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  1. Finally with the beadlocks on!!!
  2. 65' Mustang Fastback

    65' Mustang Fastback

    Thats my dads 65 stang with a seriously built 302. He keeps building it and its going to be a strip only car.
  3. Lets shed some light on the subject!!!

    Lets shed some light on the subject!!!

    4-PIAA 520 SMRs with Extreme White bulbs in them.
  4. Playin on some ledges.

    Playin on some ledges.

    I've been tryin this ledge for a year but I couldn't because of the front bumper clearance. Got it this time!!
  5. Just stretching!!!

    Just stretching!!!

    Just out playin with the new bumpers on.
  6. My infamous roll pic....

    My infamous roll pic....

    March 11 2001:This is what happens when you get stupid while out wheelin'.