuff to get started but sometimes no problem she's also very temperamental when cold
  11. A

    SOS No Crank No Start

    I am brand new to this forum, thank you for accepting me to this forum. This is my first post! I have a 2008 Ford Explorer XLT, 4.0 V6, 4WD. It has 130,000 miles. Here is the list of electrical symptoms I have had recently - starting a month ago it took a few more cranks than usual to start up...
  12. D

    Electrical Issue to Starter 2003 Ford Explorer

    I have not been able to start my 2003 Ford Explorer, and know there is an electrical/cable issue somewhere. I just get one click from the starter, but it does not turn. Here is what I have done/can do: I have checked the battery terminals and cables, and checked with a volt meter. There is a...
  13. J

    How to replace starter 1999 Ford Explorer video

  14. Z

    Car Will Not Start

    2016 Ford Ex XLT 6 cyl will not start. Fifth time this has happened. Eventually have been able to get car to start due to waiting for an extended period of time or randomly getting the vehicle to start. Car is currently siting in garage. Will wait an hour and try to start again.. Any ideas or...
  15. D

    Upper starter mounting bolt missing 93 Explorer

    Did my front brakes yesterday. It should have been a moment of relief, but after driving it maybe 50 feet, turning it off, and trying to start it again, I could hear the starter spinning, but no contact with the engine. I initially assumed my starter was bad. After getting a push start, then...
  16. 0

    Water causing car to not start?

    I have a 2000 Ford explorer sport. It has been raining and I drove through a large puddle and shortly after while sitting at an intersection it quit running. It would not start back up, when I try to start it the engine will turn over it just wont start. I have had issues with the starter before...
  17. C

    Explorer doesn't crank

    My sister drove her car to work parked it and turned it off, hours later after work she got back into her car went to start it up, the lights worked, the radio works, the engine didn't turn over, replaced the starter and starter solenoid (both 1 piece) with new parts, still didn't turn over...
  18. 2

    Starting/battery issue????

    Ok, sorry kinda long, but i need some help!!!! so i own a 2000 explorer sport, 4.0l. i had belt squeal for a while the past year or so. i found my tensioner was staying stuck in the outward position. putting too much tension on the belt and squealed at startup. so i got a new tensioner. seemed...
  19. L

    Won’t Crank Sometimes

    Hello, Explorer newbie here. I have a 2013 Limited with 84,000 miles on it. And just yesterday it started having a starting problem. When you push the button it acts like it has a dead battery. But then if you try it several times, it starts right up. I’ve checked terminal connections. They are...
  20. Q

    1992 Explorer, seized tranny and fried starter wire

    Hello, just swapped a bad tranny out of my 1992 xlt for a good one out of my '91. Finally got the whole thing in the '92, but when I go to start it I just hear a click, I believe from the starter solenoid making the click. I leave the key at the on position and pop the hood only to find smoke...
  21. K

    1996 Explorer XLT | Start Issue

    Good evening all, I currently own a 1996 Ford Explorer XLT. I came across this forum while trying to find a fix to a starter problem. I've read a lot of threads still not quite finding what I needed... My wife decided to drive the truck low on gas and managed to park it at our home. We had a...
  22. K

    Greetings from Texas

    Good evening all, I currently own a 1996 Ford Explorer XLT. I came across this forum while trying to find a fix to a starter problem. I've read a lot of threads still not quite finding what I needed... My wife decided to drive the truck low on gas and managed to park it at our home. We had a...
  23. M

    Quit running and won't start

    Hi Guys... Wife was driving the 2001 Sport Trac and it started to lose power, then stopped running. I checked it out and when I try and start it, it produces a rythmic clicking sound. Checked the battery and terminals and it appears the car is getting sufficient power... never did this before...
  24. P

    08 Ltd 4.6 needs starter. How to remove top bolt.

    08 Ltd 4.6L needs starter. Connections are easy, Bottom bolt: Easy. Side bolt: Difficult but looks do-able. Top bolt: Holy $h1+.... I took the passenger wheel off, removed most of the inner fender, I can see the top bolt, I can get a 13mm socket (short or deep) on it with difficulty, but...
  25. N

    Removing the starter ('08 4.0L)

    Hello all, I've been having trouble removing the starter. I'm able to get two bolts off on the right side of the component itself, but I'm not sure if I'm missing anything else as it's not becoming loose. It's such a pain to even reach it, so I'm kinda lost. Does anybody have any tips? Or maybe...