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  1. N

    Addco 633 fitment issues

    Tried installing a addco 633 rear sway bar on my 2003 sport Trac. I found it'll bolt to the axle, but will not fit past the shocks nor bolt to the links with it bolted to the axle. Any ideas on if it's just the bar or something else?
  2. C

    96 xlt Suspension lift

    So I’m pretty much done with a majority of the looking into it part of getting parts together and what not especially due to the age of my car a lot of the parts people listed and talk about are from 2005 and so on. I’m planning to order my suspension components from Moog Front Lower Ball Joint...
  3. H

    Shaking front end

    2019 Ford Explorer Limited, V6 Front end is shaking a bit. Passenger side tire (front end) is getting worn unevenly. Went to get an alignment at Big O tires, got it, but the manager said it wasn't perfect because the strut on the passenger side was bent. I took it home. I don't see that it is...
  4. 9

    Play in Wheel

    Hi I have 2 major issues with my 97 xlt 4.0L sohc. My wheel on both the driver and passenger sides have severe play where the entire inner and outer tie rods connect to each other. However, I just had the inner and outer tie rods replaced with new ones. It almost seems like they're being sucked...
  5. K

    2013 Explorer XLT Pulling the right after New Struts/Sway bar links and Alignment

    Hey all, I have a 2013 Ford Explorer XLT and its pulling pretty bad to the right under acceleration and bumps as well as being pulled right when the road has more of an angle to it. I just had an alignment after replacing the Struts. The sway bar links were swapped out and I had my local shop...
  6. C

    99 RWD Explorer Offroad Build

    Hey Everyone, new to the threads. I have a 99 Explorer RWD Sport and am getting my research done on how to turn this into a semi-Prerunner. Im looking to just buy decent offroad type suspension front and rear as well as beefing up the leaf springs and most likely taking them to get re-arched. Im...
  7. RicFlairWoo

    Traxda Explorer Front Level Kit 4x2/4x4 -1.25" (2011-2019) $100, free shipping!

    Hey! I recently bought this leveling kit and decided I'd go a fancier route. It's brand new, all packages are still sealed as you can see in the photos. First $100 takes it, shipping UPS Ground is included.
  8. R

    2002 Explorer rocks side to side real bad! Help!

    I have a 2002 Ford Explorer XLT with a 3” body lift, 3” suspension lift, and 35 in tires. My explorer has started to rock real bad side to side going 65+ after every bump. I have extended beefed up sway bar links front and rear, I replaced my rear struts and that made it go away for about a...
  9. L

    Loud clunk

    I have a loud clunck coming from both sides of my front end and can’t figure out where it’s coming from. I have replaced socks and struts, sway bar bushings and end links, cv axels, and complete lower control arms. I’m losing my mind trying to figure it out please help
  10. F

    1995 Ford Ranger 4x4 U-Joint Replace

    The U-joint (not sure if that is proper name) on my 1995 Ford Ranger, in the four-wheel-drive section seems to have gone bad. The one I’m talking about is a U-joint that goes from a shaft from the pumpkin towards the left side of the vehicle as you’re looking at the front of the vehicle. It’s...
  11. O

    01 Explorer XLT suspension issues

    So, I’ve got an 01 Explorer XLT. I’ve replaced all 4 shocks already, like, 4 big (blue) ones, no exterior spring. I’m nearly ready to replace the front control arms, upper and lower ball joints, sway bars, rack and pinions, and the inner and outer tie rods. My problem is suspension, my...
  12. C

    2008 Mercury Mountaineer Rear Suspension bolts???

    I am replacing the rear knuckles, rear upper and lower toe links, and rear sway bar links (rear alignment is out of whack) Mechanic said we should probably just replace the bolts because NY winters and salt have destroyed them. New parts didn't come with bolts, Haynes manual doesn't give...
  13. H

