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  1. M

    5.4 Lightning swap - 6R60 worth using?

    Hello everyone, I’ve got a 07 Explorer sport trac with about 220k miles on the odometer. She’s got the 4.6L engine and with that the 6R60 transmission if I’m not mistaken. The engine has overheated once while I’ve owned it and recently a knock has started. With that I’m looking to either...
  2. W

    4 speed auto to 3 speed auto tranny swap.

    Hey everyone, my 94 explorer tranny went out which is a 4 speed auto. A good tranny from a 92 was given to me, but it appears to be a 3 speed. One less shift solenoid than the 94 tranny and the smaller part of the wiring harness doesn't fit the plug. Also looks like an extra wire to deal with...
  3. K

    RWD to 4WD swap

    Hi, I have opportunity to buy 2wd ford explorer 2020 version King ranch, unfortunately it is only 2 WD. I though that to add some stuff to make it 4wd instead 2wd Did anyone tried to do same ? I'm looking for any details what parts are needed etc. I wish you a lot of traction 😊🙂
  4. D

    Seat swap

    I have cloth power seats in the front and regular in the second row. Can I replace them with heated leather if I find them in a wrecked explorer?
  5. S

    5r55s from a 2007 compatible in the 2008 model year?

    Im swapping a rebuilt 5r55s from a 2007 explorer limited trim 4x4 with the 4.0 into my dd 2008 explorer xlt trim 4x4 with the 4.0 as well. Curious if im gonna running into any compatibility issues when i go to swap them, particularly with the ecm/tcm? Will the 2007 5r55s plug and play with the...
  6. B

    Resistance needed to disable inflatable seat belt

    I’ve been going over the forum and reading through all the answers regarding second row bench seat swaps, but I couldn’t find an answer to working around the inflatable seat belts. I have a 2015 Explorer Limited Edition- it came with second row bucket seats. I needed to swap for a bench seat...
  7. I

    Center Console Swap

    Would it be possible to swap out the center console from say an '04 Explorer into a 98? I've seen a guy on YouTube swap out his 1st gen sport trac console with one and was wondering it it'd be possible to do in a 98 Ex?
  8. CallMeSyd

    Gen 3 Explorer 7.3 Powerstroke, F/R SAS Dana 60

    The absolute craziest 3rd generation explorer proposed so far. I want to build an off-road recovery rig and I could use some help. I know that the 7.3 has been done before in a gen 3 explorer. I have attempted to contact the owner of that rig since i saw he was trying to sell it. I was...
  9. C

    Rear hatch replacement??

    Hello! I was replacing my rear-hatch when I was about to plug everything in, one plug wouldn’t connect. I’m not sure what year exactly the new hatch is from, but it’s 2002-2005, and I have a 2003 limited. does anyone know how I would connect these?
  10. R


    I am currently in the research phase of putting together a DOHC Cobra powered Explorer. Its a 2002 with 4X4. I have noticed a couple of people in this forum either attempting or completing a DOHC swap. Does anyone have any advice? Were you able to make the climate controls work? Did you need...
  11. 2

    Question about swapping axle gears.

    I’m thinking of changing my 3.55 gears to 3.73 gears. I’d like to change the gears instead of swapping the whole axle. Is a kit like this all I would need? I’d like to re-gear to run 32’s and 4.10’s aren’t an option for me. Thanks for any input...
  12. S

    Rolled '96 2 Dr. What are body swap options?

    And of course, how hard is it to do? The good news is, I have a backhoe that extends to about 14' into the air! I am curious as to whether or not I could replace the 2 DR with a 4 DR. Or could I replace it with a Sport Trac or Ranger Body. All advice welcome! Incidentally, the car only has...
  13. Flashflood

    How to make sure gearing is the same

    I'm planning on pulling a back axle off 99 explorer to my 91 how do you make sure your diff gearing is right do they have to match
  14. L

    Best v8 engine replacement for 2000 explorer

    I finally found a nice 2000 Ford Explorer Limited v8 4x4 but there is a loud noise coming from the engine. So I am considering doing an engine swap with a crate engine. What is the best, most reliable, crate engine? Should I 'enhance' the engine?
  15. R

    Swap Vin E with Vin X on 2000 Ford Explorer?

