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  1. Z

    2013 2nd Row Seat Stuck in Tumbled Position

    Hello. My 2nd row driver-side seat (60/40) is stuck in the down position. The pull cable is not releasing the latch from the hinge. I have tugged and tugged and tugged. Does anyone know if there is a release somewhere on the seat? Any help would be great. Thank you
  2. P

    Jammed Hatch ----- Please Help

    Greetings all, My Girlfriend has a 2004 Explorer XLT, and the hatch won't open. She got her coat sleeve stuck in the bottom of the hatch, and now it won't budge. Any ideas?? Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!
  3. D

    Second Row Center Seat Stuck Down

    Hi everyone! I'm new here! Just got my '02 Explorer! It has 300,000 miles on it and runs like a charm! She needs some new breaks and has her quirks,but it's love. The only problem so far is that our second row center seat is down, and the top right piece that I think unlatches the lock has...
  4. M

    2003 EXP in 4x4 high after oil change

    So I took my car in to get an oil change - ended up getting two new front tires. When I came back, and drove my car, it was in 4wd high and it won't switch back to 2wd. Any ideas on how to resolve this? I've read disconnecting the battery works.. but I've also read a few raps with a hammer...
  5. B

    2011 XLT Manual Liftgate Stuck

    Hello all! Had the problem for awhile now and I’ve searched for a solution here and there, but it’s becoming more and more inconvenient and I need help. The rear hatch is locked shut and won’t open. When I push the button to open it in the rear, I can hear it wanting to open but it’ll only...
  6. J

    4.6 V8 Stuck Torque converter on transmission

    I recently bought an 03 4.6 V8 Eddie Bauer that had a bad engine well i finally got around to fixing the engine and installing it on the car but the problem is that when i mate the engine and tranny together the engine locks up and wont spin even though everything is all lined up so i took the...
  7. 2


    I am stuck in a field 20 minutes out side Cleveland need someone with a winch or someone with super swampers! been stuck for two days already please help!!!! 703-638-5814
  8. N

    Ranger automatic transmission trouble 1998

    Today there was a loud "POP" somewhere in the front, now the shift lever will shift to anything but not engage any gear. I looked at the linkage and can't see anything wrong, anywhere. I put it in reverse and was able to push it backwards, as though it were giving me a little "assist" in...
  9. T

    Bolt stuck - Axel arm - Heat??

    Busted the driver's side axel arm on my 2wd. Gutted every piece of suspension on that side to get to it now the broken bit is hostage of the pivot bracket by way of one nasty bolt - Im about to remove the dang bracket and cut/machine/see if i can apply proper leverage to bust the f'er loose. I...
  10. D

    How to remove STUCK Drum Brake

    Hey guys, So here is my latest video on how to remove a stuck drum brake. What a pain this one was. Took me 2hrs to do this job! If you have any methods, comment and let me know (for the next video possibly). Also, if you like the video, give it a thumbs up and/or leave a quick comment...
  11. B

    Door ajar stuck

    My door ajar light has been stuck om for 3 days now and it's snoring the ever living out of me. Can anyone help to solve this issue? Thanks!
  12. A

    91 Ranger 3.0 Tach Stuck - Resolved

    So Here's the deal. My father In-Law brought over his 91 Ford Ranger 3.0 XLT for a simple idle issue. While looking in to it, I found a host of issues that I have resolved with the help of these forums and the interwebs. However, many posts I reviewed did not often end with resolutions or feed...
  13. M

    Need Help with Sunroof problem

    I have a 2008 Ford Explorer. My sunroof will only tilt up. It will not come back down or retract. I removed the upper console to access the motor and was able to manually close the sunroof. I checked the fuses and all seem to be fine. I tested a few things and figured it was a bad motor...
  14. E

    Tranny Problems

    1992 explorer... Started her this AM, pulled into the driveway and suddenly it seemed like it was dragging, would not rev up while in Park. After a few seconds, I realized it was still "in gear" although the lever is in P! She is stuck in a forward gear...:( Tried all the other gears...
  15. E

    Parking Brake Seized & Won't Engage

    I have finally gotten around to putting all new brakes on my Explorer. I just got done with the front without much issue except for a few rusted bolts and the fact I unexpectedly needed a new hub/bearing assembly (easy fix). However, now it is time to deal with another problem that I have had...
  16. G

    2000 Ford Explorer Stuck in 4wd

    2000 Ford Explorer; 110,000 miles; 4405-15 Transfer Case. During the last snow, I was driving the Explorer and put it in 4wd high and low just to run it. Also ran it in "auto" on slippery road. Ever since, with the switch in auto, the vehicle seems stuck in 4wd (noises and binds during...
  17. L

    Valve body gasket.

    hi guys am new to this site, did alot of reading some time ago, about the 1997 explorer xlt, thought this is a very good place to get "knowledge" about this as ford decided they wanted to charge 4000 dollars for an overhaul, and 5000 for the timing redone, so i smiled and walked away with a dumb...
  18. C

    TIme for a new brake Caliper?

    My Passenger side rear brake has been sticking off and on for about 2-3 weeks now, and has gotten worse. I replaced the pads, greased the sliders and greased the mounting bolts and it still sticks. If I jack it up and push the brake pedal it is very hard to turn the wheel. If i hit it with a...
  19. F

    a4ld Question

    Okay im putting my a4ld back together after replacing the clutches and steels only. I have the 1994 version with torrington bearings and i am having trouble. My problem is with the bearings where i have them the center support sits too high it doesnt line up with the hole on the case. Can...
  20. M

    Drive Shaft removal from transmission side

    Hello all, Currently working on the 1991 Explorer 5 speed 4x4 I am in the process of taking down the transmission and I am stuck. I have finally achieved taking the bolts out from the rear of the drive shaft and is able to free it from the rear. But I can not pull the drive shaft from the...
  21. A

    Gear shift is stuck in park when cold.

    I have a 1998 Explorer. When the engie is cold I cannot move the automatic gear stick our of Park. The brake lights are OK: anyhting else to check? Help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  22. C

    My 96 Explorer is stuck in 4WD.

    ive got a 96 explorer, 4.0 4x4, and i was testing out the 4wd, it worked, then when i put it back in 2wd it never switched over. once my 4wd light came on i pulled over and noticed that it was still in 4low when i had it in 2. any suggestions to get it out of 4?
  23. red.EDDIE.4x4

    first gen on BS&F recovery team vid!

    poor first gen loses whole passenger side ttb knuckle on broke, stuck and F***ed recovery team vid. now the real question is...who on this forum owns it!!!??? the first gen is shown earlier in the vid, but its shown at 3:08 enjoy! :popcorn:
  24. S

    1996 Explorer E-Brake Pedal Stuck

    Hello All, So today I took my 1996 Explorer out for a drive after it has been sitting for a few months. It started right up and rode as if I drove it everyday. This was my first new truck and I have some attachment issues, but now for the problem. This Explorer is manual so I always set...
  25. D

    Stereo wiring help is needed.

    Ok, so I have a 1997 ford explorer with the typical jbl system i believe. Im putting in a kenwood deck, and i cut off the connectors. So, when I replaced the speakers, i noticed that the wire that is in the back of each of the speakers are of a different color than the ones coming out of the...