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    Passenger Side Wheel walk

    So I replaced both front bearings in my 04 Explorer XLT 4WD. I purchased it with EXTREMELY bad passenger side bearing. After replacement I noticed a sharp pop from that side when I make a sharp right turn, sometimes a noise of some kind of friction, then BOOM, it stops. On road right wheel has a...
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    Noise after strut bearing replacement! Normal??

    2011 Ford Explorer limited. 100k miles. Bought less than a month ago. So my struts where shot. Had them replaced at the ford dealership. Drove off the lot fine. No noise. Within that night I noticed a noise when I turned. Like a creaking noise when I turn. Loudest at low speeds. Or at least...
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    Complete Loaded Strut Assembly

    So, with my small Hyundai, it was super easy to replace the struts by replacing the entire assembly...complete with spring. I don't see this sort of all-in-one kit for my Lincoln Aviator. I'm a little nervous to work with springs and a spring compressor tool so I was hoping to just swap out...
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    Torque values - 2011 Explorer Front Suspension

    Just ordered new front struts for my 2011 explorer, anybody know what the torque values are ? Thanks
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    Hood Prop - Tired Of Struts Failing

    '98 Explorer. My hood struts are failing again. I've already replaced them at least 3 times. Fortunately the first time I bought them from Autozone they had a lifetime warranty, which they no longer have, but I made a scan of the receipt before the ink disappeared so I can get them free -...
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    2006 Exp XLT 4.0 4WD - Suspension Input

    Hello everyone. I am looking to replace my struts all around and am looking to gain some insight or recommendations on what I should use. I don't do any extreme driving or off-roading. Mostly just commute driving. My question is do I replace the struts and keeps my old springs or should I...
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    Rear window hinges

    Where can I find detailed step by step instructions for installation of the rear window hinges on my 2001 Ford Explorer sport? Also what is the easiest way to put the clamps back on my rear window struts? Thank you!
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    Bilstein Ride Height Adjustable Shocks

    Has anybody looked into using these or something like these to level out the explorer? According to Bilstein's dealer sites they are not compatible which I assume finding one with the right specs it could work. It looks like they use your stock springs and the height setting is user determined...
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    1997 ford explorer air ride struts

    My 1997 ford explorer with the rear air ride, rides like im driving through a forest on fire with rocks the size of buildings the air ride system is all good i feel like i need to replace my rear struts to make it more comfortable and ride friendly i keep looking up struts and finding ones that...
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    Your opinion on what are the "best" shocks? (2000 Mercury Mountaineer)

    Hey guys, just had a couple questions about my 2000 Mercury Mountaineer. edit: AWD I recently replaced all of the ball joints myself with the exception of the upper passenger (should I change this one? it wasnt as bad as the lowers and the upper driver's side, so i neglected changing it...)...
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    Help!! 2011 Ford Explorer 3.5l 4wd GRINDING NOISE FROM FRONT OF CAR?!!?

    Hey guys, I have a 2011 Ford Explorer with approximately 20k miles on it. It's the limited trim with 4wd and the bigger size wheels. I have been hearing/feeling this grinding noise coming from the front of my car when I am turning at very low speeds [like parking lot/driveway speeds]...
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    New to Forum

    Hi, I just joined the forum and really like reading the posts and the tips for maintenance on the Explorer. I have owned Ford 4x4 vehicles for about 10 years and have enjoyed them all. All cars have quirks and Ford is no different. I have meticulously maintained my 05 Exlorer since I...
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    Rancho Quicklift Loaded Review

    I usually don't post on here but I just put a set of the Ranch QL struts on the girl. If anyone hates who their explorer dips down in the front (front of car sits lower than the rear), I would absolutely recommend these struts. I had 100K on the factory ones and the difference is night and day...
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    For Sale 03 Struts

    I'm swapping out my struts this weekend for a new set of Rancho quick lift Loaded Struts. The struts have 96K miles on them and appear to be in half decent shape. None of the coils are broken and none of the shocks are blown. If anyones interested in them, shoot me an email. Codyn1@wit.edu
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    2003 Aviator 2WD. Could I lower it?

    I would like to replace the rear shocks. It has an independent rear suspension. Where can I find the correct shocks/struts and Can It Be Lowered just a few inches front and rear?
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    new struts?

    So I have suspension problems.......... I don't have any cracks that are common on the springs, but when I go over bumps (all the time with out AWESOME roads in the northeast) I get a bumping sound. It reminds me of a motor mount thats shot or non existent. Question is, do I just get new...