    2002 Sport Trac Spindles

    Hey everyone, would anyone have any recommendations for decent lift spindles? Can't seem to find any, and I am guessing that they are not made anymore. If anyone has any used ones laying around by chance I would be very interested in buying them off you, will also pay to ship. Thanks
  14. M

    Looking for a suspension lift kit

    Hi, I own 2006 EB, and I'm looking for a lift kit. I'm not interested in space bars, rather at least Spring, but better whole strut (with suspension) - in my understanding this model features a coil over configuration. Now, I'm a foreigner, in my country only 2.5" lift allowed, and the kit...
  15. Rhaegal94

    1st Gen Front Shock Mounting Nut

    I'm replacing the front shocks on a '94 Explorer. Does anyone know the stock nut type/size for the bottom stud? I want to go buy replacement nuts before I take them off in the event that I'm able to do so without breaking the stud. However, I'm going to by the mounting stud replacement kits...
  16. F

    Ball Joint Issues

    So i just had all the ball joints and upper control arms replaced but I’m still hearing excessive creaking and clunking coming from my left wheel well. Also, in some situations when turning left the left tire seems like it’s skipping on the pavement. Had them installed at a local shop but I’m a...
  17. Rhaegal94

    94 Explorer Leaf Springs and U-Bolt Plate

    I'm replacing rear suspension parts on my on 94 Explorer. The leaf springs at the top of the list on Auto and Truck Springs (here) indicate that they are for 1st gen Explorers but also indicate that they are for over the axle. However, my springs sit under the axle. The arch measurement on these...
  18. S

    Rear wheels wobble (I think)

    My Vehicle: 2005 Ford Explorer XLT v6 Gas (4door) Issue as I reported to mechanic: When driving down the highway, the steering is UBER sensitive. It feels like the vehicle is (best I can describe) fishtailing very slight (I thought front alignment was bad, so I asked mechanic to verify...
  19. B

    Early 2007 ST - Rear Frame Rust

    I have an early 2007 Sport Trac Limited 4.6 V8 in what I thought was good condition. I noticed the trailing arm bushings were bad so I replaced them but in the process, I noticed some pretty bad frame rust in the area of the rear suspension. This is a 1 owner truck always maintained by a Ford...
  20. C

    rear leaf springs differences

    Hi guys. Help me in this matter. What is the difference between these leaf springs in addition to a load of 1,100 and 1,250 pounds and additional brackets?
  21. T

    Wheel offset without causing issues

    Hello Everyone, I have reviewed a few other threads but cant seem to get a clear answer. I have a 08' Explorer XLT with stock 16 inch rims that has a 44mm offset. I am wanting to install a 16 or 17 inch rim that has 0mm or 12mm offset. What, if any, issues may occur with the install of such a...
  22. F

    Pitman arm connector 1993 explorer 4wd

    There's some sort of ball joint from my pitman arm to the inner tie rods. I was going to order a new pitman arm, but they don't seem to have this, nor does the inner tie rod I ordered. I asked at 2 auto parts stores, and they don't seem to know the correct name for this, so I'm hoping someone...
  23. D

    Front end wobble

    I have a wobble, shake, shimmy, whatever it's called. Happens over 55 mph. Is not constant; sometimes it's smooth as glass at 60 mph, sometimes it shakes fairly violently. Doesn't stop shaking going over 80 mph, but it is less shaky. 25k on new steering rack (inner and outer the rods), and it...
  24. T

    14’ Sport driving issues.

    I bought a used 14’ Sport in January with 86k. Love the power of my car, I added a K&N cai and Diablo Sport tune. At 90k I had my passenger front wheel bearing changed. 99k a/c compressor, dryer, orifice tube, and front strut mounts. Thank God for extended warranties! I’ve only paid $100 for...
  25. T

    14 Sport Newbie to Fourm

    I bought a used 14’ Sport fully loaded in January with 86k. Love the power of my car, I added a K&N cai and Diablo Sport programmer. I love how people don’t expect them to be fast vehicles. I have had her in the shop about 8 times now due to air bag lights(rear seatbelt) a/c issues, suspension...