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  1. T

    Mounting gun box (security box) to 2014 explorer sport (floor mount)

    I am close to attempting to mount a handgun safe behind the 2nd row seats (the floor right before it steps up in height for the 3rd row/cargo area.between 2nd row and cargo area. I'm gonna pull carpet in that area to be sure whats there on top. Any advice or info on exactly what is below that...
  2. T

    Aftermarket Middle Console/Storage

    Anyone have any good suggestions for a middle console/cup holder for a 93 Explorer? Mine is a manual and I absolutely obliterate my coffee or gatorade bottles if I shift into 2nd or reverse. Just curious if anyone has this same problem and found a solution to it other than playing musical chairs...
  3. Eric Z

    Explorer PIU Overhead Cut Out Question

    I have a 2015 and am looking for ideas as to what to do with a hole left in the overhead. I assume it was some sort of radio or maybe light control panel, but what was in there and what are people doing when they civilize theirs? Was thinking of overhead lights, but can not seem to find any...
  4. M

    3rd gen overlander. Storage help???

    So my wife and I, along with our 4 kids, do a ton of camping. This has prompted me to turn the family grocery getter (2005 4.6L awd mounty w/ 105k miles) into something of an overlander. I'm set on the mechanical side of things. 2.5in btf lift with a 1.5 BL. Btf upper control arms, moog struts...
  5. A

    LOBO Rack DIY mod "EASY"

    This rack mod was only for Nissan Xterras but I did a little modification on my Explorer that wasn't hard. You need the following items: 1.Zip-ties 2. 3 foot Linen shelf kit 3.Flat head screw driver 4. duct tape or electrical (i use electrical). Steps: 1. Pop off the two plastic...
  6. J

    headboard storage bin latch

    Ok this might sound funny but i can't open the large storage bin in the bed. I always thought that the latch (the other 2 small box's have) was broken off and missing but now kinda see that there is some mystery latch.? The dealer never showed me how to open it so im lost.
  7. T

    Buying a warehouse

    We are in the process of researching warehousing, and shops that are for sale in the Eastern part of Pennsylvania. I am posting this because I know of the huge demand for garage space of most of the people I've spoken to on here. We want to be able to offer indoor & outdoor area for storage...
  8. Cargo Area

    Cargo Area

    My false floor/cargo box. It's bolted to the floor and drawers slide out fully. I love it!