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    06 2WD XLT Brakes Engaging at Highway Speed

    On Monday, after 60 miles of highway driving, I began to notice that my brakes were engaging on their own without pushing on the brake pedal. It was subtle at first, but after 5 more miles there was a lot of noise. My best guess is that the squealing, popping and shuddering sounds were coming...
  2. D

    Tonnel cover - Trick (s)

    I shook my head, when I ve tried to open the locks on my tonnel cover, then one day, I asked a friend to fist bang the corner of the cover as I twisted the key in the lock AND there's the secret if your lock(s) don't open right away. tap the corner of the sticking lock with you fist. " Just...
  3. M

    Oil consumption/leak

    So I have 3 leaks, power steering, coolant, and oil, all of which seem to be hidden, but the lack of fluids start to show every month or two and I just top them off. The oil is the most concerning to me. Once the oil starts getting low, I get ticks/clicking/weird sounds and questionable...
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    1997 XLT SOHC sticking in first gear..

    Hi everyone i just recently bought a 1997 SOHC X with 150k on the clock. The past few days it feels as if the transmission is sticking in first gear when i take off from a standing start. This mainly happens once i have been driving for 30 kms or so. Has anyone experienced this? Any...