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    probelms after install of new head unit

    ok i just put in a new head unit using the original wiring harness and getting a adapter kit from wallmart no brainer there guys don't cut your old harness well when i put the speaker conect in i noticed it looked a little worn as in might be coming apart oh by the way this is own my 94 eddie...
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    USB flash drive ''VS" I-Pod

    Concider this, when choosing aftermarket Radio; go with a player thats USB ready. You can add anywhere from 1 to 8 gigs of mp3,wma,ect,ect... If you're like me, I don't carry a I-pod everywhere. Never burn a CD again or fumble through stacks of CDs while driving. I only buy CDs to "TUNE" my...
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    Stereo w/no sound

    Hi, Some years back I had an alpine installed in my 1992 XLT explorer. That system went out. I went to put back in the stock stereo and they clipped off the whole plug. They only reattached some of the wires. I went to the junkyard clipped off a plug and reattached all the wires. Lights...
  4. solo x 18

    solo x 18

    solo x 18 11.8 cubic foot box
  5. stereo


  6. Sound System

    Sound System

    12 inch JLW3D4 Subs Kenwood Excelon 401M Amp All self installed.
  7. the stereo in my McLaren

    the stereo in my McLaren

    Two 4 disc MD changers (one in-dash, one in the trunk) and a 10 CD changer play the tunes thru Sony amps and JBL speakers in my McLaren.