    Hello: I come looking for help. I have a 2000 ford explorer that has not given me much trouble over the years. Then when it broke down it broke hard! Now my 4.0 L SOHC Vin E engine needs to be replaced. I have access to a Vin X engine. Are they interchangeable? What all needs to be...
  16. W

    swapping a 2004 explorer transmission in a 2003

    I posted this on an explorer FB page already, but I figured I'd get some more recommendations here. I have a 03 4.0 4x4 that the OD band broke and shot metal through the transmission. I was originally planning on rebuilding it myself, but would rather swap in a good trans and save a lot of time...
  17. A

    Motor Swap Questions

    Hello fellas (and ladies if you are on here) my 04 Explorer with the 4.0 8th digit K spun a bearing. I guess my question is could I swap it out with an 04 4.0 motor with the 8th digit E. I have hard a finding a forum with answers I am seeking, I'm sure it out there so if anyone could help me out...
  18. A

    2002 into 2005 transmission swap

    I have a 2005 ford explorer xlt 4.0 v6 4x4 automatic with a 5r55s transmission that is blown. I have found a possible donor, a 2002 ford explorer 4.0 v6 4x4 automatic with a 5r55s transmission as well. I am assuming it can be swapped but I am not 100% sure. I have heard that there is a...
  19. M

    2007 Eddie Bauer 4.0 Engine swap TROUBLE

    Hi all new here and looking for some help with my current issue with my engine swap. I swapped my engine (07 explorer eddie bauer 4x4, 4.0) with a 05 XLT Explorer 4x4, 4.0. Both engines have the 8th Letter E. Everything went smooth with engine removal and installation. When trying to start it...
  20. E

    93 Explorer 4.0 OHV ecu change

    Hi, I'm new here and I need your experience to solve a problem I'm presenting right now. I'm just going to swap my bronco II 2.9 for an Explorer 93 4.0. Let me explain the story from the beginning: I bought a 93 4x4 explorer very cheap from a yunkyard that didn't run. It has auto trans. It...
  21. E

    Early 4.0 into a Second Gen Explorer

    I've already searched around in the threads and can't find anyone who's mentioned doing this. I'm building a 4.0 that came from a 93 Sport to put into my 97 XLT. I've noticed the block casting is different, specifically for the motor mount bolts. Has anyone swapped an early 4.0 into a second...
  22. N

    4r70w swap. New issues

    Hi, I lurk a lot and usually find my answers. Not this time. I have a 1996 Explorer xlt 5.0 2wd. I recently swapped my transmission. The donor transmission was from a wrecked 2001 f150 4.2l 2wd. I swapped over the mlps, and both speed sensors. It gets better mpg, runs and drives better than it...
  23. S

    90 ranger with explorer 4.0 wiring trouble

    So ill apologize right off because I'm sure there is a post for this but i have been searching for days trying to find the information i need to finish my project. Base knowledge needed here is that i bought a 90 ranger with blown engine and a broken motor mount and bad radiator for extremely...
  24. C

    Transmission swap - 03 into an 04

    Hoping someone here can answer this. I have 2 Explorer XLT 4.0l The 03 spun a crank bearing, the 04 has trans issues. She slips when thrown in reverse, and locks up in forward. On the BAD advice of a relative "trans guy" I put a new torque converter in and the results were the same. So My...
  25. M

    2002 Sport Trac - Best and easiest Swap?

    As titled, I am looking for the cheapest, and easiest swap for this truck. Its the 4.0 sohc with the rattle of death at 206k miles, original everything. Ill be driving it as is until the timing chain finally goes all the way, it rattles like ****, it sounds like ****, but drives decent. It is...
  26. J

    2002 Mercury Mountaineer Tranny Swap

    So I bought this mountaineer for 250 knowing it had tranny problems and that I'd have to swap the tranny, but I have the other tranny out and I'm at the point of getting the new one in and it's been awful. The thing just doesn't wanna go in right. I got it in and had the tourney converter studs...
  27. N

    Which 4r70w?

