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  1. NickyB

    2016 Explorer Hideaway Bulbs / LED's / Strobes

    Hey everyone, I've been unable to find anything regarding hideaway bulbs in a 2016 Explorer. I was looking to add the hideaways in the tail lights in 1 of 2 locations; I was hoping someone has drilled into these before and knows more of what to expect once going through the first layer of...
  2. W

    New Guy on the Block 1999 Explorer

    Hello I'm a new guy (for here I mean). Have a 1999 XLT that I just bought. Maybe a down grade (in year) from my 2002 Impala, but Pristine condition Vehicle! Looking for members who are experienced with neat mount for my Two Way Radio (Motorola CDM 1250, Siren Control Box, and Light Switches)...