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  1. P

    Clunk while turning

    Hello all, I have an 2015 Explorer XLT AWD with 95,000 miles. I hear a clunking noise at lower speeds (less than cruising speed) while turning right. The noise seems to be coming from the front left (driver's side). I suspected either a ball joint or control arm bushing. I lifted the vehicle...
  2. J

    ***HELP*** 02 Steering Issue

    First is a small (maybe 1/4") amount of in/out steering wheel play. As in, I can pull the steering wheel toward my chest and push it back toward the steering column. There is no play in any other direction, or when turning the wheel. Also, on occasion, the steering wheel would slip a little...
  3. M

    First Ford, 2013 Explorer XLT

    Hi Everyone! Just moved from my first car, a 2003 Chevy Tahoe Z71. Miss it but I'm happy to learn about the ins and outs of Ford now. Got this Explorer just in time for a long road trip to the Midwest. Couple of things I'm already noticing, this car did not come with navigation and the road trip...
  4. 1

    16 ‘XLT steering gear popping, clicking, grinding

    Hello! Trying to see if anyone else has had this issue and how it was resolved. It started as a popping or clicking when turning the wheel, especially at low speeds, but now its turned into a grinding noise when turning the wheel. A shop told me that it is the "steering gear" and I would have to...
  5. F

    How to Lube Pinion Seal on Electronic Steering? 2013 XLT

    In our 2013 XLT there is a squeaking noise when turning the steering wheel. Granted, it's not the whine that is typically associated with the power steering going out, and I've even taken it to a mechanic who said that isn't the issue. It's more like the noise you hear when you use dry erase...
  6. F

    1995 Ford Ranger 4x4 U-Joint Replace

    The U-joint (not sure if that is proper name) on my 1995 Ford Ranger, in the four-wheel-drive section seems to have gone bad. The one I’m talking about is a U-joint that goes from a shaft from the pumpkin towards the left side of the vehicle as you’re looking at the front of the vehicle. It’s...
  7. M

    Hello :) Ticking / Clicking noise heard when rotating steering wheel

    I'm new to the forum and wanted to say Hello and also am curious about the problem I'm noticing on our 2017 Explorer XLT. When turning the steering wheel, I hear a ticking / clicking noise that sounds like maybe a clockspring issue in the steering column. I'm curious if anyone else has had a...
  8. bikerchick4God

    Relationship between calipers and transmission

    Hey y’all. My SUV is a 94 Ex XLT 4.0L OHC 2WD 4DR 300,391 mi. The following symptoms presented on 3 occasions between May and Aug 2019 on roads with speed limits of 55 mph and under. steering pulls to the left; shakes some steering wheel drives 15° rt of center won’t shift into 4th gear...
  9. F

    Pitman arm connector 1993 explorer 4wd

    There's some sort of ball joint from my pitman arm to the inner tie rods. I was going to order a new pitman arm, but they don't seem to have this, nor does the inner tie rod I ordered. I asked at 2 auto parts stores, and they don't seem to know the correct name for this, so I'm hoping someone...
  10. T

    14 Sport Newbie to Fourm

    I bought a used 14’ Sport fully loaded in January with 86k. Love the power of my car, I added a K&N cai and Diablo Sport programmer. I love how people don’t expect them to be fast vehicles. I have had her in the shop about 8 times now due to air bag lights(rear seatbelt) a/c issues, suspension...
  11. D

    Grunting noise....

    Hello all, this is my first post, so if there is suppose to be a different place for this question please let me know. When getting ready to back out of a spot earlier today, I turned my wheel to the left, and noticed a subtle grunting noise, when turning the wheel all the way to the left. No...
  12. R

    4 wheel steering

    Has anyone added a 4 wheel steering kit onto their 5th gen yet?
  13. N

    Knocking/klunking sound while turning at low speed

    2016 Explorer Limited 2WD, ~38,000 miles all city and highway I have a "thunking" noise that could probably also be described as a popping noise while turning at very low speed. Essentially when turning out of my driveway. It doesn't happen every time - maybe 1 out of 4 or 5 times. I don't...
  14. Steering 6a - Modified shaft installed

    Steering 6a - Modified shaft installed

    F150 steering box to Explorer
  15. Steering 4 - F150 and Explorer Steering Shafts

    Steering 4 - F150 and Explorer Steering Shafts

    F150 steering box to Explorer Install
  16. Steering 3 - Explorer Steering Shaft Modification

    Steering 3 - Explorer Steering Shaft Modification

    F150 steering box to Explorer install
  17. Steering 2 - Ford Explorer Steering Shaft

    Steering 2 - Ford Explorer Steering Shaft

    F150 steering box to Explorer Install
  18. Steering 1a - F150 Steering Shaft

    Steering 1a - F150 Steering Shaft

    Steering Fabrication - F150 steering box to Explorer Install
  19. TxCowgirlInCo

    Axle Pivot Locations - Superlift

    Ok, I've got a question for all those well versed in the TTB especially lifted ones. Initially the 2nd previous owner installed the 5.5" Superlift incorrectly I believe bc the Axle pivot bolts were placed in the upper of two holes in the new drop brackets. Realizing this appeared to be...
  20. J

    Steering Noise When Stopped

    I am experiencing a noise when I turn the steering wheel on my 15 Sport. When the SUV is at a stop, anyone else have this sound coming from outside the vehicle?
  21. M

    What is that noise, when turning to the right?

    Hello, I uploaded a video of the noise on youtube. I thought it was the position 2 body mount - thats why I used this angle. I have replaced just about every part on the suspension and it was all great! Then after a bit over a year this noise started. It only happens when turning to the...
  22. D

    Charging system light on

    Replaced the battery at 37,000 miles. At 42,000 miles charging system light is on and steering is impaired. IS there a recall on the system? What do I do?
  23. G

    97 explorer sport steering problems

    hey does anyone know why my 1997 explorer sport stalls? when i turn the wheel from lock to lock (all the way left or all the way right) and also when i shift it from reverse to drive or park to drive. I could also be gently turning the wheel as i take off with out pressing the accelerator and...
  24. R

    HELP!!! Eccentric washer missing??

    I currently redid my Ball joints upper control arms and tie rod ends on my 99 explorer and when I went to take off my driver side control arm I noticed there was no square washer/eccentric washer on the front half. It is the stock control arm from the factory so I don't know why someone would...
  25. M

    What size Torx socket to remove steering wheel?

    I'm looking for the correct size torx socket or bit to remove the steering wheels main mounting bolt. Also anyone know where to find one? preferably in a kit? The largest I have is a T45. Can't find anything larger in any stores, also off hand what is that bolt torqued to?