    Repost, possibly in a better section: Hi, I am planning on finding a 4r70w out of a junk yard and then rebuilding it so that there are no reliability issues. I remember reading that some newer years, all I would have to repin a couple of pins. For the life of me, I can't find that thread. I...
  28. N

    Which Transmission

    Hi, I am planning on finding a 4r70w out of a junk yard and then rebuilding it so that there are no reliability issues. I remember reading that some newer years, all I would have to repin a couple of pins. For the life of me, I can't find that thread. I have a 3-4 shudder and when I pulled the...
  29. J

    Help with spedo after trans swap

    Hello, I just completed an auto to manual trans swap on an 02 explorer sport. It works great now... mostly. The speedometer and odometer does not work anymore (it did before). I was under the impression it derived the signal from the transfer case or rear axle, not the transmission? Any one...
  30. J

    2004 Ford Explorer Limited Middle Console Swap to Seat

    Hey guys, new to this forum. I've had the middle console removed from my explorer for a couple years now, and all that remains is the mounting bracket over a hole in the carpeting. It doesn't look very neat, but it's not the worst thing in the world. Anyways, I've been digging around the...
  31. T

    2004 Sport Trac 302 V8 Swap Prep

    Hey guys, Ok, so I own a Black 2004 Sport Trac 4x4 Adrenalin. It has 209,200+ miles on it and the timing chain is starting to rattle. If I have to remove the engine to repair it, the 4.0 isn't going to be reinstalled. I've been wanting to do a 5.0 swap into the Sport Trac for a long time now...
  32. F

    2003 ford explorer 4.0 ohv swap to sohc 4.0

    Hi there guys really just honestly seeing if its worth it to swap the sohc engine into my 2003 explorer with the ohv engine and what would be needed for it. Just looking for some insite i do have some experience with them and if possible il do it in the mear future! Lemme know what you guys...
  33. S

    Have 02 EB Explorer and need parts, will 04 XLT Explorer work?

    I have an 02 Explorer and found on CL a 04 that has a blown motor... Wondering if I purchase that 04 and grab parts from it to fix my truck (Rear bumper, inside trim, luggage rack swap (mine has paint pealing) and maybe window motors... If color matches I'll swap driver seat b/c mine has tears...
  34. J

    Manual swap

    Hello, first off if this is in the wrong section i apologize. I realize it is modified once I do the swap but I need info on what these cars came with stock. So... Someone in the 3rd gen sections said I should try and post here as well. It appears the 02 sports are more similar to the 2nd gens...
  35. G

    2002 4.0 auto to M50d-r1

    Hey all, New to the forum as a member but have been reading for years. Love it. Anyway, my girl (02 4.0 XLT 2WD) rolled 200,000 this year and was promoted from daily driver to weekend warrior. Since I can now be without her for a while now it's time for an overhaul. Before I ask, I know the...
  36. C

    1999 Ford Explorer 4L V6 SOHC -- Engine & Transmission Swap.

    Hello ExplorerForum, Been a frequent lurker for the past 5 years but never had any questions to ask until recently. My trucks been very well maintained over the course of it's *known* life. It's been smooth all the way up until the start of last year, transmission starting to slip, engine now...
  37. Z

    No 4x4 low after M5OD swap

    I can't seem to find a useful thread on any forum about my issue. some tell a few wires to cross/ground but never show pictures or give an accurate description. A few months ago I did the classic manual swap from the a4ld, everything worked great with the automatic, and the truck runs great with...
  38. E

    Auto>Manual Swap. OSS 24-hole>VSS 12-hole. Speed Limit Issue

    I have performed a swap from a 5R55W Auto Transmission (Stock 2006 Ford Explorer Auto) to a M05D-R1HD Manual (From Ford Ranger). The new manual transmission has a VSS in the tail housing has 12-holes. The stock OSS from my auto had 24-holes. I've adjusted the "number of holes in OSS" in my SCT...
  39. G

    So I bought a Sport Trac

    Hey guys, long time no see! I stopped posting but I still come around a lot to see what's new and what crazy engine swaps you all do, however, I have news! I bought a Ford Explorer Sport Trac Adrenalin! It's a 2004 model year, and cost me $1200. It had basically every option available for these...
  40. 9

    Reverse light hook up

    Ok so ive searched Google and the forums and I can't seem to find what I need. I did a Shelby spec 302 swap over the last few years and in turn also sealed in a Borg Warner T5 - my 1993 explorer was originally an a4ld. I'm trying to find the reverse light wires on a supposed 5pin plug and hook...